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  1. I think that I have found a bug, but don't know what is the cause of that. My startmenu is like: But some times it opens like: I have lots of programs fixed in the menu and the number of recent programs to display are six. I use two screens with different resolutions. If you need more information of that, please send me a message. Thanks in advance.
  2. It works now!!! Keep the good work!!! Just more one improvement, apply the transparency in search?
  3. I have the same issue of idbirch2. When I do the click in the corner of the button, Star menu appear and not startisback menu. Furthermore, I have another issue: When I search something: Keep the good work Tihiy!!!! If you need more info about how this issues happen, feel free to contact me.
  4. Hello Tihiy, I have installed today the aeroglass in windows 10, build 10240. And now I have problems with startisback: - out of memory when I open properties - orb disappeared How can I fix this problem?
  5. Hello BigMuscle. I have bought aeroGlass a long time ago. I have done last installation at 2015-02-18. But today I have some problem, the log says: [2015-04-24 13:38:16][0xB70:0xC84] Donation.key: invalid signature. What happens? How I can fix that? Edit: I generate one new key and work now. I dont know I my machine ID was changed.... Regards Gonçalo Silva Pereira
  6. Hello Tihiy, I'm trying to understand the cases where this error occurs, but sometimes search give me different results for the same word. Some screenshots below: If you need some more tests, feel free to contact me... Thanks for your good work!!!
  7. Hello BigMuscle... You are doing a great work with this, keep that!!! I have a problem with my installation, I have donated an amount to you a long time ago, but not used areo glass. Now I want to put aero glass in the same machine. I have the license.key, but I obtain that: How I can fix this? Thanks
  8. hi Tihiy, how are you? for when a new beta for windows 10? i have one bug with lastest release: any suggestions? Keep the good work!!! PS.: If you need help with translation to Portuguese of Portugal send me a PM.
  9. Hello Tihiy, in relation to the other bug was a problem of my system ... but now I even found a bug that I think is in startisback: word icon in shutdown button...
  10. news on Lifehacker: http://lifehacker.com/oldnewexplorer-customizes-windows-explorer-to-be-more-l-1531989324 and in GHacks: http://www.ghacks.net/2014/02/24/oldnewexplorer-turns-windows-8s-windows-explorer-windows-7s/ Good Work!!!
  11. is possible to add a feature to manage wifi connections, like this: http://winaero.com/blog/how-to-manage-wireless-networks-in-windows-8-1-and-windows-8-using-classic-shell/ ??? which will be the improvements of the future version 1.6?
  12. is possible to add an option to the multi monitor menu to add the feature AeroSnap the union of the monitors? Keep the good work Tihiy!!!
  13. See your Event Viewer application log and windows problem report sabout crashes in explorer.exe (if the time of error matches) and send me them. When i do a shutdown with win+X menu, it works good and shutdown very fast. When i use shutdown with startisback menu, it don't work, appear a black screen and he don't shutdown. What command shutdown in startisback run? Where i can view the eventviewer of startisback? I think that nothin appear in Windows problem report... It's possible to talk with you in a chat? Thanks for fast replying and for that good work you do with this!!!
  14. Hi Tihiy!!! With RC5 i have a bug when i shutdown the pc, black screen appear and he don't shutdown!!! I removed startisback and the problem don't appear any more... I have installed now the new release and the problem appened again... Who i can help you to correct this situation?

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