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  1. HFSLIP - Test releases

  2. Monkey Kick Off

    Nice, 5257 .
  3. HFSLIP - Test releases

    A small question, was User Profile Hive Cleanup Service removed from your SP2 list because it wasn't on SP3? Or was it something else?
  4. 4th cumulative time zone update for use with HFSLIP

    Hi, does this work with HFSLIP 1.6.2 or only with the test release?
  5. Is KB838079 (XP SP2 Support Tools) supported?

    Thanks, I think I'll wait, I'm not in a hurry anyway.
  6. Question is topic title, and is it possible or not? Thanks in advance.
  7. KB816093 coming up as an update Windows XP SP2

    Oh, I think I can pinpoint the culprit with this; thanks for the info.
  8. KB816093 coming up as an update Windows XP SP2

    Something weird happening here, I have a hfslipped XP SP2 installed for about a month; just now I got a windows update telling me to download the 816093 update :S. By running Jview I get that I have the MS VM 5.00.3809. Why did it just let me know after a month or did something else could have happen?
  9. MSXML 6.0 and SSMSEE

    Owww, bad luck I guess; thanks for the answer.
  10. MSXML 6.0 and SSMSEE

    I've installed a hfslipped XP with all the MSXML files from the Current Windows XP SP2 updates (including MSXML 6.0), and then installed Visual Studio 2005. After that I wanted to install SQL Server Management Studio Express Edition (SSMSEE) but it asked me for MSXML 6.0 which as said before was already on the system. I could finally install SSMSEE by installing MSXML 6.0 again (same file I hfslipped). What could be the source of this problem? Thanks in advance.
  11. HFSLIP - Test releases

    Oh well, guess as I don't like to have the WGA exe talking to MS on every boot I won't include it unless it becomes obligatory; thanks.
  12. HFSLIP - Test releases

    LegitCheckControl.cab is updated, the version I have at startup is the 1.7..... one.
  13. HFSLIP - Test releases

    I know it was upgraded, the question is how come I never used it(only LegitCheckControl.cab) and it never asked me for it, but now that was upgraded(I updated LegitCheckControl.cab) it asks me for it.
  14. HFSLIP - Test releases

    A question, before the latest update of WGA(KB905474) I only had a LegitCheckControl.cab and Windows Updates never complained about KB905474, but since the last update and even with an updated LegitCheckControl.cab WU now asks about KB905474, was something being done before so WU wouldn't ask for the hotfix that the new WGA brake?
  15. HFSLIP - Test releases

    And where would we find the latest LegitCheckControl.cab to try it with hfslip?