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  1. That is what I would like to figure out. It happened the first time, although i reused the source for the subsequent passes. I did NOT however do anything other then an automated install. (err, although the first time i checked tweaks and options in the main, but didn't change anything in them. unless they make a change by default it should be clean). I thought it is not a problem to take an unattended install and give it new settings. But I will try with a non unattended source. Yea, but I checked and I saw it includes your passwords, and the CD key... however i elected to input neither, so I Saw the file was clean before uploading it. file attached. (not last session but saved session, its what i used in my last session). XP_Autoinstall__needs_key_.ini
  2. It is indeed all of my machines, and all my friend's. I am trying to share the nlite love with them. And by many I mean 4 or 5... Regardless, the workaround is EXTREMELY simple... 1. Install. 2. start > control panel > users > delete the two extra users... This is a bug report about there actually BEING 2 extra users where there shouldn't be any. Regardless of who I am the bug exists. the setting calls (aka I am trying to create) 3 user accounts: 1. Administrator 2. Guest 3. User The install creates 5 user accounts (2 extras): 1. Administrator 2. Guest 3. User 4. Owner 5. New User
  3. You MUST have a user account in addition to guest and Administrator in windows XP >HOME<. In XP pro i just have guest (disabled) and The admin user renamed to User (my username of choice IS user...). Also... registry editing? I am talking about making a silent install version of windows with everything preconfigured just right (except CD key which has to manually be inputted) for deployment on many machines. I mean, if the install is already done its simpler to just delete the extra user accounts then to edit the registry.
  4. I am trying to create an automated install for windows XP home OEM SP3. I disabled the OOBE because it tends to break everything up, and have been messing with the settings. But it keeps on creating weird users. I get a "New User". I get a user called "Owner" that i have no idea where he popped from, and I get the user I tried to create, User (as well as the hidden administrator account, but that is blissfully hidden). Any suggestions? my _u.ini file is attached. The three users I create in the users box: Administrator (no pass, can't remove), guest (disabled), and User (administrator group, no password, must have a second user other then hidden admin account in XP Home). XP_Autoinstall__needs_key__u.ini
  5. may I recommend ImgBurn as a nero alternative? I have been looking for something to replace nero since v7 came out as horrible bloatware... and two days ago I found ImgBurn. ImgBurn really impressed me... its burns several times faster and it is extremely light... The one drawback. I don't think it can make an audio CD from files...
  6. I noticed that if I simply do a straight forward unattended install I will have the following in my preset: [RemoveFiles] clock.avi yahoo.bmp swtchbrd.bmp What are those two pictures and movie that it removes even if I choose to remove no files? does it actually remove them or just say so?
  7. If I go to "unattended install" on winXP SP2 pro corp and select the tab "desktop themes" and set the default theme to "XP Style" and "Color Scheme" to "silver" it will still still start with the default color scheme which is called "default (blue)". Basically this setting exists in nlite but is completely ignored by the OS.
  8. nLite creates a link called "nLite on the Web" in it's start menu group, but that link does not have an icon, making display the generic "missing icon" icon
  9. i dont think there is any program to reintegrate something like that... but maybe it can be done manually... I have no clue as to HOW it might be done though.
  10. well, its only been added at version 1.3 final, a couple of days ago really. its under the unattended installation section now... check the "remove OOBE" checkbox under the unattended installation page.
  11. taltamir

    Grey Theme bug

    Thanks a bunch, the OOBE skipping helps alot. But contrary to what I expected it did NOT solve the grey theme issue. As for replicating it. Make an unattended install (on winXP64), on the unattended menu, go to tab labeled "Desktop Themes". For default theme choose "windows XP" and then you can also select font size and color scheme for it. I tried to change the default color scheme from blue to grey (actually silver, looks really awesome), but it ignores that change.
  12. taltamir

    Grey Theme bug

    The original problems were fixed by v1.3 final. Except for the grey theme... To replicate the grey theme problem: Make an unattended install (on winXP64), on the unattended menu, go to tab labeled "Desktop Themes". For default theme choose "windows XP" and then you can also select font size and color scheme for it. I tried to change the default color scheme from blue to grey (actually silver, looks really awesome), but it ignores that change. I included a picture at my post about the issue at the bottom of the page
  13. I think it would be a very useful feature to have a notification if your automated install is not going to be automated... For example, lets say I am using the "Hide pages" auto install and I forgot to set the timezone... it would be nice if nlite let me know that it would not be a fully automated install when I clicked next, a window saying so with a question weather I would like to proceed with a partially automated install would be nice... Its a real bummer to find out that you missed a field when you are come back expecting a fully done computer and find it didn't finish installing...
  14. MSU = Microsoft Update/s? Sounds to me like another gimmicky file format from microsoft...
  15. taltamir

    Windows XP?

    and to answer the last unanswered question... You run it BEFORE installing... You run it from any version of windows to create a NEW installation disk from which you install your modified windows version...
  16. Indeed, I simply did not realize it was tweaked at first... but now it makes sense. I will get an unmodified copy.
  17. well... maybe this will help, as a source I am using a disk image, the XiSO release of XP64, not an actual CD. Maybe there is something wrong with the way they did things... I know releases like that tend to have more hotfixes integrated into them as well as service packs...
  18. drivers.cab and drivers32.cab had no errors. but I could not find a SP1.cab (I searched the CD for SP1.cab)... This could mean we found our problem... the question is, how come my SP1 winxp64 does not have an SP1.cab... Could it be whomever integrated it used the merge cabs option (I think it might have actually been me...) Would that cause the expected problem? (maybe nlite creates an empty SP1.cab and puts nothing in it cause it doesn't find the old SP1...)
  19. I am sorry for asking that, but just to make sure, you didn't use the profile I called Working XPx64 right? cause I posted 3 profiles but only the first two don't work. And yes, I compiled them under 64bit XP.
  20. thanks... This happened to me on two computers, but using different images. The older one was at about v1.2 and I don't remember my preset. Those presets are all from v1.3 RC2 and I this time I kept those releases. If you need further info from me I will be glad to assist.
  21. Did I ever ask for this before or did I just wish for it but never said anything? anyways it would be awesome to have that!

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