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  1. StartAllBack 3.4


    - Explorer Ribbon restyled, new icons, improved animations

    - Explorer Command bar restyled, new icons / fixes, replaced 'Include into library' command with 'Share' command, added Organize - Layout - Compact Mode

    - Open with metro icons no longer have color underlay

    - Dark mode minor improvements, rounding for Explorer dropdowns

    - Taskbar weather on the left

    - 22H2 fixes

    Underlined are the changes since 3.3.9d

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  2. On 5/10/2022 at 9:36 AM, killingZ said:

    so is this intended that it is always retuning back to checked state?

    No. There's no scenario to affect this setting - except when you check it yourself. Please find when this happens exactly.

    21 hours ago, helmutcheese said:

    I cannot type in the green part anymore.

    There is no way for StartAllBack to affect native search.

    9 hours ago, JFX said:

    Preview pane is also still in light mode.

    Which one? Preview pane in explorer is dark without SAB.

    4 hours ago, helmutcheese said:

    but the Taskbar icons still glitch

    Yes, there is some redrawing issues in Beta/Dev.

  3. 8 hours ago, helmutcheese said:

    The new build today has brought back that issue I posted previously.

    I cannot use either of the two search functions,

    I don't think it is related. Try using native start menu?

    19 hours ago, killingZ said:

    this feature is still buggy

    It is a system feature.


  4. 10 hours ago, filament said:

    I'd like to be able to shutdown my computer in RDP-Sessions via shutdown button.

    Create "NoClose"=(DWORD)0 in HKCU\Software\StartAllBack

    1 hour ago, newfieboy1983 said:

    This has been happening since 3.3.7.  

    What's that, we have 3.3.5 now. You don't have Fences?

  5. 7 hours ago, mfarmilo said:

    Any idea why the system tray details disappear though?

    No idea. Can't distinguish what's going on on your screenshot.

    28 minutes ago, helmutcheese said:

    am I also retarded?

    Maybe you have disabled search if there is no search.


    11 hours ago, mfarmilo said:

    I did notice that if I enable 'Dynamic transparency' everything in the system tray (date, time, network icon and speaker icon) disappears. All the spaces for the given items are marked out, just nothing in them

    That does not make sense. Screenshot? Other graphic artefacts?

  7. StartAllBack 3.3.9b



    - New: Windows 11 Restyled File Explorer Ribbon!

    > Rounded sharp corners

    > Improved animations

    > Office-like styling

    > Mono/accented+colored icons

    - Weather widget is displayed on the left

    - Windows Terminal in Win-X fallbacks to Powershell/CMD

    - Taskbar toolbars are preserved on upgrade

    - Dark mode for scrolling tooltip

    - Fixed clipped Win11 flyouts in vertically uneven multi-mon configuration 


  8. On 4/29/2022 at 1:22 PM, zeropluszero said:

    But for some reasons, it sometimes "bug" after having played a fullscreen game

    There are some reports on this, but no proper reproduction, so it's not going to be fixed. If you can arrange remote access to system with proper reproduction, please write to startisback@gmail.com


  9. 4 hours ago, Hikaru said:

    Is it really 3.3.2 (its 3.3.2 in the About) and not 3.3.5? Is there any setting that I should set? I still cannot make the weather on the left while the Start menu is centered.

    Sorry, try downloading again

    2 hours ago, noookz said:

    Oh man that sucks, kinda a dealbreaker for me. Maybe add auto-hide or something to mend this issue?

    If fullscreen misdetection happens, click taskbar then fullscreen again

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