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  1. I Can rename files/folders again, thanks for the heads up and good work, loving this tool..
  2. I hope this is not cnosidered Hi-jacking. You can use Classic Shell (4.2.3 is the one im using) to get Taskbar opacity settings and blur (Glass) Classic Shell -> Settings (Right click on Start button) -> (Show all settings [box]) -> Windows 10 Settings I use 50% Opacity and Glass Blur, similar to Windows 7, You see.. Microsoft could have brought all of these optional features in but noo... lets just force our design. Preview:
  3. Sorry if this is considered Hi-Jacking.. @This field is required, I noticed if I used OldNewExplorer (installed) I cannot rename folders/files and it will tell me that it doesnt exist even though it does, I reverted back at the moment.
  4. Calm down BM, Although I understand they are annoyed by that Window, its kind unrelated alright.. and I would agree with DhJohns.. that method works and is pretty easy, no need to hide it if it annoys you just move it to another desktop.
  5. That TrayIt doesn't work for for dwm.exe window. Only works for ApplicationFrameHost.exe window Didn't work for me either. @This Field is required, I was able to remove the folders using OldNewExplorer. That didnt work for you? I really dont understand Microsoft and their weird minor annoying changes, libraries were fine... folders are annoying. Ribbon could have been optional too or gone under the glass, I understand all the touch hype but really?... lots of things should be optional.
  6. You don't have to thank me.. thank Microsoft for the half assed UI. That is just your opinion, I beg to differ! My opinion ? No it's not. It's a fact. XAML is the best thing that ever happened to Windows. You are wrong to say it is a fact, because it is not a fact, it is just your little opinion. Now you are the only being self entitled, of course its my opinion but you have no right to jump on me stating otherwise, I never said it wasn't my opinion. It's a fact that XAML is being half assed with other elements creating a bastardized OS (which the average user wouldn't notice) and makes it harder for themes to be created (if anything aside from Window border themes is made).. But I state that "fact" is my opinion, like it or not... Stop the entitlement. Other people agree with me and im sure i am not the only one, stop being self entitled. I know because I've seen complaints from other people. "XAML is the best thing that ever happened to Windows" Not sure if serious or just trolling and being self entitled, it's clearly not the best, when I did an upgrade from a recent insider build to RTM, Almost NOTHING XAML Based was working and it was very slow and unresponsive, this would have never ever happened to any Win32 element as all were working fine. After a clean install everything worked fine, The new start still lags sometimes and takes a few seconds to show up when Windows 7 / 8 Start Menu / Screen would show up immediately and fast. I don't see how XAML Is the best thing that ever happened, it cannot even be themed, it's alien and buggy. It's "MY" Opinion and I say whatever I like, go bash your head somewhere else, bye.
  7. You don't have to thank me.. thank Microsoft for the half assed UI. That is just your opinion, I beg to differ! My opinion ? No it's not. It's a fact.
  8. The Taskbar and all other elemnts are XAML Based, there is no way to theme these elements without restoring the Win32 elements. No matter what you do with the msstyles and theme files, it will never change. You don't have to thank me.. thank Microsoft for the half assed UI. By the way, the .layout file BM Provided with Win8rp atlas can be used with almost all old 8/8.1 theme atlas png textures to make them work with Win10 RTM/10240 http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/170233-aero-glass-themeatlas/
  9. Awesome BM, If Microsuck doesn't want to bring back the Aero Glass, Thick Border and Text with Glow to Windows 10, this is the only solution, I really liked the Windows 8 DP/RP/CP Aero Glass, Square and smooth glassy look, nice thick borders and text glow, thats all I could ask for. At least we can tell which window is active and which is inactive now.. BTW, The reason why XAML Elements (Action Center, Jump View, Start Menu, Tray Flow out) Get those borders is the same result as using a theme with borders more than 1 PX, It seems that they originally have borders around 1 PX though its transparent and unnoticeable. Maybe they intended to bring back Aero Glass one way or another?
  10. Windows 7 Theme [Rounded/Square] | Vista [Rounded/Square] | Windows 8 Release Preview .. Those are the only themes I'd like to see tbh ported to Win10.. Here is a Windows 8.1 Port https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=634ef24ab9b08de2&id=634EF24AB9B08DE2%21884&authkey=!AOmMZH22Y2kDjyM it works on Win10 just like all others, but with huge bugs of course...
  11. Thanks I really appreciate it, however I used Multipatcher instead as im too lazy to work out how the UxThemeSignatureBypass.dll method works, Windows 10 default theme is really sickening to look at, and I thought Win8 was bad, some Aero eases me out it seems there are these known bugs in Win 8.1 themes ported/used in Win10: Windows Animation changes to "Fade".Taskbar buttons are a little messed up.Start button doesn't show up in 10036 / 10041.Taskbar Icon/buttons width increases for some reason in 10036 / 10041. but that's all I guess, for now, I found this Windows 8 theme which had "Button Glow" effect, I dont know how its done but maybe you might want to look into it: http://mrgrim01.deviantart.com/art/Aero-Glow-8-1-415317318
  12. Can you post a link for that theme? I've been looking for such a single theme but I couldn't find ANY at all.
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