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  1. nimda

    NTFS4DOS Problem

    i posted the pro version ..
  2. nimda

    how can i ADD a keyboard layout?

    edit: I've pulled the attachments, because my posts were wrong; apparently mlang*.* is used for internet explorer languages .. still no clue how to add nlite-removed languages ..
  3. nimda

    how can i ADD a keyboard layout?

    you put it in %windir%\system32? maybe you also need the corresponding c_*.nls file .. dunno .. did you try asking in the nlite forum those guys should know .. windows files protection is off right, it's not messing with your file by any chance ..
  4. nimda

    Problem With Automatic Updates and Antirivus

    what antivirus / engine / definitions ?
  5. nimda

    Win XP Pro Getting Repeated registry failure

    Only once ever (in like 15+ years) have I seen a failed Seagate drive (exclude the early SCSI lol) and WD is a whole different story I don't understand people that buy these
  6. So much stress and the answer is there .. In addition to delete the user files for the old account you can goto computer properties, advanced, user profiles and the username that you deleted will be unknown .. hopefully you copy what you need b4 you delete .. If you run your pc under the Administrator account (any account with administrator provledges) the computer is vunerable and that's what causes most of the errors that are posted on these forums Create a user that has only "User" or if you really need it (which you don't) "Power User" and then when installing software or whatever, just use the "Run As" function to run it with Administrator privledges.
  7. nimda

    Adjusting partition size?

    would've been easier to use norton ghost eh ..
  8. nimda

    windows xp auto scan before login

    you can run "scandisk /f" if you're really sick and tired of it, but this can damage your system in some cases .. google for more info
  9. nimda

    [How-to] MicrowinX Project

    it's called sarcasm but i guess it blew right past you, could be the tea .. some funny stuff there 2 .. how about when Gatez said that internet was no big deal ..
  10. nimda

    System Performance very low

    driver only Catalysts 5.8 no control panel, no catalyst crap
  11. nimda

    windows xp pro help

    what could be wrong is in this document you should have read before updating dont u have original drivers ..
  12. nimda

    Do you use Windows Paint?

    Same here. What's great is that you can save it in JPEG format in the end. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Same here, but JPEG is compressed and I don't really think that windows uses a good one (prolly some cheaps*** one they stole off someone like everything else), so maybe save in BMP and then convert ..
  13. nimda

    [How-to] MicrowinX Project

    http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=24318son im not trying to discredit you or anything, all im saying is that it's a really stupid idea to begin with but if you don't wanna listen go ahaid and waste time some more ;p if you really need windows with a small footprint, then windows 98se with windows 95 explorer shell will do the job for you - use 98lite Professional v4.7 and voila ..
  14. nimda

    NTFS4DOS Problem

    NTFS 4 DOS Bootdisks (2) - Version Microsoft Windows XP Pro Service Pack 1: http://hosted.filefront.com/msfn The third disk contains NTFSCHK utility