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  1. One concern I'd have if I were buying the machine listed by the OP is for the condition of the motherboard capacitors. Dells from this era up to around the mid 2000s often used electrolytic capacitors of substandard quality for the voltage regulators that power the CPU. That might be another good reason to ask for a pic of the motherboard - are the capacitors near the CPU socket bulging? As previously mentioned, older systems with ISA slots for SoundBlaster 16 era audio cards would serve better for DOS gaming, but this system would work well for later era Windows 9x games and early XP era games.
  2. Welcome aboard! This forum is one of the few places with an active community of Windows 98 enthusiasts. I lurked here for a while myself before poking my head in as well.
  3. XP64 will give you an OS with a lighter footprint than 7 or 10, but with simple access to your entire 6 GiB of RAM. My only caveat would be about driver availability, but you mentioned that wasn't a problem with your hardware. I'd consider XP32 best for compatibility with pre-XP software, though.. especially 16-bit era software. Is dual-booting an option for you? If so, it might be worth your time to install both XP and a more modern OS. Windows 7 is really all you need for modern browsers at this time, and can be customized from instructions on this forum to reduce the number of running background services and graphical effects. Both should reduce CPU/GPU usage and help battery life. I wouldn't want to run 8 or 10 on that hardware unless I had specific software that I wanted to run that needs a more recent OS on bare metal.
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