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  1. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.4.6

    As the option Windows 10 Skin option is removed from Opera flags, I tried to run Opera 52 in compatibility mode of Windows 7 (where Aero is only supported) and it worked. Although I think the browser is laggy this way but I didn't make some tests yet.
  2. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3

    Great work, thanks for the update EDIT: I hope it doesn't sound silly but is it possible to disable glass frame on modern apps in this version? I used to find this option in the installer for older version but not in this one. thanks.
  3. That's awesome man! I tried it and it works in Opera Stable. Thanks for the tip!
  4. Windows 10 , How to make Taskbar get Aero ?

    What about a brighter wallpaper? You shouldn't expect to see the effect on dark wallpaper.
  5. Windows 10 , How to make Taskbar get Aero ?

    (Second comment from the top.) Is he correct? I was hoping to find and install a theme that featured a convex (3-D) Vista-like taskbar in Windows 10, --JorgeA Yep, taskbar and some other elements are completely hard coded now. I imagine over time they'll make everything hard coded, the themeability we have now is largely a remnant of deprecated functionality they haven't supported in a long time. Nothing he or anyone else can do to fix/improve the taskbar at all. I find this statement too bold as I'm not sure if taskbar is completely hard coded. AFAIK, we are still able to apply blur and use custom colors to taskbar using StartIsBack, ClassicShell or Start10. The latter can also apply textures to taskbar so I guess the possibilities are endless. Yes these are all workarounds using third-party tools because of the code removed but when did Microsoft allow changing taskbar with a built-in option? Even with Windows 7 we needed third-party tools to customize anything and it really does not matter how this tool work for the end-user. As long as the coder of the third-party tool knows a way to do it it is fine for the user. The obvious thing I know of that is changed between Windows 7 and Windows 8+ (including 10) is that DWM now renders in 2D and not in 3D as was the case in Windows 7. This means, we cannot have 3D taskbar which I believe applies to JorgeA question. So my comment would be: while we still able to do many things with taskbar, the 3D options are something of the past.
  6. Windows 10 , How to make Taskbar get Aero ?

    I just played with Start10. Although it have many options that StartIsBack/CustomShell don't have especially textures, it lacks features too. But the most important thing here that it does not offer much more regarding taskbar blur than what SIB/CS can offer. In my opinion, all of the three software offer ugly taskbar blur (too much blur that cannot be configured).
  7. Windows 10 , How to make Taskbar get Aero ?

    Of course not .. rest assured we here aim for the result no matter which software to use whether free or not. The choice thereafter is everyone's decision. Thanks for putting our attention to Start 10 (I lost faith in Stardock products long ago) but I will try this one ...
  8. Windows 10 , How to make Taskbar get Aero ?

    That's an important statement about ClassicShell and I guess same apply for StartIsBack. So the options we have for now to have taskbar blur without artifacts in other areas not supported by AeroGlass are either: Use the not so good taskbar blur implementation bu SIB/CSUse TaskbarBlurToggle or SetWindowCompositionAttribute method while having:Transparency for start, taskbar, action center, ... etc are disabled in Windows SettingsAlternative taskbar coloring is applied through SIB or CS.
  9. Windows 10 , How to make Taskbar get Aero ?

    A couple of things to do: In StartIsBack settings, enable "Use custom taskbar coloring" and set the slider beside it to something around 25%.In Windows 10 Settings > Personalisation > Colors > enable both "Show color on Start ..." and "Make Start, taskbar ..."
  10. Windows 10 , How to make Taskbar get Aero ?

    Great! Now since you are done I have an issue and want to see if you have it too. Open any system notification icon (power, sound, wireless, action center, .. etc.) and move the mouse cursor on the notification area. I see some artifacts that keep appearing on the opened menu as you can see in this video: https://youtu.be/uz8yq7Fni_o. Can you reproduce the same issue? PS: I had to record with phone as taking screenshots/video capture does not show the artifacts. This could imply it's a graphic driver issue as the rendered display (which what is recorded on image/video) is clean. EDIT: Disabling the blur solves these artifacts so blur has something to do with it. Also I tried the other way to get blur without the toggle (i.e. using SetWindowCompositionAttribute) and the artifacts appeared as well. The common between both methods I thing is AeroGlass/DWM and graphic driver.
  11. Windows 10 , How to make Taskbar get Aero ?

    As far as I can see, the intensity is about the same for taskbar and window borders. Your taskbar already bright, have blur and glass reflection. One thing I noticed, you have too much glass reflection. I used AeroGlassGUI to reduce Glass reflection intensity to 25%. Other than that, I can't see the problem you have from the screenshot.
  12. Windows 10 , How to make Taskbar get Aero ?

    Excuse me but, have you taken a closer look into the photo album I shared? I gave examples of different color intensity levels (0%, 50% and 100%) to see how they affect the taskbar. I also intended to show the pictures with and without StartIsBack so you see that StartIsBack IS NEEDED. You also NEED to configure SIB by ticking "Use custom taskbar coloring" in Appearance section and move the corresponding slider to somewhere around 25% for example and this is also shown in the photo album. Nothing to read about really. Just make a shortcut with this location: %windir%\System32\rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL desk.cpl,Advanced,@Advanced
  13. Windows 10 , How to make Taskbar get Aero ?

    I tried all the software you mentioned and was not able to achieve anything close to your screenshot. Can you post a screenshot of what you have achieved so far? For both of you, it is a combination of programs and settings that should be done at the same time. Taskbar should be set to use brighter color so color intensity can be visually noticeable. Setting color intensity without brighter taskbar will make very small difference that can go unnoticed. Without setting both, you would not see the blur effect because it is already almost opaque and dark. Take a look on my photo album here so you can get an idea of how the taskbar will look with different color intensity and with/without StartIsBack. Now, back again to my list to achieve my previously posted images: ThemeAtlas: I use clssharp by Kankipappa (here) and I assume you all know how to set a custom theme atlas.Explorer like Windows 7: OldNewExplorerStart Menu: StartIsBack++ (the one thing we need from this utility is that it allow setting custom taskbar color with custom translucency and you should check my photo album for the settings)Taskbar blur: TaskbarBlurToggle (it does work!)Personalization: Either using personalization utility from winaero or the hidden built-in one (to set color intensity to 0%).I have not use AeroGlassGui for anything but setting the theme atlas.
  14. Windows 10 , How to make Taskbar get Aero ?

    You are kind but it is not mine. The theme atlas is clssharp by Kankipappa and the credit goes to him. Here's another one with more windows opened. I hope it serve you well! It's a feature of StartIsBack as shown in the picture above.
  15. Windows 10 , How to make Taskbar get Aero ?

    No no no, Whenever I (and I am assuming F3lixChan as well) use this program to enable blur, it makes the taskbar 100% opaque. It does not add any blur to the taskbar. I never used StartIsBack but I found that you can enable taskbar blur on the taskbar only using Classic Shell's option in the Windows 10 settings tab. Classic Shell is free and you can make it so the Windows 10 start menu is the only start menu that appears. Have you read what you quoted? this answers it without Classic Shell or whatever. Cheers!