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  1. Can anyone help i need to enter the bios so i can enable UEFI MODE AS I HAVE 5tb drive i need to to use and it's me nuts. In the manual it says to press F2 to enter it but it won't let me, what am i doing wrong?. any help would greatly appreciated thank you. everytime i try To enter it just reboots. Oh btw my Bios is a GA-Z97P-D3 and i know the keyboard still works because when i press F2 shows up in the keyboard options. (to redefine the keys). Thanks for your help, although unfortunately i'm still unable to enter the bios and edit the bios settings and i'm none the the wiser.
  2. OK I'LL try my best the drive in question is : ST31000340OAS although i'm not sure what EFI MODE IS( IS that an option in bios? ). the bios is a Gigabyte z97p-d3 thankyou sdo much for your help.
  3. hi all,i have windows 10 and a 5tb hard drive would to be possible to make make my into a 5tb into a primary drive.
  4. I would have to agree windows 7 was the best in that it was the most stable and windows 10 is just awful!.
  5. heres some more that are free and really good. EASEUS Partition Manager EASEUS Todo Backup Easeus have other free software but i've only used these 2 so cant really comment on the others.
  6. hi all, have had this keyboard for a couple of days now and love using it. Does anybody know of a small program that turns the key lighting off and back on at a certain time of day. Has anybody made anything like this?. thanks in advance
  7. i find this piece of software quite useful for changing the login screen http://www.freewarefiles.com/Windows-7-Log...gram_51922.html
  8. hi, i was wondering if this is any good. I was thinking of something like this so i dont have to mess about around the back of my desktop. cheers. oops forgot to add a link -=Ebay link=-
  9. m1ck


    hi nuhi, i was just wondering if you'd consider implementing a function in nlite whereby nlite automatically exports your drivers from your current windows installation and imports them into nlite. thanks for looking
  10. hi all, My sons computer cannot surf the internet although on his machine it says that its connected. I can fix it with winsockfix (most of the time but not always)and it'll work but once the machine has been shutdown for a while the next time we boot it up it will not work even though general networking is fine we can browse my shares on my machine and vice versa. I have changed the nic card but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  11. hi all, my sons computer is networked to mine via x over cable when the ics fails i use winsockfix and it works but after he shuts down his machine the internet connection sharing is lost again!. At first i thought it might be a loose nic card or cable but i don't think that winsockfix would fix a hardware problem. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. hi carnificina just tried you excellent add on maker but i noticed that it isn't adding the switches. am using
  13. @cluberti the pc with the net connected is the one that has ics enabled @eyeball tried that but still no luck
  14. yes i can ping both machines fine they both have a ip range of 192.168.0.x so i just cant understand why ics isn't working - very frustrating.
  15. yes i have tried that already but still no luck
  16. only the standard windows xp firewall
  17. Hi all, i can't get the ics to work over basic home network using a cross over cable. The thing is it used to work perfectly i've re-installed windows xp on both machines and it still isn't working, i have tried everything short of hitting them with a hammer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. using windows xp sp2 2 pc's damint just booted up both machines and no internet connection.
  18. nope. @bacardi2001 ok thanks for that i will check it and make sure its disabled. i've unticked sfc will try another run and see if that fixes it.
  19. i get this in ms virtual machine. Please insert the disk labeled windows xp service pack 2 cd into A drive.....press enter when ready. thing is sp2 has already been integrated. any ideas?. cheers mick Edit:- this is the new patched version
  20. found a solution, just change the iso engine to mksofs..worked for me
  21. hi, i have just tried to make another Winlite.iso.. filesize should have been roughly 900meg but its only 11.88meg, is it something im doing wrong?. edit: sorry i meant Nlite 1.3
  22. Thanks Nuhi and best wishes for Christmas and new year.
  23. basically i want to change the colour its just not nice to look at for me personally. -=Click me please=- Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks. i.e if there is a freeware program that would enable me to do this

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