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  1. Anyone heared of music-zoom?

    Hey guys! Does anyone of you already tried the windows software of Audials called music-zoom http://www.music-zoom.com/ ?? Found this website yesterday while searching the web for new artist, it says that this a freeware and you can search for arists and find new artist from the same genre and listen to their tracks from youtube, soundcloud and so on... Sounds quite interesting, anyone tried it yet? Cheers!
  2. Deezer Recorder

    Hello communitiy Does anybody know if it's possible to save my music-playlists from Deezer on my hard-disk? I would love to have them on my Ipod, too. Thanks
  3. Deezer Recorder

    Hello, I'm looking for a way to record music from Deezer. Did anybody do this before. I've heard about some third-party softwares to do so. Any recommendations?
  4. Watch Netflix offline

    Hey guys, I just started using NEtflix and i'm not familiar with it yet. I'm not able to be online whenever i want to, so i can't watch movies when i want to watch them. Does Netflix provide an offline service? Or are there any other possibilities for me? Cheers
  5. What Are You Listening To?

    Ed Sheeran, Photographs
  6. Record from Apple Music

    Hello there, I´m looking for a software or any other oppotunity that allows me to record songs and save them on my computer so that I can also listen to them offline. This goes especially for Apple Music. Does anyone have an idea or suggestion? Thanks