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  1. Wew lad. That's extremely disappointing but par for the course with MSFT's quality over the past few years since 10's release. Emoji panel is one my most favourite features of 10 and the new character map inclusion I was extremely hyped for. Dona Sarkar needs to go. Belfiore too. Bring back QA. Insiders program isn't working.
  2. I can think of a good reason to go back: try right clicking on any folder under "all apps" to browse its folder hierarchy in File Explorer — you can't. I have plenty of more reasons if that's insufficient for you.
  3. They've re-written it in XAML. Gone are the familiar Win32 right click context menus, and in are the 'modern' style. You can't even right click an application to check its properties, because properties no longer exists in the context menu. Why did they need to re-write it in XAML? Why is the feedback application an XAML modern application? It's dreadful. I've lost all confidence in Microsoft as a company. Who is pushing these decisions?
  4. Agreed, Noel. I've participated in quite a few other technet threads with you; mainly IE8 to IE9 and their removal of a hell of a lot of features, so I share your scepticism this whole "we want your feedback" and whether it will change anything. Still, in the Windows 10 TP feedback app a lot of people are also asking for Aero. So, who knows? There's always some hope! Though if they don't listen this time around I will admit they'll have exhausted my patience.
  5. I (safely) assume everyone here is a huge fan of AeroGlass and would love for its return in Windows 10 as at least an option, so please help me out with my submission and vote! https://windows.uservoice.com/forums/265757-feature-suggestions/suggestions/6504197-bring-back-aero-glass-from-windows-8-developer-pre
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