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  1. Just got this game and i keep gettin this error.. I have tried Uninstalling and reinstalling, Can anyone help?
  2. I don't think im ever gunna get rid of them
  3. Here you go.. msconfig.gif msconfig2.gif
  4. Thanks for helping, but it still giving me pop-ups..
  5. Here you go... hijackthis.log
  6. Well i tryed what you said and it didnt work, thanks anyway.. This is the Pop-ups i keep gettin..
  7. I keep gettin ringtone pop-ups on my computer iv tryed scanning the PC with Ad-aware i did have a few things in that but i delleted them and its still gettin them, i also have the google toolbar the one thats suppost to stop pop-ups, I have the built in XP firewall and ZoneAlarm Pro both Enabled. im outta ideas, anyone help?
  8. EmuMan


    thanks Aaron, that worked:D no more annoying sound.
  9. Hey, this started yesterday my pc is making a bigger noise than it ushally does, its the fan at the back does anyone know why this could be doing it?
  10. http://spitthisout.vze.com ..hope you like it
  11. and whats that in english lol...... sorry never been to canada or us..
  12. go and buy it OK i wont be gettin more RAM then..lol
  13. It takes quite a while but i suppose i could live with it.. everything is ok ones it as loaded up... BTW how do you get more RAM???
  14. Well iv add that amount of RAM for ages and it as been working fine...
  15. ok found some information dont no if this is the info you wont... System: Mircosoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 1 Computer: Intel Celeron processor 801 MHz 128 MB of RAM
  16. how do i find out...
  17. I used to have windows M.E and that used to load up as soon as you turned your comp on.... but now i have windows X.P and it takes ages to load up anyone know the problem and how to fix this??
  18. Norton AntiVirus 2003 Professional Edition
  19. EmuMan

    Dvd-rom drive

    its Original cds and theres only 1 cd that does work and thats a system & driver cd that i got from time computers when i first got my pc..
  20. They is a problem with my dvd-rom i insert a game, audio cd ect. and it doesnt load up i have tried going to run and going to the D drive but the it shows like they is no cd in at all.. Someone know how to fix this problem??
  21. LOL yea its cool it was in the avatar gallary of this forum.. BTW.. i know how to install the skins im on about the icon in jays name it looks cool..
  22. Hey could you tell how to do cool logos like you have in your msn messenger name?? and thanks!! for the skin..

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