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  1. 1 hour ago, Joaquim said:

    but some of them don't have the format command...

    i know that some 9x floppies was formatted as 1680 KB (80*21*2*512).
    it easy can be reformatted as normal 80*18,. if usemore power soft, than included in 9x.


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  2. 12 hours ago, Joaquim said:

    i installed the VLC when i execute the program i get these error message:

    "the vlc.exe file is linked to missing export msvcrt.dll:_fstat64"

    but the file is on system folder... so what is the problem?

    use latest version of MSVCRT.DLL - 6.10.9848.0.
    boot to pure dos mode and replace file manually.
    for next installations put new file in win98 folder of distr.

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  3. 14 hours ago, Joaquim said:

    1 - go from Windows to MS-DOS;(shutdown\exit the Windows)

    so it was impossible until my patch for win.com.
    for marketing cheats "Windows 95 is not DOS!" ms forced apm turn off procedure instead termination win.com (and make many other stup[id cheats in io.sys and win.com).
    yes, there is some other patches for win.com that do like exit in dos.
    but this patches do wrong way - they remain little resident code of win.com. my - not.

    if u remove or modify WINEXIT.BAT - u get true termination win.com, and pure DOS after exit, w/o resident win.com code.
    but if u have use usb kbd and/or mouse in windows - it does not work after that exit, until reboot.

  4. ok, try again...

    in pure DOS mode:
    - comment or skip by F8 string DEVICE=DISPLAY.SYS in CONFIG.SYS, if exist,
    - remove or rename LOGOW.SYS and LOGOS.SYS files,
    - set Logo=0 and Bootgui=0 in MSDOS.SYS:


    - rename WIN.ENG to WIN.COM with replace,
    - reboot machine
    - run WIN.COM:


    - wait desktop, press Alt+F4, select Shutdown.

    now u should see black DOS screen with executed WINEXIT.BAT.

  5. u try look in readme file?


    Normally, when selecting the "Shutdown" item from the "Shutdown Windows" menu
    win.com of 9x performs a (useless at 2019) shutdown procedure machines through
    APM with the subsequent, if unsuccessful, the output of the picture and stopping
    the machine.

    With the patch, these steps will be skipped, and instead will be called a regular
    procedure, which, when Windows starts, executes the DOSSTART.BAT batch file, and
    now it will also be execute WINEXIT.BAT when exiting Windows, if this batch file
    is found in the folder %WINDIR%.

    In this batch file you can give any of your commands, which you want, for example:

    @echo off
    fdapm poweroff
    echo If computer now retain on, you can turn off it manually.

    This batch file will try to turn off the machine through the APM/ACPI interfaces.
    In this way You can achieve a complete shutdown of the latest machines, where APM
    has long been absent, and their new ACPI is useless for 9x.


  6. 16 hours ago, Joaquim said:

    1 - how can i get the infrared and bluetooth drivers ID?

    for BT u need any BT stack. for sample, from Bluesoleil, WidComm or Toshiba.
    unfortunatelly i use BT last time about 5 years back.
    i remember, that Bluesoleil work with 9x, but forget, which version exactly...

    for IR u dont need drivers, because ur IR port already mapped as usual COM2.
    unfortunatelly i use IR last time about 15 years back.
    i remember, that my USB IR with drivers work with 9x, but forget, how it use, and which exactly software need...
    i remember only, that there was needed select com port in that software.

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