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  1. Tbh it's worse when people defend MS and start pretending none of the privacy issues are real.
  2. Thanks for all the new info. It's annoying how hard MS tries to force it
  3. Ah so you never changed. Got it. Still can't ignore 5 posts about people changing stuff on their own PC.
  4. Well that is kinda obvious isn't it? Yet it does the opposite just like last time.
  5. Sorry, but this is not about legit key, it is not either whether debug info is necessary for you. Remove it, modify it as you want, it is your computer. But you downloaded debug version, you agreed to help with development by downloading this version so spamming this forum with guides "How to remove debug means and make full version from beta" is a bit rude, does not help with development at all and only make this forum full of useless stuff. Unless the debug window somehow automatically sends info to you I don't see why do you care. 90% of people have no idea what any of it means anyway. Mo
  6. I could be wrong, but that looks like W7 explorer so maybe that is why it works unlike W8/10 one that has Ribbon interface.
  7. You don't have to thank me.. thank Microsoft for the half assed UI. That is just your opinion, I beg to differ! My opinion ? No it's not. It's a fact. XAML is the best thing that ever happened to Windows. You are wrong to say it is a fact, because it is not a fact, it is just your little opinion. You don't even know what it is don't you? You're just parroting some buzzwords you heard elsewhere. Next thing you'll be saying is that everything should be done in Javascript lol
  8. Also if you don't want to mess with the imageres.dll file you could just add your own Windows 7 or custom desktop icons to that .theme file as your default as well. ~DP That's bit harder as imageres.dll stores the icons rather weirdly like storing each res separately rather than having one .ico with all of them. It's not that much of a problem anyway as it is also useful resource for W7 icons.
  9. Oh. I edit my posts too quickly to realize what you mean http://i.imgur.com/VdcOmwA.png W8 imageres.dll also still can be used for icons manually. Sweet! http://i.imgur.com/1keD0Wc.png
  10. I changed the caption text size to 11pt and it's same as W8 now although not centered, but eh good enough. Yeah I understand that which is why I'm testing this stuff in VM, before I even attempt to use W10 as a daily driver. EDIT: Ouch just noticed the context menus are still flat. No wonder since there is like 5 of them
  11. Just testing it and it looks great indeed. Thank you! Now only if windowed apps didn't have those comically huge caption buttons and taskbar was theme-able Oh and am I only one that preffered W8's centered caption text? The W7/W10 one was/is always too tiny for my taste. I recall there being setting somewhere in Windows itself.
  12. Don't worry I use VM so I can easily rollback to previous snapshot if anything happens
  13. Oh so it is actual theme? I had no idea that exists already. Thanks for posting that. I'll try UxThemeSignatureBypass first tho as UxStyle used to give me black screens on W8/8.1
  14. That looks fairly good. What did you use to make it look that way?
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