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  1. Scopeman, can you please upload those 2 clsharp 4.2 and 4.4 atlas theme files with layouts?
  2. Can you show a screenshot with DWM regedit setting, so that i can see how its look like on yours setup? Also what about modern apps with this theme applied?
  3. Than it's really weird for you to have blur on taskbar because as BigMuscle's link said: So, there must by some other tool that calls that dwm DwmEnableBlurBehindWindow function on your system and as a result you have blur in taskbar. In my opinion..
  4. InvicTech, is this a windows 10 stock theme on yours screenshot?
  5. InvicTech, how about modern apps?) Settings app for example?
  6. What are you guys think about this project? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/67952532/customatic-make-windows-10-look-and-work-the-way-y Seems like they currently doing the same work as BigMuscle do?
  7. Kankipappa, have you fixed color mismatch issue on borders and titlebars in your Clsharp theme?
  8. bigmuscle, the thing is, that without aeroglass loaded, dwm memory usage immediately drop down to 15MB...and not growing anymore..
  9. Hi to all! I use aeroglass on all my Win 8,10 systems and i have to say that its an amazing product! The only one issue i have on my work laptop its memory usage for dwm proccess is constanly growing during uptime. For example now its use 50 MB Ram and 100 Mb VRAM and this values keeps go higher. Can someone explain how can i debug this issue? Its Core i3 based laptop with Intel HD Graphics. Now i run aeroglass 1.4.1 but this situation observed on other versions too..
  10. Kankipappa, great work, thanks again! Now using yours flat version v2 with reflection image - it looks really amazing!!
  11. Ridrok, try to take a look on this: http://winaero.com/blog/get-colored-firefox-title-bar-in-windows-10/ especially on the comments section.
  12. Ridrok, i am also have this issue and i am also use userChrome.css as a temporary fix.. I think about trying some different theme for firefox, maybe it could help..
  13. Kankipappa, thank you so mach! Now my Win10 desktop is beatifully flat, its amazing: http://postimg.org/image/9kv1ycrjn/full/
  14. ahmedsalahais, yes i can confirm that i am also have this issue..I am now not at my Win 10 system, but later i can attach some screenshots to confirm it. I think this must be related to thew fact that as daveo76 wrote in "Aeroglass 1.4.1 theme": "For Windows 10 it uses blur for taskbar from Windows 10 own blur. It doesn't use aeroglass blur"
  15. Yes, that gradient makes windows more 3d-like. NoelC, this is atlas and layout files for theme i am using on my Win10 setup(its created by Kankipappa, many thanks to him for sharing his work!!)..It will by great if you find some time and take a look on this theme!! http://rghost.ru/6h9lGmSJq
  16. Thats because i like it better configured this way. Everything is works fine now, i just wanted to show you that i finally did it!
  17. Yes, that gradient makes windows more 3d-like.
  18. ahmedsalahais, you have now my undying gratefulness for yours patience! This is my result: http://postimg.org/image/3pwon2lfv/
  19. And i finally figured out how to achieved that! I use SetWindowCompositionAttribute and finally get old taskbar blur style.
  20. Kankikappa, can i show you some screenshots in order to try to show you what i mean by "flat" word?: this is a flat theme example: http://postimg.org/image/9t5imufmv/ this is not so flat theme example comparing to above: http://postimg.org/image/z5zez5noz/ Excuse me for this bad explaining, its just how i see it..
  21. I tried cutting a single row of pixels off the top of each of the caption button fills. I'm out of time and can't test it myself just now, though... See how this works for you... http://Noel.ProDigitalSoftware.com/ForumPosts/Win8/Win8RTM_With_CP_Borders3.png -Noel NoelC, thanks for your time, here is the result that i get: http://postimg.org/image/akfnky63z/
  22. Yes i have. I changing color intenisty slider position with having SIB "custom taskbar coloring" setting as on yours screen. No effect for the taskbar. I will show you all needed screenshots when i will be at home with my Win10 machine. Thanks for hint!
  23. I clearly understand that. But my problem is this: Can you give me a link where i can read about how to enable built-in personalization? And thanks again for detailed information!!
  24. MTDirector did you now how can i get the old behavior? Maybe it worth to try out some old versions?
  25. Its Classic Shell in both systems. I can you show some screenshots to demonstrate this magic. 1:http://postimg.org/image/fqrgdxbob/ 2:http://postimg.org/image/ids992oo9/ ..taken from my win 8.1 system.. in win 10 this slider doesnt change anything on taskbar..

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