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  1. I get a 404 when I try to download it?
  2. .inf files just went out the window. @ECHO OFF set output=result.txt set tempfile=tempfile.txt if exist "%output%" del /q "%output%" call :traverse "%cd%" goto EOF :traverse pushd %~f1 for %%I in (*) do ( if not exist "%output%" echo %%I>"%output%" findstr /L /I /B "%%I" "%output%" > NUL if errorlevel 1 echo %%I>>"%output%" ) for /d %%I in (*) do ( call :traverse "%%I" ) popd goto EOF :EOF if exist %output% ( findstr /L /I /E /V .inf "%output%">"%tempfile%" del /Q "%output%" ren "%tempfile%" "%output%" ) I also slightly modified the previous code, because I was getting a blank space at the end of each line in result.txt. Removing those spaces from my code solved that.
  3. Small bugfix to my own code: Without the /B files like text.txt were said to be duplicates if result.txt already contained something like atext.txt. Now they must match from the beginning of the line.
  4. I think this should work: @ECHO OFF set output=%CD%\result.txt if exist "%output%" del /q "%output%" call :traverse "%cd%" goto EOF :traverse pushd %~f1 for %%I in (*) do ( if not exist "%output%" echo %%I >> "%output%" findstr /L /I "%%I" "%output%" > NUL if errorlevel 1 echo %%I >> "%output%" ) for /d %%I in (*) do ( call :traverse "%%I" ) popd goto EOF :EOF Basically it's a modified OemPnPDriversPath.cmd from BTS' SriverPacks. What it does, is scan the current directory and subdirectories and list all files, without directory names, it finds in result.txt in the current directory. It's even smart enough to filter duplicate entries. @Beagz: To append to a file instead of overwriting it use >> filename.txt instead of > filename.txt
  5. This month's batch is out: MS05-016 Vulnerability in Windows Shell that Could Allow Remote Code Execution (893086) MS05-017 Vulnerability in Message Queuing Could Allow Code Execution (892944) MS05-018 Vulnerability in Windows Kernel Could Allow Elevation of Privilege and Denial of Service (890859) MS05-019 Vulnerabilities in TCP/IP Could Allow Remote Code Execution and Denial of Service (893066) MS05-020 Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (890923) MS05-021 Vulnerability in Exchange Server Could Allow Remote Code Execution (894549) MS05-022 Vulnerability in MSN Messenger Could Lead to Remote Code Execution (896597) MS05-023 Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Word May Lead to Remote Code Execution (890169)
  6. Madmungo, which version of the Base Driverpack are you using? Because there is a bug in 5.04.8 that screws up the MassStorage driver integration.
  7. I noticed the same errors avis experienced with method 2 and did some researching. The missing OEM\bin folder is wreaking havoc in a lot of places. The RUN_ME.CMD file contains a couple of entries like Because of this both cabbing of the MassStorage drivers and the Intel inf files fails as it can't find OEM\bin\7za.exe. I worked around it by manually copying the OEM\bin folder before running RUN_ME.cmd. Bâshrat, this didn't happen before. Did you change anything that could've caused this?
  8. OemPnPDriversPath has indeed passed the 4096 mark. Mine ends with DP\W\SU\5;DP\W\SU\6;D at a length of 4096 characters.
  9. The guide is talking about the boot.ini in your boot drive (Probably C:\), not your ISO.
  10. @Apis: 2 Questions: 1) Could you please post your winnt.sif? (Don't forget to remove your productkey before posting, if it's in there) 2) Give the exact directory you used in Step 2 of the tutorial. I think I know what's wrong, but I want to make sure before I start posting possible lies.
  11. Bâshrat, I think the following part of your DriverPacks & Multi-Boot CD/DVD tutorial has become obsolete since the release of BASE 5.04.6, because the tagfile now points to \OEM so it soesn't have to be modified to work on a Mult-Boot CD/DVD.
  12. @Ghostrider: Yes, it's a bug but it's harmless. The slipstream_DPM.cmd file inside Methods_V5048.7z contains the following lines: The bold line is the line giving the error you saw. You can fix it by changing that line to But as I said the bug is completely harmless, it won't interfere with the working of the driverpacks, so you can just ignore it. I'm sure BTS will fix it for the next version.
  13. @Apis: Have you tried this tutorial for integrating drivers for use during Textmode install? And after that you can use this page to burn your CD/DVD.
  14. @somone1: Bâshrat the Sneaky is the only one who has the file so far, so putting up a mirror will be kind of hard. And because it is still morning where he lives we'll just have to be patient. After all the hard work he has done for us he deserves a good nights rest.
  15. The 3waredrv.sys file is actually the very first driver file Windows setup tries to copy during the textmode part of the installation. 1) Does the 3waredrv.sy_ file exist in your I386 folder? 2) Are you using a Multi-Boot CD/DVD? I had the same error you had with my Multi-Boot DVD, because the 3waredrv.sy_ file existed in my I386 folder, but not in my XP Pro boot folder. Using BTS' DriverPack Multi-Boot tutorial solved the issue for me.
  16. I'm assuming you're still uploading? Because I get a 404.
  17. Wouldn't it be possible to add a new RunOnceEx entry at that point that will delete the dp\s\cr folder after the next reboot as a work-around?
  18. BTS, I think you accidently killed Method 2 with Base 5045. BTS_DPs_Slipstreamer_V5044.cmd contains: BTS_DPs_Slipstreamer_V5045.cmd contains: I think the bold line which is missing in the new version will result in always running down the M1 path instead of M2.
  19. Although I'm Dutch I use an English XP (and Office, ...) so I don't need the other languages. On the other hand they don't bother me, because my unattended set already spans 2 DVD's (Visual Studio.Net eats away more space than it should), so I've got a few GB's to spare. So I'm kind of undecided. If the lite version would be created I would use it, but if it isn't I won't be missing it.
  20. I tried following BTS' tutorial to integrate the DiverPacks but I ran into a problem. During textmode setup I get the following error while textmode drivers are being loaded: The file m5228.sys could not be found. That file is indeed missing so I went looking for it. It was present in my SHARE_1\I386 folder as M5228.SY_, but it was missing in my C:\BTS_DPM_TEMP folder, therefore I assumed the problem was with the copy_sys_files_to_temp.cmd file. It contains the following segment: Changing it to .sy_ fixed the problem for me. The same applies to: m5281.sys m5287.sys m5289.sys I'm using: Base 5044 MassStorage 504
  21. From the Changelog: I hope you didn't spend too much time on upgrading the nVidia driver to itself. Keep up the good work. I just noticed you had Paypal up, so I just showed my appreciation for your hard work in another way as well.
  22. IBM uses them in some of their machines, but I don't know if the drivers are different from the default one. You can download them from here: http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss...ocid=MIGR-51191
  23. It could be Ryan's pack, because he merges the drivers.cab and sp2.cab, which contain the default drivers supplied by MS. And I think he also updates some of the files in there, but I'm not sure about that. Have you tried making an image without the DriverPacks, but with Ryan's pack? If that also gives a BSOD the problem lies with Ryan's pack and not with the Driverpacks. If it doesn't then something from Ryan's pack is conflicting with something from the DriverPacks (or vice versa.)
  24. This is a generic error message. Without specifying which application/dll made svchost crash this info is useless. See this link for more info on this error message. @BTS: This (and his other post) don't have anything to do with your DriverPacks as far as I can tell. It looks more like someone was overenthusiastic with nLite.

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