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  1. You could just ungroup them .... right-clicking and select "Group By -> (None)" Then it will not show does counters.
  2. Anyone have these 2 extra's integrated into their Install.wim. Windows Sound Schemes: Update type: Optional When you install this Ultimate Extra, you will be able to switch from Windows Default to Ultimate Extras Glass or Ultimate Extras Pearl in Change System Sounds of the Control Panel. This will allow the user to hear new sounds for common Windows tasks. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer. Download Ultimate Extras Sounds from Microsoft Tinker: Update type: Optional Install this Ultimate Extra to hear new sounds for common windows tasks by using Ultimate Extras Sounds from Microsoft Tinker. Users will be able to switch from Windows Default to Microsoft Tinker Game Sounds in Change System Sounds of Control Panel. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer. This update is provided to you and licensed under the Windows Vista License Terms. Download I haven't been able to get these into the Install.wim, so if anyone have any idea as to how it can be done, I'm all listening.
  3. Seems to me like a few people here are having trouble figuring out the difference in "dual processor" and "dual cores" First of, Dual processor requires 2 sockets on your mainboard for cpu installation. And this setup will probably not work on win xp home, even if you get it to boot it wil only use 1 processor. Second, Dual cores is only 1 processor, and since winxp home or pro both supports 1 processor this will work. It's not windows that controls the dual cores, it's all integrated in the processor. So it's the processor that equals the workload on the cores.
  4. The two lines with spaces in them should be in quotation marks so you code should be like this: "%systemdrive%\install\Applications\Real Alternative\realalt.bat" "%systemdrive%\install\Applications\Quicktime Alternative\qtalt.bat" Hope this will fix your problem.
  5. So, you to have problems setting the firewall the way you want Think you can remove the second tweak you are adding and applying these lines as mention before in setup.ini [CustomerInformation] Serial=xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx And the final tweak could be the one that disable the "searching for trojan before install to make sure it installs on a fresh HD" or something like that ..... will test it. Btw, do you add all the toolsbars .... never tried any of them just thought they would fill up space in IE ? EDIT: Yep, the Prescan can disable scanning during install and: Prescan=0 -Disable scanning Prescan=1 Scan system files only Prescan=2 Default, scans whole system
  6. So, after installing DivXCreate.exe with the /S switch it also installed the Player, which I would like to remove. First I tried the DivXPlayerUninstall: DivXPlayerUninstall /S That did work silently at least but it didn't do anything except removing DivXBundleUninstall.exe So I looked up in registry and found this: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{8ADFC4160D694100B5B8A22DE9DCABD9}] "UninstallString"="C:\\Program Files\\DivX\\DivXPlayerUninstall.exe /PLAYER" So, I had to specify which component to remove with the switch /PLAYER, great then I'll just add a /S to that, but no luck at all it just removed the file DivXBundleUninstall.exe again, and left the player there. Anyone know a simply way to uninstall DivX player silent ?
  7. Actually this program is easy to get to install silently. Just extract the .exe with winrar or similiar program. There you find a setup.ini which you need to put 3 lines in for making the install silent. [Product] Version=14 [SETUP] Lang=en RollbackInfoURL=http://www.trendmicro-consumer.com/ Toolbar=0 Silent=qn <-----ADD THIS LINE TO MAKE IT INSTALL SILENTLY----- [CustomerInformation] <-----ADD THIS LINE IF IT DOESN'T EXIST ALREADY----- Serial=xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx <-----ADD YOUR REGISTRATION INFORMATION HERE----- [NetworkType] Skip=1 ONLINE=1 Now you can run the setup.exe (the one you extracted from the downloaded .exe) without any switches. Now I only need some regtweaks or something else to have it configured the way I want, will be back if I find a solution for that.
  8. You are right it's a hotfix that's causing this problem. After messing around with the svcpack.ini file I finally found the one that's causing the problem. It's the KB891122 hotfix. I added the /DisAllowSystemRestore to the hotfix, and now there's no prompt what so ever. [CatalogHeader] [Version] BuildNumber=2600 MinorVersion=1 MajorVersion=5 Signature="$WINDOWS NT$" [SetupData] CatalogSubDir="\I386\svcpack" [SetupHotfixesToRun] KB891122.exe /q /n /z /DisAllowSystemRestore KB909520.exe /q /n /z KB905749.exe /q /n /z KB905414.exe /q /n /z KB904706.exe /q /n /z KB902400.exe /q /n /z KB901214.exe /q /n /z KB901017.exe /q /n /z KB900725.exe /q /n /z KB899591.exe /q /n /z KB899589.exe /q /n /z KB899587.exe /q /n /z KB898461.exe /q /n /z KB896688.exe /q /n /z KB896428.exe /q /n /z KB896424.exe /q /n /z KB896423.exe /q /n /z KB896422.exe /q /n /z KB896358.exe /q /n /z KB893803v2.exe /q /n /z KB893756.exe /q /n /z KB893066.exe /q /n /z KB891781.exe /q /n /z KB890859.exe /q /n /z KB890046.exe /q /n /z KB888302.exe /q /n /z KB888113.exe /q /n /z KB887742.exe /q /n /z KB886185.exe /q /n /z KB885836.exe /q /n /z KB885835.exe /q /n /z KB885250.exe /q /n /z [ProductCatalogsToInstall] KB891122.cat basecsp.cat KB905749.cat KB905414.cat KB904706.cat KB902400.cat KB901214.cat KB901017.cat KB900725.cat KB899591.cat KB899589.cat KB899587.cat KB898461.cat KB896688.cat KB896428.cat KB896424.cat KB896423.cat KB896422.cat KB896358.cat KB893803v2_wxp.cat KB893756.cat KB893066.cat KB891781.cat KB890859.cat KB890046.cat KB888302.cat KB888113.cat KB887742.cat KB886185.cat KB885836.cat KB885835.cat KB885250.cat Hope this will also help you B)
  9. Here is what I use, this way I also get it updated to current build. REG ADD %KEY%\003 /VE /D "Diskeeper" /f REG ADD %KEY%\003 /V 1 /D "%CDROM%\Install\Security\Diskeeper\Diskeeper.exe /S /v/qn" /f REG ADD %KEY%\003 /V 2 /D "%CDROM%\Install\Security\Diskeeper\Update.exe /S /v/qn" /f
  10. You can find it in the "startup" folder as a shortcut. So just delete that file and it won't start with Windows.
  11. Actually there is a different between 32 and 64 bit windows. You can read about it here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default....pdate_agent.asp Or if you don't bother reading here is the download link: http://download.windowsupdate.com/v6/windo...Agent20-x64.exe And for the switches: /quiet /wuforce /norestart Hope this helps

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