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  1. Ok! Thank you for that, WoW what an improvement... On my newly freshly installed W98, with no IE6sp1, no KernelEx and no other browsers installed, not even the earlier RZilla ... The tests where very impressive... I tested to go to youtube, and I can see the video lists, for obviously reasons (maybe) I can't watch videos, but who cares about that? We have (I am sure) other OS for that, if not Windows so Linux or OSX or something, after that I tested to go to gmail, google and I even tested www.microsoft.com. There is issues with the rendering on some pages, but at least it will allow to load and be viewed. Then I tested some gopher... and it is supported, very nice. A couple of pictures on my gopher session below. And a sidenote... do not go to mozdev.org and click on the project link, tried it (again) with RetroZilla and it started a recursive loop (I managed to break out though), then I tried it on W10 & Chrome, same issue there, so that site is broken and could possibly hang your machine or browser.
  2. Well.... hmmm Not really, not yet at least... I had a severe hardware crash loosing my nicely working 98... ohh I have backups but... I just thought to be a real 98 expert, I mean I install and uninstalled them on a weakly basis in the days... but now?... No f* way. I have spent two days (that is like 20 working hours) trying to reinstall that sucker... I finally did it, and all drivers to. Then I thought I would install XP on Fat32, and I choose XP because after that FAT32 is gone. Now I have the same errors trying to install that, freezing on HW detection..... But as I am writing this, it "seems" to install correctly at last. (changed everything in BIOS to default) Anyway, back to the browser, give me a day or two and I will try it out.
  3. [late edit] Sorry, read the topic and I now see it is not just about doing backups, it is doing backups with XP, this solution does not fit, you may delete it[/late edit] Don't know if anyone posted about this solution (too many pages to read) I myself is using Windows7x32, as the backup machine (in dual boot with W98). reference on that here As I have a bunch of W7 and XP licenses and XP is utterly outdated (as well). And I more or less has left W7 behind (I only have one computer left that actively use it). I figured I could use W7 as the main OS to do the backups. However, testing a vanilla Windows 7 on my W98 hardware was like swiming in tar, it worked, but it did not felt that fast and responsive. The problem is (was) that it needed to be lightweight, I searched the net for a solution and found out of Tiny7 (no links given). So after reinstalling and install all drivers, I had no access to shared folders of my LAN, I could se computers but not connect to them, that was a problem, as I figured I would like to store my backups on some other storage media accessible inside my LAN... The solution was to enable the Services that were disabled TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Security Accounts Manager Server Workstation Computer Browser Print Spooler (this is optional, not neccessary if you don't plan to use a printer) Now that I got full access to my LAN I needed some kind of application to do the backups. After some research I selected DriveImageXL, it can save backups to a network location and it is available for free (for personal use)... My W98C:> partition is ~20 GB and creating a backup is quickly done, however it is not automated.
  4. Hi... Downloaded and tested on my Win98SE Machine (real HW)... I have some problems (I guess it is something with the configuration) almost every site I try to connect to throws an Alert That RetroZilla can't connect securely, some sites "seems" to load, but many others do not. Is this fixable or is it some error with the browser that will be fixed in the future, if the developer(s) want's to ?
  5. I have not looked into this very hard but... By using Delphi 7 and Overbyte ICS component pack (if someone have Delphi 7) http://wiki.overbyte.eu/wiki/index.php/ICS_Download I own a compiled demo app "OverbyteIcsHttpsTst" from that package which I tested in W98, and it at least downloaded Google over HTTPS And perhaps combining these with https://sourceforge.net/projects/htmlviewer/ https://github.com/BerndGabriel/HtmlViewer It says that: These components Support most of the HTML 4.01 specifications with many additional popular HTML 5 enhancements I have not had the possibility to confirm if these works under W98 though, but the sources are there...
  6. Quite old post (10 years) but for other readers and ppl searching for Windows 9x solutions. It did not like my machine either in 2018, it was complaining on some sort of setup DCOM thing, then it did a rollback. The solution to this where (in my case) when the requester pops up, go to :\Program Files\Executive Software (and do not close the requester) and in the diskkeeper lite dir run immc.exe (which installs some MS managament console) Then run DKService.exe (I do not know if it is important, I did it though)... Then Terminate the installer process so it can't do a rollback (I used process explorer from sysinternals v8.35), then try launch the DKlite.msc That worked for me and diskkeeper lite told me it succeded to defragment the drive (C:\) where MS Defrag and NU SD32 had failed (restarting)... I also removed the process DKService.exe and tried to launch the DKlite.msc and it worked, so it might not be neccessary to run DKService.exe at all... //Added There is a "way" to get "rid" of the "upgrade and order" DKLite without "real" hacking... When you have tried DKLite a few times and you know you should order it, then you can go to DKLite installation folder then go into the HTML folder and open the orientation.htm file, inside it in the HEAD tag you will find a SCRIPT tag with two functions, UPGRADE and URL, after the URL function (or wherever inside the script tag, I guess ) you could simply add window.status='DkLiteQuit' Then the window will close directly after it is opened.
  7. yes I saw that.. And it is a great approach.. But again that would not let any application of user choice run in a second thread (as someone wanted to)... I was perhaps in misstake as I thought I read somewhere that Windows 9x would not run at all with more cores then two, good to se there is no limits. But if any application should be able to run inside another core, then there would need to be some sort of mechanism that maps win resources, memory and perhaps win api to that core, so a process on that core could call the first W9x core's system API, kind of like an system debugger a la softIce on that core breaking out and do some remap for certain tasks (as I said I am a lamer and do not know the internals, just guessing on how it possible would work)... However this is a big task and I do not think it is something that would happen even if it where possible... perhaps redesigning DOSBox as a virtual machine running in other cores?. Anyway I like the idea I read about the API implementation you have, is it available for free or do it cost something where if available could one (I?) read more about it?
  8. I know this is an old post and perhaps should not be reactivated but... I think I need to share my thoughts as well. If a bios (that is software in a chip) could program in some way a NT machine to not "see" a second (or more?) core, then this might be able to do at startup in dos before win9x start as well and therefore it might be possible to run Win9x (on one core) on a "newer" multicore machine... If this theoretical "thing" (above) that prohibit w9x to see other cores, also have an API, that stand alone applications could call and see, dont ask me how cuz Im a lamer, then that core theoretical should be able to access all memory range outside of W9x knowledge I guess. Problem is, such an API or whatever, would need to have some sort of memory manager that coexist with w9x to register allocated mem, devices and stuff processed from that core, this must be registered and known by w9x system as well. Secondly, you would need to have some sort of taskmanager to taskswitch processes on that core. Seems like a big job. And in the end. it looks like it would be an early NT system hacked together from 9x, perhaps it is better to let w9x be just w9x, you might wish to do the first "bios" thing though, but still there might not be drivers for such a new computer anyway. So to something that may look like a review of my machine, well it is but I have a point I would like to adress below it. My test machine (and for nostalgic reasons) today, a Dell GX60 with Celeron 2.4 GhZ 1 core CPU, 1GB physical mem with 999Mb usable memory (31% used at startup) and no swapfile active, Internal Intel 82845G Graphics (dedicated 8MB of ram to that), ethernet (internal), sound & joystick, 200GB HD part(10, 25+, 150+)gb. This machine is running Windows ME with all KernelEx stuff and updates to allow it to run somewhat updated internet related software. It was not an easy task to find drivers to get it to work - as the machine was designed for XP by Dell. Can't imagine newer hardware would be any easier, thus rendering the topic obsolete even if it is possible, more or less. The machine speed? Works great with local applications, but when it comes to webbrowsing, it will not handle the burden, even if using k-melon. other networking apps like torrent client ABC is fine Games: HALO, AoE, Swat3, Half Life 1, Doom, Centurion and such works great, no lag, fine graphic speed Development: Visual Studio 6, Delphi 6 PE working perfectly and fine Office: MSXP and MS97 did not work well here none of them, had to turn to OoO 2.4 smoth and fine here ... and a lot of other things, like WMP 10 streaming from online radio tuner, great with no lag, playing local files works great as well. Point is: are there really a need to use one or more core(s) with w9x? specially as said before, computers with that many cores might not have drivers for the rest of the hardware. Even if - as also said above, it was possible to lock out cores from W9x but still have a faster CPU speed. The solution if one wan'ts more core's might be to move onto w2k? personally I did not like that myself and would actually go for w2k3 (or XP) and strip it down as much as possible... but then it is even more OT then before, so see solutions mentioned at the beginning of post. Well thank you for interesting reading, no need to flame me, I would most likely not read it, I just stumbled on the post and wished to give my point of view.
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