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  1. Hi there. Yesterday I unexpectedly had to install a couple W7 machines after a long time without doing so, and when I tried to download the updates, I can't find the ULZ corresponding to Windows 7 x64 post-SP1 spanish updates despite me having got it here long ago. Is it still around somewhere? Any pointers will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Could you take a look at this list I posted earlier? That seems like a whole lot of missing updates.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I tried to check the descriptions of the missing updates and I'm not sure they're all about RDP. 2574819 - An update is available that adds support for DTLS in Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP12592687 - Description of the Remote Desktop Protocol 8.0 update for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP12706045 - MS12-056: Vulnerability in JScript and VBScript engines could allow remote code execution: August 14, 20122791765 - Application compatibility update for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2: March 20132861855 - Microsoft Security Advisory: Updates to improve Remote Desktop Protocol network-level authentication: August 13, 20132862152 - Microsoft security advisory: Vulnerability in DirectAccess and IPsec could allow security feature bypass2868725 - Microsoft security advisory: Update for disabling RC4 Additionally, here is a list of updates that a clean installation of x64 Home Premium still seems to need after installing all of the updates downloaded by WUD.
  4. The following are regarding the ULZ for x64 dated 12/10/2013. These are updates that come out as "not applicable" in a clean installation of Home Premium. Non-Security Updateswindows6.1-KB2763523-x64.msuwindows6.1-KB2835174-x64.msuSecurity UpdatesIE11-Windows6.1-KB2898785-x64.msu (this one I understand because at this point I haven't installed IE11 yet)windows6.1-KB2524375-x64.msuwindows6.1-KB2525694-x64.msuwindows6.1-KB2532531-x64.msuwindows6.1-KB2536276-v2-x64.msuwindows6.1-KB2620712-x64.msuwindows6.1-KB2655992-x64.msuwindows6.1-KB2691442-x64.msuwindows6.1-KB2712808-x64.msuwindows6.1-KB2758857-x64.msuwindows6.1-KB2855844-x64.msuwindows6.1-KB2868623-x64.msu And here's a list of updates that the ULZ doesn't include: Windows6.1-KB2574819-v2-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2592687-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2706045-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2791765-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2861855-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2862152-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2868725-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB971033-x64.MSU
  5. Nuhi, any hints as to how we could fix a currently vLited installation to restore the components in Parental Controls that are causing Lost Planet to crash?
  6. Well, I tried your registry tip. What happened was that for some strange reason, as soon as I removed the dependency and rebooted, the dialup connection threw an error every time I tried to dial it. The error was the one that gives you the options to redial/troubleshoot and another option I don't recall right now. I restored the registry settings, rebooted and it all came back to normal.
  7. Well, I reinstalled and I can most surely confirm that removing 'Event Log' disables the ability to create dialup connections. It would be nice if it was added as a warning in future versions of vLite.
  8. Any news on this? Can anyone tell what component may be a dependency for creating a dialup connection? I may do some trial and error but it certainly won't be anytime soon as I just reinstalled.
  9. This is not a phone-related issue. I'm not using PCSuite. I'm connecting to the phone's modem over Bluetooth, but anyway, the problem arises even before installing any modem drivers. You should be able to create a dialup connection even having no modems installed, but it's not possible. I obviously didn't remove neither modem support nor the builtin modem drivers. Event Log was listed among my 'secondary suspects' so you may be right. It would be great if anyone that has removed it could confirm the effect.
  10. Hi. I used vLite 1.60 to install Vista only to find that I could not create a dialup connection (which I use with my Nokia N73). The symptom is that when you attempt to create a connection from the networking center, as soon as you select you'll create a dialup connection, you are alerted that there is no modem in the system. You are then given the chance to create the connection anyway. Then after entering the number to dial, and a name for the connection, you get an error saying something to the effect of 'The Wizard could not create the connection". I can't quote the exact text since I'm on a non-english version of Windows. Also, when you are given the options for types of connections to create, there are only two options out of the usual five or six. My guess is that this is caused by the removal of "Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)", which IIRC had a similar effect on XP/nLite. In case this isn't the culprit, suspects would be "Diagnostics", "Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC)", "Windows Event Log" and "Interactive Services Detection" since they were the components I added to the install DVD when I first had the problem. Please confirm so I can discard the components I added unnecesarily. Thanks for giving us vLite!
  11. - Sorting by KB number - Search by KB number - Installation of downloaded packages upon download completion - Install selected hotfix(es) from listing - Automated checking and downloading of updated hotfix lists (in a first instance you could just keep the URL to the list file, and compare local filesize to the one in the server) - Hide already-downloaded hotfixes from the list (show only missing ones, useful when you update your hotfix list)

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