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  1. DSL on 98SE?

    Surprisingly enough I was able to get my Linksys USB wireless adapter to work on my old 98 SE box without any difficulty. The connection manager software and driver said for XP/Vista only, but they installed without issue from the CD. In 10 minutes I was connected. I do have the Unofficial Service Pack for Win 98 SE and I think it includes a USB driver of some sort. Probably one of the reasons it worked right off.
  2. Nvidia 9800GTX+ Question...

    You might want to see if your manufacturer has a community forum where you could post this. It might be something that could be RMA'd if its not a software related issue.
  3. Fallout 3

    I spent about 1000 hours on Oblivion over two years time. I spent 105 on Fallout 3 before wrapping up the main quest and am struggling to get another character going. While Bethesda did a lot of things better than in Oblivion, I can't seem to get too interested in the NPCs like I did in that game (as far as caring about them).
  4. What Video card are you using with Win9x?

    My old Dell with 98 SE has only a PCI slot, so I've been sticking with a Voodoo5 5500 PCI. The only game I play on it is Diablo II and since it supports Glide this works out well.
  5. Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

    I searched as best I could so I don't think I'm duplicating an entry: Add to web browsers K-Meleon. Still works with Win98 using Gecko on native Windows widgets. K-Meleon
  6. Why do you still use 9X

    I have an old Dell V350 that I picked up from work when we got new machines. I stuck a 1.4 Powerleap CPU upgrade in it, upped the RAM to 384MB and installed a 3dfx Voodoo5 PCI card that I had. I then installed Win 98 SE and patched it with the Unoffical Windows 98 SE Service Pack. It runs very nicely. I have a few Glide games installed on it (Diablo II in particularly) and its great for them. Its not my main PC of course, but it still works fine and I don't see getting rid of it ever.
  7. Should I go back?

    The XP machine you have will absolutely run better with more RAM. Put a full gig in it and that should take care of that noticeable slowness. Just clean boot before you game with it and it should run older games fine. Now the older of the two would be better off with 98 SE imo. I have an old Dell V350 with Windows 98 SE. Fully patched from Windows Update and the Unofficial Service Pack for 98 SE and it runs great. Sitting behind a router with a hardware firewall with regular manual virus scans and prudent surfing I don't worry too much about security.
  8. Windows 98 in '08

    I just dusted off an old Dell Dimension v350 with a Voodoo5 PCI graphics card (little bit of history there). The PC has a Powerleap CPU upgrade (Celeron 1.4) and 384 MB of PC100 RAM. I installed Win 98 SE on it last night, installed the Unofficial Service Pack and then used Windows Update for everything else. It's hooked up to a DSL router with a hardware firewall. I installed the latest version of Opera as my browser and Avast! AV, plus numerous other 98 friendly utility programs. I also installed Diablo II and Divinity Divinity (two Glide games I like - main reason I resurrected this PC). It runs beautifully and I'm surprised how viable a Win 98 machine can still be. There is no reason to "junk" a solid old PC like this and it's a shame MS doesn't see fit to help it's customers get the most out of their hardware. And the two Glide games are great. It was such a good gaming API in it's time - it's a shame 3dfx went under. Now that I have this little old jewel put back together I'll definitely hang onto it as long as possible.
  9. Firewall For Win9x/me

    I've used both ZoneAlarm and Sygate on my Win98se machine and they work well. I have DSL router now and have been using the hardware firewall included with that (the less software running in the background the better!). If you have a PC with a broadband connection without using a firewall you're being very foolish and careless. Even with dialup it's not a bad idea. I even used them on my Linux boxes prior to the broadband router.
  10. 2.0 Beta 2 (Testers Only)

    I did the same with a fresh install of 98se. It runs great! I was a little worried, but no troubles after three weeks. Much better performance than the stock install of 98!
  11. Progress about 2.0 RC

    I actually replaced Win XP with 98SE on an older PC with a Celeron 1.4 and 384MB of RAM. It ran XP fine, but it runs better with 98SE. Faster and just as stable. I have it fully patched from Windows Update, plus SP 2.0. It runs great and I have a good number of programs and software installed. I have run into just two apps that do not support Win 98 anymore. The most suprising one is Microsoft's Intellipoint mouse drivers for my Intellimouse 4.0. XP and 2000 only! Thanks to Gape and everyone involved for helping keep this OS viable.
  12. Progress about 2.0 RC

    Ill or not, how much time or effort does it take to post a short progress report.