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  1. If you think Big Muscle's Aero Glass tool and a good set of theme resources is just about blurred Window borders then it shows how precious little you know about using Windows effectively. But hey, embrace the mediocrity. It's all Microsoft can deliver. -Noel Lol I'm not going to not use an OS because I don't get every little UI customization that I want. The benefits of the OS far outweigh the cost of not having Aero Glass and special caption buttons. But, I guess there's not that many people that see it that way. Enjoy living in 2012 with 8.1 so long as you have your transparent windows and nifty captions. I'm gonna move with the future and embrace it.
  2. Lmao. Not using Windows 10 because you cant have blurred window borders??? That is just silly. You can have transparent action center, start, and taskbar and if you use the windows.msstyles hack to add colorization to the window borders, it wont be stuck on white. Its not PERFECT but it works for those who don't want white. I, for one, have been using Win10 since the insider program started and am using build 10240 on my laptop and desktop and couldn't be happier. Would having blurred windows be nice? Sure. But its not gonna keep me from using it. If Microsoft adds back in the blur, that would be nice. Maybe in TH2, they will. I'm personally not worried about theming and blur on here.
  3. Honestly, I'm kinda hoping Microsoft is truly going to listen and will bring Aero glass back to Windows 10 natively. I love BM's tool...but I think with Windows 10, I'm just going to take it as it comes, especially on my 2-in-1. Still rocking AG on my 8.1 desktop though.
  4. http://www.winbeta.org/news/using-windows-10-technical-preview-media-center-youve-just-opted-out-updates Anyone installing Media Center on Windows 10 is not gonna be able to update the OS now through the insider program. Only way to fix it is to do an in-place upgrade of the OS back to Windows 10.
  5. The best part is when he says "My opinion...." and you guys quote it and then argue with him anyway. Good job cluttering up the thread with useless bullsh*t. If he said, "Windows 8.1 is the best OS" as if it was a matter of fact, then it would make sense. But arguing with him on his opinion is like arguing with him over his music choice.
  6. I dont use the lock screen or put the PC to sleep ever. I let it go to screensaver which is a Matrix one so it does take up GPU. However, I notice that the logs are generated every hour regardless of whether I'm using screensaver or using the PC normally. The log for the CPU over-utilization is shown in Event Viewer -> Applications and Services Logs -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Diagnostics-Performance -> Operational in case you want to look into where they're coming from. Doesn't give a lot of info as to what causes the over-utilization tho.
  7. Yep thats pretty much what I'm seeing. CPU usage is low all the time unless I'm actively doing something to bring it up. Just thought it strange to see those logs created every hour. Getting idle of 95-98% with mIRC, Cyberfox, Process Hacker, Outlook, Teamviewer, BitTorrent Sync, MBAM Premium, and Pulseway. Definitely no problems here.
  8. Hmm okay. Yeah I'm not noticing any degradation in performance myself. I only saw the log there when I was going to look up something else. Noticed I had 2 logs generated every hour for the same thing. Figured it was worth mentioning. Thanks for looking into it.
  9. Hey BM. Something I've noticed here in the operational logs for performance. http://puu.sh/aXRo9/d03cdf6d8c.png Seems that every hour, its reporting DWM using high CPU regardless of what I'm doing. Im guessing its because of Aero Glass because DWM has to work a bit harder to render the glass. Shouldnt be anything to worry about, right? Only thing I'm really concerned about are these logs being generated every hour.
  10. Someone didn't read the guide. You cant use third party themes if you use the Theme Atlas. If the theme atlas doesnt work for you, then uninstall Glass and reinstall and check to not use the theme atlas in the setup. Should clear it right up.
  11. LOL. Your ram usage wouldnt be so bad if you didnt have 36 chrome processes running. You can't run a ton of extensions in Chrome then complain that your ram usage is high because of AG. Remove the extensions you most likely dont even need, cut down on the processes, and your ram usage will be fine even if Aero Glass seems to make it rise a little. Here's my Chrome processes with 5 extensions. I would hardly call this "high" RAM usage. http://puu.sh/awhVA/d8a4a49128.png
  12. Rofl. Keep circumventing the ban and you'll keep being reported. No one wants your kind here.
  13. This is not a problem. This has been explained multiple times to you and is explained in the guide. READ it this time or be reported for spam. This thread is getting cluttered with people repeatedly asking/reporting the same problems that have been answered & explained. If you want blur in the alt-tab window, YOU must create a tool to do it. Aero Glass by BigMuscle does NOT do it. http://puu.sh/9L00L/8a926000cc.png I want to blur in the lower floor windows do not know exactly how I need to create a tool thanks I'm not sure what you're asking then....your screenshots look nothing alike. If you're talking about blurring the Window previews that you see while using alt+tab, then you need a glass reflection image and set the reflection intensity. You really should try to show identical screenshots to make it easier to understand what you're asking, though.
  14. This is not a problem. This has been explained multiple times to you and is explained in the guide. READ it this time or be reported for spam. This thread is getting cluttered with people repeatedly asking/reporting the same problems that have been answered & explained. If you want blur in the alt-tab window, YOU must create a tool to do it. Aero Glass by BigMuscle does NOT do it. http://puu.sh/9L00L/8a926000cc.png
  15. Its because you chose to use the theme atlas during the setup. Reinstall and this time, leave the theme atlas setting unchecked. You cant use the theme atlas if you use a third party theme.
  16. You've been reported. Things like this are not wanted here. Enjoy the ban. Reverse engineering bigmuscle's program is not allowed.
  17. Lol yes that site doesnt work anymore. Read the last few pages of the thread. He is trying to make a NEW site. That one there is part of his signature that just hasnt been changed yet.
  18. Glow is determined by the theme and the settings you use for TextGlowMode in the registry (found on the guide). I also have glow on all my windows, including Windows Explorer, CMD, Notepad, Wordpad, Paint, etc. I also use the Ribbon 8.1.1 theme and use Clover for Chrome-like tabs in Explorer. http://puu.sh/98H8q/40bf5dfed4.jpg
  19. You did a full OS reinstall because of a black screen? Why didn't you just boot to recovery console CMD and just delete the C:\AeroGlass folder? :s
  20. Just did the aerolite trick on the Ribbon 8.1 VS from dA and it worked perfect. So easy too LOL. Got blur back and its got some color to it because of my background.
  21. Then you had to have gotten the Aero Glass from a third party source. BM's download doesn't have it and doesn't need it. Every road points to a user error on your part, bud.
  22. WinAeroGlass is NOT part of BigMuscle's tool in any way. It's another third party (alpha) project that was started to bring glass/blur back to Windows 8. Here's the link. http://winaero.com/comment.php?comment.news.204 This software pales in comparison to AeroGlass by BigMuscle and isn't included with his tool.
  23. I've attached two dump files that happened earlier. I've found something that happens just about everytime I try to reproduce it. If I have Netflix open and Skype to the right side and I click a link in Skype that opens in Chrome, Netflix will disappear. If I click it to open it, the screen flickers and my mouse will constantly beep when moving it and clicking does nothing. Only way to fix it is to use the keyboard to sign out and sign back in. Hopefully these dump files will help fix that. They look to be generated right when it happened. I'm using the public version of 1.2.1. aeroglass.rar
  24. I know this is off-topic, but how did you get those Chrome-like tabs in File Explorer? EDIT: Nvm. Its called Clover.
  25. Everything works great for me too. The ONLY issue I have is when you use Automatic color in Personalization and use a Desktop Slideshow for wallpapers, the windows flash sometimes when changing colors. So I just went back to static wallpapers and its fine. I would like if AeroRainbow could be updated to work with AeroGlass and not remove the blur. It just uses a flat color even with AG on, so no glass.

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