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  1. donation.key is what it should be named. Also, show file extensions to make sure there's not another extension at the end of it.
  2. It doesnt inject itself into processes anymore like it used to with the AppInit DLL method. It should work fine with Steam, Punkbuster, etc.
  3. Just delete the AeroGlass folder from wherever you installed it using your boot CD. Should start up fine then.
  4. Instead of posting a picture, how about a download link, Tusticles? Useless posting a screenshot of a program nobody can get, especially with no info about it.
  5. Try disabling SecureBoot for the hell of it. Just to test. If it works, then SecureBoot is stopping it. If it doesn't, something else is wrong. I imagine the Surface tablets like my HP tablet are probably pretty locked down but I got the AG working perfect on both. Also, are you using a different key per computer? Each PC has a different Machine ID and has to be used to generate the license for each PC. Just a couple ideas. @Everyone else, if you post a debug log, please use pastebin or put it in a code tag or something so it doesnt make the page longer than necessary reading logs for people who cant help with the log issues.
  6. Probably better to ask the theme creator to incorporate the full glow settings into their theme so you can just set it to 0x3 and the glow will work properly. Most of them should be doing this soon and some already have.
  7. Ah okay. I figured it was something like that. As far as AeroGlass 1.1, everything is working great. All the little glitches that I would come across are now gone. So glad I could have found this amazing piece of software.
  8. I use this theme here: http://www.deviantart.com/art/8-Plus-for-Windows-8-1-402231766 Great theme and has glow in every window when using the correct glow settings for Glass. I have it set to use the theme's glow settings. Windows Explorer, Wordpad, Notepad, CMD windows, etc all have glow. @NoelC: My IE does not have a titlebar caption when in windowed mode or maximized. I'm guessing thats a hack that you're using for that? I used to use AeroBar but gave it up.
  9. You only donate once then you go to the donate page on his site, put in the email used, the machine code for the one you're trying to setup and then the zip. Then download the donation key. You dont pay for each PC. I donated once and use it on 2 PCs.
  10. That's why the EULA for the installer says its for Advanced users only. Aint nobody got time to explain how everything works with this when there's two threads that already explain everything if you read.
  11. BigMuscle, is this version any different than the one you sent out to donators to test the installer? Basically, should I update to this version?
  12. Hmm....gotta almost go with Truexfan81. I have a nVidia GTX 650 running the latest drivers and I have had no problems at all with Aero Glass. Maybe the occasional glitch like was posted a few days ago where parts of windows seem to disappear completely, but that's about it. No high cpu or memory usage.
  13. Loool sup Neiio. Im Raiden1989 on dA. Figured I'd see you on here after we discussed this handy tool for 8.1.
  14. I see. So it's most likely an issue that AeroRainbow's developers will have to look into?
  15. Only problem I saw so far is that Glass doesnt stay when you use AeroRainbow to change the colorization. The glass almost goes away completely especially for active windows. Not sure if thats something that could be fixed in AeroGlass or if its AeroRainbow's problem.
  16. Bigmuscle: The RTM version you sent out in the email is working great. No errors when loading it and got my license key renamed. The only thing I did notice is that if I use AeroRainbow to change my glass colors to the color of the application's icon, the glass flickers and it wont be "glassy." I think I need to adjust the blur deviation so it'll work with the color. For now, I stopped using AeroRainbow and just have the sliders all the way to the left.
  17. Oh, OK. The reason I asked is because when I set the color to automatic, the color of the windows changes according to the changing desktop backround. And since I have set my wallpaper to change automatically every few hours, I rather like that feature of automatically matching window color. But NP, the glass effect is more important, so I shall choose a particular color and lower the intensity. What about blur? In the earlier versions, there was an option to control the blur (I was using one of the agtweaker apps to do it). Is it not possible anymore? I personally like to have a little less blur, so that I can (just about) read the text behind a window. Download AeroRainbow and have that run on startup. Gives you the same effect of Automatic, but you can have it change the color based on wallpaper or your active application's icon color. I use it and it does exactly what I want as far as changing colors and keeping glass.
  18. Oh god...if you're gonna direct people on how to do stuff, give them the right info or you'll be the reason they get black screens or it not working. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows] "LoadAppInit_DLLs"=dword:00000001 "AppInit_DLLs"="C:\DWM\\DWMGlass.dll" "RequireSignedAppInit_DLLs"=dword:00000000 That is the correct format. :\
  19. So was the final release only for donators that donated in the past or is it for anyone that donates? Still havent received anything about it.
  20. I donated just now BM. Transaction ID: 2T966079F6134753N Great job on Aero and cant wait to try the final version. RC4's been working great so far on both my computers. Have a beer on me.
  21. Read the thread. This question has been answered multiple times.
  22. I have the latest updates and glass has worked fine for me. O_o Really looking forward to the final release and the website does look great. Nice, clean, and simple.
  23. If you're using Start8 or something like that, you have to "disable translucency" in order to have the same blur on all taskbars. I had a similar issue in Start8 where the main taskbar would not have blur but the other would. Disabling translucency made it look right on both taskbars.
  24. Stop asking about Windows 8.1. This project isnt even done for 8. Bigmuscle's not going to focus on 8.1 until this one is finished so stay on topic or start a new thread.

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