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  1. Lol this happened to me about 2 months ago. What I did was buy this software called active partition recovery (it is actually a bunch of different app including DOS floppy versions and windows PE) and installed windows on another hard drive. I ran the software which scanned the drive found and restored the data. Since then I have used the software for all sorts of data recovery related tasks. I recommend this software as it has save my a** too many times to count.
  2. write down errors on a pice of paper it would be alot faster then finding a new program or you could video tape it or take picture of the moniter. I only say this because i dont know any better solutions.
  3. I guss i am a little bias but I was running out of ideas. I also apologise about the lack of a "MS Works, works" option
  4. i cant stand smokers. they dont think people can smell them and i can think of much better things to be addicted to such as white castles (not anyt better yor health).
  5. I just thought it would be a good thing to poll. I'm a OpenOffice.org 2.0 beta guy
  6. lol that must suck yoll have better luck with something like anitvir, AVG or Avast
  7. One but you may transfer the licence to a new computer if it its removed to the previous computer. for more detials consult the EULA. I know we all :sarcasm on: love :sarcasm off: reading them but sometimes it is necicary.
  8. Ive had really good results with o&o i like its differant methods if you just want it defragged, stelth, if you want a similer to win9x ,space, etc. I mostly use steth because it is very fast. btu i recomen doing a complete:name defrag first
  9. if you have spent a while looking odds are that the drivers dont exist yet kepp checking on the website and complain to linksys.
  10. I only have winxp pro because it costs $84 with acidemic discount + upgrade will my copy be tradeinable for win xp x64 pro win it come out?
  11. the reason I updated is nero 6.6 had tons of new features (plus it has a pretty gui for smart start)
  12. It depends if the router offers the feature, most do on the router on on linksys routers you acess the router click the wireless tab the brodcast ssid option will be the bottem one one the Basic settings page i know it is also possible on dell routers but i cant remeber how
  13. k thanks. i would talk to him but hes an ******. i only turned off brodcast ssid so i dont think he will even notice
  14. do what schhools around the country do to turn pcs into paperweights. install foolproof, fortress 101, or others. this can be circumvented but it reqiers effort.
  15. but really. try a different brower to see if the problem is being caused by your brower. if usinf IE try firefox if firefox try IE. if the problem is the brower then try reinstalling it or resetting settings. if none of this works and you are on xp try system restoreing to before problem started
  16. you have been the victem of idetity theft it will cost you one billino dollars to buy your accouts back form me.:evil laugh:
  17. my neighbor has a wifi network and sometimes my compter will disconnect and try to connect to it but it cant. it somehow connected recently so i configerd his router to stop brodcasting its ssid . is this semi legal and will he noticeany problems
  18. your asking the wrong forum msfn=microsoft software fourm network you may run into a car expert here but try in a car forum
  19. I have no comment at this time.
  20. My harware list: Asus a8v Amd a64 3500+ 2 Wd 200gb sata drives on via controller(got drivers off via website) asus wifi-g card (used ralink 2500 drivers) ati 9800 pro (ati 64 bit drivers) onboard realtek audio(64 bit driver availible) onboard gbethernet (marvel supports only 88e8001 controller for x64) I could not find the 64 drivers for the promise controller but i can live without my extra drive for now. does anybody know what applications have 64 bit versions because from what i have found none exist.
  21. I can finaly make win x64 beta my primary os . all my software works and i have all drivers . cant wait till its really released. wow ive never gotten excited overa new version of windows before
  22. are you looking for a timer based one or ifjust for taking casual screenshots printscreen button and pasting it into paint works for me althought jpegis horable on paint
  23. because this is a top secretbuild and is ment only for people inteligent enough to use it. because people at ahead havent gotten to updating the site. maby it will never be listed on the site .7 never did.
  24. isnt mt. rainer a harware based thing because only a few a my burners will do it otherwise i have to do a full format. also dont you need a cd-rw to use it becaue a cd-r would get filled up and then i would be done

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