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  1. Your instructions were to follow the video, in number #7, that is the "only reason" I did it. The folder itself, was what I extrated the files from, it is in the photo, to show you what I did, it was not left there to make the usb. Unless completly by accident, I did right click on it to delete it after extracting it, maybe it didn't delete, and then was "copied over in the process" of making the usb, I guess it's possible, but that was unknown to me at the time. "Screen #11 (Main Boot Screen, ignoring extraneous) - 1 - PXE Boot To LAN (disabled) 2 - USB Boot (enabled) <- Mine has that
  2. well out of disk space, wanted to show you the bios screen shot, with no usb. I did say that I had to return the borrowed key board, & would have to buy a corded keyboard before being able to try safe mode. Yes, there is only 1 drive listed from esc, see screen shot. The 11th bios screen shot from your link looks like mine, minus the floppy choice. I choose the HDD in my bios & click enter to go to the sub menu, there is no usb choice, I choose the cd/dvd and click enter to go to the sub menu, there is no usb choice. So from what I read on your link, there is no usb boot choice, so I
  3. I hope these pictures speak for themselves. From the esc key will post the rest in a new post out of image space
  4. First, the question about how I know the USB is fine, in the picture there is a button in the interface that says, QEMU emulator, the video instructions say that if you click the button, and it runs, then the USB was properly made. I took a screen shot after running the emulator I don't think the keyboard is flat out no good, because all the keys seem to work, except for the f keys, before the issue, I had no probs with the keyboard, although I had no occasion to use the f keys, however esc and the arrows keys are working now fine, after pressing esc and getting to choosing the media to bo
  5. made usb, borrowed wired keyboard, was able to access the bios, choices were hdd or cd/dvd, choose cd/dvd, no usb. Since usb wasn't a choice, I decided to try f8, and that worked too. So I was able to select, disable auto restart on system failure. But that doesn't seem to do anything, after choosing it, I am asked to choose an operating system from the list, there is only 1, so I choose windows xp and then the computer goes to the xp logo screen, but nothing after that, I let it run for five minutes, then shut it down, then restart the machine and then get the same black screen with th
  6. Need to verify part of your instructions. I believe your first #2 is the 2nd item in the list from your link and Not in the middle, if I am correct it is the one I downloaded and installed yesterday. I can't find an installer in the middle of the page. This is the closest in the middle of the page, but of course it's not a zip file, so this can't be it. _Make_RMPrepUSB_Full.nsi Download NSI installer script for full install of RMPrepUSB v2.1.638 - See Tutorial #19 12k v. 5 15 Feb 2012 01:20 Steve Si I think it must be the one that is 2nd from the top. This
  7. I am now doing the firadsk method, there is an extra step here, editing the menu.lyst file & removing title 4 & 5 = windows 8 Just for my clarification on the 2nd instructions for editing the menu.lyst file, I am to delete? the text on the 1st line and replace with the name of the iso file? So here is a copy of that line title 1 INSTALL Windows 7 32-bit\nThis will install any edition of Windows 32-bit to your hard disk delete this text and replace it with X15-65804.ISO correct? then the 3rd line I also delete the portion that says win7.iso, set MYISO=win7.iso and aga
  8. I'm sorry, let me clarify. The USB works fine and is bootable, the proof is that it boot the windows 7 pc! I Don't recall saying anything is outdated, nor would I do so, in fact I said the complete opposite, it's just not working on my laptop, not that it doesn't work in general, as proof that it works on the win 7 laptop. I'll try to clarify what doesn't make sense to you. After I formatted the flash drive, and tested it, on the win7 laptop because that was part of the instructions, to verify that it burned correctly by booting on the laptop that made the usb, I stopped watching the video,
  9. also haven't been able to access the bios through f2, but can press escape key and choose bootable device from there, and I have the choice, of PM-WD5000BEVT-22A0RT0, SM Sony DVD RW DW-D56A, Network, or "Removable Dev" the last one is correct choice for usb, right? When I choose Removable Dev. I get sent back to the black screen with the menu of safe mode, safe mode with networking, last best known, etc. Same thing that happened with Rufus, and Hirens usb bootable, before that. I am positive the usb works, because when burning it, it ran a test environment on the win7 lap, and all was perfec
  10. The link marked "main one", takes you to a page that says it is "out of date" and to now use easy2boot, redirects you to their site easy2boot.com, I will attempt to follow directions for this software and see what happens. Question, should it be formatted as NTFS or Fat32, for windows7? thank you edit= used ntfs
  11. yes I used a dvd, didn't know that I couldn't, I tried a cd first, but it wasn't big enough, so I used a dvd. I have tried to use my usb, I used rufus as suggested from the MS forums, it didn't work, don't know why, before I overwrote it, the usb was a sandisk cruzer U3 with launch pad, & vault, and I had booted from it when my old hardrive died, using ubuntu. I will read your links, before taking back this laptop this eve. it is 4gb, but now that it has been reformated with rufus, can I still burn the image to it?
  12. Everyone from ms-forums, suggested imgburn originally, but instead of listening (didn't want to download to this computer) I used the native software burner. When the Hiren's disk, burned ok, & booted ok, but didn't have any desktop except a background picture, I thought maybe they were correct about the native software. So this time after burning the 64 bit, and it went ok with imgburn, I thought all was fine with it. I asked the question on the imgburn forum, they told me never use that type of disc. I don't think it ever finished burning, The pop up came right after shutting the dvd pla
  13. I'm assuming it's not defective, I've had nothing to suggest it, but I did have a power outage 2 days before the issue, and I did do a hard shut down, the night before the issue. So I have my fingers crossed that, that is the cause and not HDD failure. The original HDD showed some signs of something going wrong, I guess I was thinking this one would also.
  14. I tried to burn the win7 32 bit, using imgburn on 4x instead of max, but it failed, reason- illegal mode for this track, and now I have no more disks. Here are the errors, the disk is still in the drive and I have not closed imgburn, is there a way to reburn using max speed since that worked the rest of the burns that I did? After 2nd retry I clicked cancel for a third, can I bring that dialog box back up choose max and retry again, since I have not closed the app yet and I've still got the disk in, and have not ended the session?
  15. oh boy, I'm really confused now. I have to return the Win 7 computer tomorrow eve, at least for a few days. The ebay CD hasn't been mailed yet, from seller. Will go out monday, so they say,& comes with sp3 already installed on it. I don't understand about 4 special files, and what is an internal key, is it what came on the sticker on the bottom of my laptop? I don't think my HDD is failing, it's only 3 years old. Imgburn was set to max just changed it to 4x Not sure how I would "tweak" nLite? Both of the above links send me to error page, and then many many articles, don't see
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