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  1. Just released; Version 1.05 Alpha. Features Added; MSPaint Graphic Filters, Command Prompt Here, Adaptec ASPI Update Please Test This Thoroughly. I hope to roll out a stable version in the new year. Following Testing, I plan to merge these new features directly into the update itself.
  2. here you go; https://hjtsoft.blogspot.com/2018/07/windows-9x-update-archive.html
  3. I have put all of the official updates for windows 95/98/ME on this link for those who do not want to use unofficial service packs; https://hjtsoft.blogspot.com/2018/07/windows-9x-update-archive.html
  4. Good news everyone. Windows ME Unofficial Service Pack 3 has been rebranded to Windows ME Unofficial Cumulative Update. Version 1 has now been released, and includes all of the updated files from it's predecessor and some other changes. Check out the blog post in the opening thread for more information about these changes, and to download a copy.
  5. Another Update - Version 3.02 Released. This version see's the removal of setupapi.dll from the service pack. Please test it for the USB Bug and see if it resolves in this version. Download here https://hjtsoft.blogspot.co.uk/2017/10/unofficial-windows-millenium-edition.html
  6. Hello All. Sorry for the long absence, I have been very busy with other commitments. However, I will release a new version of the service pack sometime in the near future. In this release, I will look to rectify that USB Bug issue, and I should mention that the INF File does indeed refer to the Windows Directory as "Windows" and not "%sysdir%" which means that for the moment, it will assume that the Windows Directory is named Windows, and not something else. I'll look into this further.
  7. Technoid; I have not actually used 98SE2ME in the past, so I am not sure. This service pack has been tested on a fresh install of Windows ME Only, following the installation of Internet Explorer 6. On the original service pack, I suspect you are correct, it was created by the_guy, and I was originally going to simply update files in that package, instead of making a new one, but a forum member in the first reply in this thread mentioned that the original service pack for Windows ME contains Corrupt Files. I extracted the cab file from the original service pack, and tested some of the files with Dependency Walker, which proved this to be the case. I therefore decided to dump this original intention and start a new update package instead, using files from the unofficial service packs available for Windows 98, and Windows ME Updates available on "HPC:Factor" and MSFN. As mentioned in the blog post, you must install internet explorer 6 AND remove system file protection prior to running this package.
  8. Update; Version 3.01 is now ready. Check out the blog post for details; https://hjtsoft.blogspot.co.uk/2017/10/unofficial-windows-millenium-edition.html
  9. Update; Testing Release 4 is now released. Check out the blog post at the beginning of this thread! Note; This is the last release for a while, as my studies and other private commitments will need to take priority for the time being. I'll be back soon...
  10. schwups, thanks for taking the time to try out this service pack. I've tried to look into the USB issue for a few days now, and will roll out a new release in the next few days removing USBMON.dll from the service pack. Keep an eye on my blog post! By the way, the restart issue (Installer not responding after prompt at the end) is also indeed a known issue that I'll need to address. However, the upcoming release will be the last one for a while, as my studies will become a priority over my attention in the next couple of weeks. I will return to further develop this pack hopefully very shortly. Keep an eye on my blog post ;-)
  11. Update; Alpha 3 is now released. Check out the blog post at the beginning of this thread!
  12. These systems as they were released were never as popular as XP and 7 was, but once you ion out the bugs, i.e by installing service packs / updates, and in the case of Windows ME, removing features that were known to be buggy, for example, System Restore, etc, they really are not too bad. I remember using Windows ME in my childhood years ago, and believe it or not, I never really had any issues with it. Anyway, just as a heads up, I am currently considering releasing in August sometime a Component Update Pack for Windows 98 and Millennium Edition. They will both contain IE6, WMP9 and DirectX 9, along with their updates, and will be available for use either alone or as a bolt on to the service packs available for 98 / ME. As well as this, I should mention that the Service Pack I am working on will see another alpha release soon, and provided there are no bugs found, we'll hopefully see a release candidate at the end of august. This will be the last release for a while, so I shall do my best to include as many updated files as I can by then. One question though - Does anyone know how to stop an IExpress Package from executing on any operating system other than the one they were intended for?
  13. Update - I have now rolled out a new testing release of the Service Pack. Check out the blog post for more info!
  14. jumper, thanks for bringing that to my attention. I have since started from scratch with a new service pack, as a result of this. Check out my blog post in the first post of this thread. I have updated it to reflect this. Many Thanks.
  15. Many people on this forum might recall the Unofficial Service Pack for Windows ME, released about 10 years ago, by a fellow MSFN Member. However, this Service Pack has not been maintained for a number of years, or at least as far as I have seen, apart from one attempt a few years ago which got abandoned. Here is the original thread. For this reason, I started working on a new cumulative update for Windows ME. Basically, my intention is to bring updated files, sourced from the Windows 98 SE Service Pack (A Brilliant Package, by the way!) and MDGX together in order to bring all the required updated files for Windows ME in to one convenient package. I know that Windows ME was not as popular as Windows 98, but I would like to give those who do want to use it a simple solution to bring their system as up to date as possible, without adding any complication. For more information, check out my blog post; https://hjtsoft.blogspot.co.uk/2017/10/unofficial-windows-millenium-edition.html The Current Release is Version 1.05 Alpha (Unofficial Cumulative Update). Version 1.02 Stable is still available to download from above.
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