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  1. I get a "your system version is not supported" error, then I click retry, but although it goes away, it doesn't seem to work... any tips? Edit: By accident I found out that I had to press cancel in order to make it work. lulz. Anyway big thanks to @bigmuscle for his amazing work and constant support of this endeavor !
  2. Well we don't really know how hard it is, maybe he doesn't have time to spare anymore. who knows..
  3. Why? Are there other programs that antagonize this? I don't get it.
  4. So, how come still no exp version for 1903 (18362) ??? No one interested ?
  5. Yes ofc.. I have enough experience with the program and in general. I just stopped using Win10 for some time and now I can't get it to work. rip One thing I forgot to mention. I'm running the windows on Oracles Virtual machine.. maybe this is the problem?
  6. I do have the new ver but it still won't hook it ip.. I don't know what the F is going on
  7. I checked all the stuff you mention and then I noticed one thing. In the debug file it says this, "Aero Glass for Win8.1 v1.3.2 DEBUG X64 correctly loaded..." wtf? shouldn't it say 1.4.5 in there? I will delete everything except symbols and reinstall to see if it works.. Edit: well that was apparently because new logs are written below and not above.. anyway my udwm file is of 18 of March and has different size.. maybe it is an incorrect version?
  8. Guys, I've downloaded the latest symbols (March ones) but I can't get my aeroglass to work. It still doesn't know how to hook dwm... anyone got a solution for this? My build is 10586.218
  9. My 2 cents on the offtopic subject. "Tiles are only good for bathroom floors." To justify this quote I will mention that there are tens of kilobyte programs that are far better on arranging and shorting things in Windows. And they also look beautiful. The best one is objectdock plus (not the smallest one though). Another one is fences(clean desktop with a click). And there is also Rainmeter, free of charge and the king of customizable desktops. The only thing good in the so called "modern" Windows are the lower boot times and even this is debatable.
  10. You're testing on a virtual machine? Yes. But I hadn't got this issue before.
  11. Is it common that transparency is lost on 10240 after a minute or so? Closing dwm will repeat the same situation. Also running modern apps like settings will disable transaprency too.

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