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  1. Thanks for the reply alacran, but manually doing things is ok when things are missing but my goal is have everyting automated. I found a package called Snappy Driver Installer. The total driver downloads is 10gb lol. As I'm doing this entirely from USB I copied the whole Snappy driver directory to .\sources\$oem$\$1\D\SAD3 and have edited DP_Install_Tool.cmd to run the snappy driver installer instead of the driverpacks installer. This saved editing c:\windows\setup\scripts\setupcomplete.cmd I'm just in the testing stages at the moment but I can see the whole process taking about an hour to complete. The total size of the drivers+setup files is about 15GB. As it's fully automated, or should be time shouldn't matter so much.
  2. Hello. Currently I have an unattended install of Windows 7 and after the install I run the SAD3 script from http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?id=5336 This runs nicely but the issue i've recently faced is my boss give me a brand new machine and the drivers from driverpacks.net are three years out of date so what I thought would run perfectly didn't go so well. I ended up missing graphics/network/usb controller and a few other things. So I ended up burning these files to a CD and installing manually then updating the rest with the driverpacks online tool. My question is what are the alternatives with up to date drivers post install? Thanks.
  3. Hi thanks I used that one. Tested and it and worked ok. The biggest difference i've noticed is the install time. Using OnePiece_Windows_XP_Post-SP3_UpdatePack_v1.0.6_ the install takes much longer. The part which takes the longest is during the text setup Preparing instalation. Setup will complete in 23 minutes. It stays on that part for about 20 minutes. The full install is about 50 minutes. It's all looking good and I've finally got a legitimate WinXP installer which can be used in business! thanks for your help.
  4. Thanks again. So I from that I will need to proceed with alternatives. I was looking at RyanVM Integrator and downloaded the integrator but his site has broken links for the english Localization Files. Edit: I'm downloading: Onepiece's Windows XP Post-SP3 All-in-One QFE/LDR En-US Update Pack OnePiece Windows XP Post-SP3 UpdatePack v1.0.6 FINAL ENU Update (16 December 2014) Filename: OnePiece_Windows_XP_Post-SP3_UpdatePack_v1.0.6_FINAL_ENU_66F408BF1F5A50C40F3E1F23B1D94988.7z which is 237mb. from http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6438&sid=b58edbc2820d4280c46cf4ec283ba76f When i used the update program from xdot.tk/ the updates were 330mb. Have I got the right update? I'm going to test a install tomorrow and see what happens.
  5. Thanks for the info. The reason i would use would use it would be to add/slipstream microsoft's updates post SP3, there would be nothing removed/stripped apart from msn messenger would be disabled. Would that be ok, or would it invalidate the microsoft agreement? Do you have a link for the kiosk incident. I would be interested to read it.
  6. Thanks for the information. I will check it out and report back. In the mean time one more question. Please don't flame me. Regarding nLite use in business. Am I right in thinking that the creator doesn't want to be blamed for anything that goes wrong with the installs. But if someone hypothetically wanted to then it then they could but it would be at their own risk? So what would be the consequence for someone who misinterpreted the 'free' license and used it?
  7. Hi submix8c. I have managed to sort out the post install by using a batch file to install the programs. Went really well. Managed to sort it in another post. http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/174099-windows-xp-running-a-script-after-deploymentinstall/#entry1102972 Thanks for the info mrmaguire. I think that my company has ghost but they've never shown it me. Deployments aren't even my job. I'm just setting this up as a personal project. What I'm thinking of next is how to make everything legitimate to install from USB. If I can't work things out then it won't get used.
  8. Thanks. Any thoughts on my original question? stantonma, sorry bro can't understand you.
  9. From memory to create an ad-hoc network. Both computers need Ip addresses on the same subnet. Typically something like and with a subnet mask of and if they need internet you will need a default gateway which would normally be the IP of the router and dns server is usually the router too which would also be after you've setup the ad-hoc network just do a ping from one machine to the other ping, make sure the windows firewalls aren't blocking it too. Not sure what's going on with your network adapters, may be worth totally uninstalling the drivers and re-downloading them. Using my google-fu skills I found this. http://www.home-network-help.com/ad-hoc-wireless-network.html
  10. Hi, i did already get what you was saying. Maybe above I've mentioned two incompatible ways. I'm guessing the offline syspep is the utility which can't be used using the 'install' method? I'm just looking to slipstream all the updates post SP3 into the ISO. and then perform a unattended Install.
  11. Hello. I am on a journey preparing a auto install WinXP. So far i have the xpsp3 iso and i've downloaded all the missing updates from http://xdot.tk/ What I'm after doing is integrating all the updates into the install media with out using nLite as I may decide later to use this for business use (i've not used any nLite deployments in a corporate environment) This is where I am at so far. I could integrate the unofficial WinXP SP4 http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/171171-introducing-unofficial-windows-xp-sp4/ Or use the downloaded updates from xdot.tk with some other piece of software I don't know about at the time of writing this. Then use the Offline Sysprep to add the unattend settings. (thanks jaclaz) http://www.911cd.net...hp?showforum=43 Are there any other ways that I've not yet discovered that are ok for corporate use? Thanks. I've downloaded MDT 2013 Update 1 which looks like it might do the job but it looks like it will take a bit of learning.
  12. Thanks for the information Yzowl. I'm still learning XP deployments and those guides answer a few questions.
  13. Many thanks dencorso. That worked brilliantly! My script ran through with no errors. That gets me around having to use Windows Post-Install Wizard WPI.
  14. Hello. I just tried this and the script runs before windows logon and says that it can't find the software I think if the script ran after windows logged it it would work better, anyone know how I make the script run after the first logon?

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