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  1. ONE doesn't require the user to change the settings upon reboot as it only needs to be applied once. It isn't for you?
  2. Update: fixed itself. Since today I'm seeing the sub-navigation bar area with a grey background, rather than the white-to-grey gradient it was previously. Has a recent Windows update changed something? Was on v1.0.7.0 and because of this uninstalled the old version and updated to the newest OldNewExplorer but the same problem exists. FWIW save/open dialog windows aren't affected (but I'm not sure if OldNewExplorer even touches them):
  3. Here is the most recent output. Edit: wait, I could have sworn I was using v1.3 at least. Will try updating. Update worked, however my donation key isn't being recognized and the watermark appears on the desktop. I installed over the existing copy and all the original files are still there including 'license.key', so I'm not sure what went wrong. Reboot didn't help.
  4. I did, but I don't normally download files from unknown sources, although it's likely fine.
  5. This latest Windows 8.1 update has broken Aero Glass symbols. An error message keeps popping up asking me if I'd like to retry downloading. Hopefully there's a fix soon.
  6. Thanks, the value works fine. In fact the additional leading zeros are removed anyway so it becomes '90003' instead of '00090003'.
  7. The theme I'm using is 12 afaik, not sure about the default value in the other Aero Glass text glow mode.
  8. Cheers for the laugh So if I'm understanding it correctly the HIWORD for the glow size would be the first four digits converted to hexidecimal and the existing value (the glow mode) would be the last four digits. Meaning I'd enter '00090003' as the registry value if I wanted a value of '9'? Hope that's right.
  9. In the docs, under the Registry options section, the 'TextGlowMode' mentions it's possible to set the glow size using a 'HIWORD'. How do I add the HIWORD to the DWORD value (or otherwise)? Searched but didn't find anything. Also the v1.3.1 download link on the main Aero Glass site is returning a 404 btw.
  10. Glad it's simple BTW I'm just going through the v1.2.5 installer and there's a checkbox option 'Protect Aero Glass by adjusting access permissions' - what is this and is it worth enabling? Couldn't find it in the site's FAQ guide.
  11. @bigmuscle check your PMs, I've sent across a link of one of the dump files. The one I chose was 105MB, and others are 220MB, so I picked the smaller one
  12. I've since deleted the ones from the 17-27th and the other 19, as they were taking up space, but another minidump has been created so I can upload that in about four days time (bandwidth cap is close to the upper limit currently). Is there any identifiable information about the system/user stored within the files?
  13. Unfortunately changing the BlurDeviation made no difference, but it was set to that value for a long time before this anyway. I also found 37 minidump files totalling 5.63GB being created in the root Aero Glass directory, from the 17th of September to today, yet I thought that debugging feature was disabled already :\ The 17th was the date I changed the Atlas theme, which does seem to coincide with noticing the glitchy transparency. Edit 2: adding a blank 'CustomThemeAtlas' entry to the HKCU and manually changing the current 'unsaved theme' in the desktop 'Personalise' control panel to a previous saved theme seems to have dramatically reduced this issue, it's now no longer noticable when hoving over most close buttons. Will test some more over the coming days. BTW 19 new minidumps were created in the root folder in the last little while though Wish there was a way to disable these.
  14. The only two things I can think of related to windows is a utility that changed the windows border width/padding once (it doesn't run in the background though), and 7+ Taskbar Tweaker (a taskbar settings modifier). Thanks for the info on layered windows, might do some more tests to see if anything is causing conflicts. I've attached screenshots of the registry entries, the longer list is from HKCU, the smaller list from HKLM.
  15. bigmuscle: not sure how I'd check in regards to layered windows. It's just odd that before applying the custom atlas image it was fine, but after removing it the issue has now become apparent on almost all windows in various places where the transparency is broken/glitchy. Was thinking perhaps it was some caching issue or whathaveyou that could be reset.
  16. This flickering issue is really bugging me, is there any way to 'reset' Aero Glass to some default state?
  17. Managed to capture some video of the flickering as a WebM. This time the effect appeared on both titlebars at the same time. Video clip here
  18. Next time I see it happening I'll see if I can capture the effect. Also, congrats on your 1,000th post
  19. After recently trying out a new'CustomThemeAtlas' PNG (using the registry value) I noticed when hovering over the windows close buttons that areas of transparency within the titlebar would flash or darken. The PNG was valid, and aligned with my current msstyle, so that's not the issue. Problem is even after reverting back the issue persists. Seems to appear randomly, but I've found it's usually when two or more windows are visible on the screen and one of the window's close buttons are hovered upon. Really strange, as it's been perfect up until now as far as I remember. Donating user btw.
  20. Nice update as usual Is there any chance you could look into fixing this small icon spacing issue for narrow taskbars in the next release? You should check out Aero Glass, an app that brings Aero back to Windows 8. Using it currently and works very well.
  21. Here's a WebM clip captured at 30fps of the hover (had to make the taskbar horizontal to get the capture window over it ). IIRC wasn't the effect part of a Windows update? Haven't seen any notices yet, but that could be it. And saw the option in the Advanced section, turns out it's the same as the one in the Windows settings. I'm not concerned though, as I like the on/off hover state
  22. Do you have animation turned off in SiB's options? Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy SIII with M.O.A.R. v9.0, dkp kernel dated 3/20/2014 and TWRP v2.7.0.0. I don't see any animation option in SIB, but I do have animations turned off for the 'Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows' control panel settings. Perhaps that's it, as I only notice a very light flicker sometimes but not shine or animation.
  23. This can be done with any resource editor by extracting STREAM resource from your .msstyles theme file. When importing it into AeroGlass, your system theme's STREAM must have exactly same layout else all graphics will be misaligned. Thanks. Unzipped the .msstyle theme with 7zip, navigated to the directory, then extracted and renamed the first file to .PNG. Haven't tried it yet but it's definitely a different layout to the ones found on your site so I think it should work when I edit it. OT, but the edit label on MSFN posts is a bit too strict I think. Even editing within the first few seconds after being posted it appends the 'Edited by' label, should be up to 1 minute to leave room for quick typo edits, etc.
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