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  1. Hello once again, so apparently using the program You suggested fixed all my problems and Windows installed without any errors at all. For anyone having the same problem, just use WinSetupFromUSB on CLEAN Windows ISO and then burn into USB disk using DPs BASE, attaching whatever drivers you need. I'm really grateful for your help people! I think the topic may be closed now.
  2. Thank You for reply, my laptop is Toshiba NB250-101. I will try using the software You sugested and post possible results. Edit 1: Okay, so apparently using your program fixed this bug (?) and the partition is formating just fine now. I hope there won't be any surprises in installation no more. Will post later.
  3. Hello, I formated USB disk to NTFS and burned prepared ISO into it using program Rufus. The ISO is made from original Windows XP CD (sadly, I don't have CD Rom in my laptop) and then, using nLite I've "attached" SATA drivers, because before installer didn't even see any HDD. I also had a problem with EULA file which apparently was localized (although I saw this file in folder...) but using unatended installation and adding EulaComplete="1" into [Data] section in WINNT.sif file solved this problem. I've been following some guides around internet but even after doing all according to them, I still got this error.
  4. Hello everyone, I have Toshiba laptop with preinstalled Windows 7 on it, and was recently trying to install XP S3 on it instead. I don't know how many hour I have spent on this installation since I always seem to run into new error/problem just after I get rid of previous one. I've managed to add all needed drivers to istallation using nLite and finally everything was running smoothely untill i was asked to format partition so XP can be installed on it, but my problem is that it don't matter if i choose NTFS or NTFS (fast) formatting, it gets stuck right after start with following information: I've tried using advanced option in nLite, Minimal memory requiment, but it didn't change anything. Also adding: into [Data] section in WINNT.sif file doesn' work either. Does anyone know possible solution for this situation? Thanks for your time.

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