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  1. 2 hours ago, Dibya said:

    i am currently testing latest ExtendedXP on VM if everything goes fine i will post tomorrow .

    Installed extendedXP and os is booting 

    Now running some apps let see what happen

    stuffs working i removed some vista function actually causing problem . for now firefox and palemoon are enough for Xp is nt it ? I have to do something for hell chrome 

    here is test packages available 


    any one has any stable implementation for SRW api of Vista ?  They are causing problem in XP i will remove them if i cannot get any fix .

    I am angry very few are interested with this project . I am a single person so please carry some tests in VM so that we can fix more bugs .

    i have released a multi language version so hope some will be helped . @heinoganda has worked over it thanks to him . My jpn laptop is working fine .

    If i see more peeps are not  taking interest i will use my extended kernel and it will never go out of my hdd .:realmad:

    SO i am very unhappy to throw my anger over forum here  .

    Expert like @blackwingcat are not helping too well to me ( personally not targeting BWC but all kernel moders ) only rloew is helping me .

    bwc helped in few things like fix for not a valid win32 application and msvcrt update . still need some more suggestion as he is working with nt 6.x api 

    dam of hell!!!!! Should i expect some hell? Certain nt6.x api slowing down XP why it is happening what wrong with those . i got furious  . My head is boiling of Assembly !!! I will  disassemble  my head under IDA PRO unfortunately my head is not a PE file . i should contact Hexray regarding their tool.

    Any one remember @Opticork? He promised us kernelEx . He showed me lot screenshots over PM but he vanished for long run i donot what he is going . 


    I'd like to help but I have almost no knowledge in reverse engineering and programming kernels etc.
    Best I can do run it on real hardware. It makes me kinda sad that Wine for Linux is able to run more software than XP now simply due to DLL function names getting renamed/updated in newer windows OS's.

  2. 1 hour ago, Dibya said:

    I seems you have solved the problem so far . i have to see thanks for your help . if i got chrome work i will be more than happy 

    Hmm looks like on Ver: 58.X.X.X, it just shows a warning that Vista is no longer supported but the pages are working. (Although, this is with the Chrome X64 version, I can't choose XP as compatibility anymore)

    It wasn't long ago when I tried this and every page was blank/didn't load and had an icon of a sadface as the favicon on the tab.

  3. On 2017-5-23 at 4:05 PM, Dibya said:

    Some how i managed to run Chrome 58 on Xp but nothing working . i cannot browse at all. Simply staying like blank chrome 

      Reveal hidden contents

    [0522/225727.180:ERROR:crashpad_client_win.cc(489)] CreateProcess: The parameter is incorrect. (0x57)[0522/225728.178:ERROR:registration_protocol_win.cc(55)] CreateFile: The system cannot find the file specified. (0x2)
    [0522/225845.852:ERROR:crashpad_client_win.cc(489)] CreateProcess: The parameter is incorrect. (0x57)
    [0522/225949.236:ERROR:crashpad_client_win.cc(489)] CreateProcess: The parameter is incorrect. (0x57)
    [0522/225949.376:ERROR:registration_protocol_win.cc(55)] CreateFile: The system cannot find the file specified. (0x2)
    [0522/230015.023:ERROR:crashpad_client_win.cc(489)] CreateProcess: The parameter is incorrect. (0x57)
    [0522/230015.132:ERROR:registration_protocol_win.cc(55)] CreateFile: The system cannot find the file specified. (0x2)
    [0522/230109.461:ERROR:crashpad_client_win.cc(489)] CreateProcess: The parameter is incorrect. (0x57)
    [0522/230109.570:ERROR:registration_protocol_win.cc(55)] CreateFile: The system cannot find the file specified. (0x2)

    Fun fact: Running chrome with windows Vista/XP compatibility in Windows 7 does this same thing.

    I believe it's intentional.

  4. I've been trying to find an internal LS-120 drive (imation?).

    Since my motherboard only lets me have 1 drive at a time, I can't use the 5.25" and the 3.5" without unplugging one whenever I want to use it. So I'd get a superdisk one instead since it uses IDE and is backwards compatible.

    Problem is, I can't even find one, looking all over ebay.com.au just shows the disks themselves. On ebay.com I can find some but none deliver to Australia.
    So what would be the best place to get one?

  5. I just found out that playing MP3 files in Windows Media Player 9 crashes it with:

    ModName: kexcom.dll


    Offset: 00001f5d

    This bug apparently existed in the original kernelex, but it did get patched:


    Something to do with the unofficial update?

    I did a complete reinstall of kernelex, added the Kstub822, and added the Release.13 and now it's working fine. Interesting...

  6. 5 hours ago, Drugwash said:

    I suppose you mean the link to Release 11 in first post. Indeed the link is broken, most likely due to recent board software update.
    Here's the correct link: Release 11

    I'm in the process of gathering all possible releases (complete with links) and hosting them at my repository for backup purposes and easier retrieval.
    Hopefully I'll finish by tonight (UTC+2). Check the KernelEx folder sometime later.

    I think I have 11-13 in my Downloads if you need it

  7. Just now, jaclaz said:

    Yep; I once did the second.

    I had an external USB "slim" floppy drive with a bad mechanics but good interface (and quite a few salvaged "normal" internal floppy drives + an unused external USB hard disk case "full height" with a fried power supply) and casually found (while buying some other things) an (obviously el-cheapo ;)) adapter *like* this one:


    (that is intended to be used "reversed") and manged to put together (half-@§§edly as always) an external USB floppy full size.

    But really, buying a new "slim" external USB floppy drive would be more convenient.



    Yeah the USB floppy drive I have is an older model so it has no mini ribbon cable in there, and my internal one just a typical full sized 3.5" drive so there's no ribbon cable in there.

    I did find the same usb/internal drives used in that video on ebay so I may as well just combine them both together. 

    It would be cool having a superdisk drive however! They're just hard to find.

  8. 20 minutes ago, jaclaz said:

    This is strange.

    If you connect the 32 pin cable reversed (it has happened to everyone) what should happen is that the led light on the drive switches on (and remains on), see:


    Yeah doing it on the 3.5" the light stays on as soon as the computer is on. However on the 5.25" drive nothing at all happens. Acts exactly the same no light, no spinning. 

    I guess my drive is broken... I wonder if I can find a cheap one on ebay.

  9. 4 minutes ago, jaclaz said:

    Yep, it is possible that it is the cable, but that motor is linked to the heads slide assembly (through a worm screw) so if the motor runs, the head slide should also move.

    If the motor runs and the head slide remain in the same position, it may mean:

    1) the head slide is stuck and the motor can't move it (and there is some mechanism, think of a slip clutch, that makes the motor turn anyway "idle" whenever a given excessive force is needed)
    2) the head slide is at the end of its intended travel, and *something* (wrong cable, a position sensor/switch. something else, whatever) keeps the motor powered on (and there is some mechanism as above)
    3) for *whatever reasons* the motor is disjointed from the worm screw (which doesn't turn)
    4) ...


    Hmm, might be. I can't tell if the head is moving because it has a shell on it. I might record a video tomorrow and take off the shell to see what's going on.

  10. 14 minutes ago, jaclaz said:

    That could be the head motor?

    It is possible that in several years of storage some grease has become "stale" blocking some mechanisms, if it was not a just bought (new) drive it would be the case of (carefully) disassembling it (at least the cover) and manually move the spinner and the heads, but not on something you just paid an awful amount of money for and that should be under warranty.

    Here is a video representing your floppy drive (or a very similar model):

    you should be able to see how it works.




    That's what's spinning, nothing else moves (it's acts like I haven't even plugged in the floppy drive cable at all). But in the video you can faintly see some white creamy stuff in front of the motor, so I guess that means nothing. Maybe it's the cable?

  11. 23 minutes ago, jaclaz said:

    It seems like a DS0/DS1 jumper, maybe the drive you have is a "recent" one that has some automagical trick inside that sets all the other options/configurations, the number after the V might be the Version.

    And yes, the "standard" is DS1 (like it is seemingly set now), but the combination of drive cable and motherboard may need it instead as DS0 :unsure:

    This is the V2:


    and this is a V3:

    Cannot find anything specific for the V5, I remember the old ones with several jumpers, so it is likely I am barking up the wrong tree :w00t:.





    I've tried setting it to 0 and 1, both sides of the cable but it seems no matter what I do, the computer itself doesn't even realize there's a drive in there. The drive gets no activity light and the bottom of it doesn't spin. I'm really stumped at this point, this is the only 5.25" I've ever gotten so I don't even know if the drive isn't working but seems to be really good condition. But yeah so far, the only signs of life is this faint buzzing noise coming from it while the computers on

  12. 54 minutes ago, jaclaz said:

    You don't have a set of jumpers like?:


    I was thinking of lack of termination (or termination that should not be there) and/or DS0/DS1 etc. :unsure:


    Sometimes you just need to try every possible combination :w00t::ph34r:

    It's a lot of years I don't fiddle with those 5.25" floppy drives, but I remember them being - in the good ol' times - a real PITA ...



    This is the very first time I've ever used them, so I'm lost from the start. I'll have a bit of a read, thanks!

  13. 1 hour ago, jaclaz said:

    Just the usual list of semi-random ideas:

    "straight" or "twisted" cable?

    any jumper on the actual Floppy drive?

    does the slot lever close properly?


    1. It has both, here's a picture

    I've tried both sides with and without the 3.5 floppy drive connected along side it.

    2. It only has 1 jumper, it has 3 pins with a 2 pin Jumper in between it.

    3. The Slot lever closes fine, also I should note this is a brand new drive (new old stock?). Extremely good condition by the looks.

    Also I just tried the drive in another old computer energy star computer (Bios says 2008), and the floppy drive option resets itself to "Disabled" as soon as you leave and save the bios.

    Maybe 5.25" drives can't be read on modern-ish motherboards even though the bios has the option for it.

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