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  1. The messages are not consistant. Now I can boot to Safe Mode and no Explorer messages or blue screen. I did manage to run the DUN14-95 file, rebooted 'protection error' msg again.

    I'm a bit rusty on windows, usually use *nix, but does it matter if I warm boot or cold boot on restarts ? Also, the computer I'm using has a number of drives in it, as I use it to multi-boot. But win95 won't worry about that, I think, it will just see it as a HDD.


  2. If you want to use the 2GB of RAM, you will need to get the full version of the RAM patch. That's really the only option for using that much RAM...

    I would use the full version, if the patch gave me (normal) Windows, but all I can get is safe Mode.

    I'm not sure what else to try, other than while in Safe Mode, go ahead and install DUN14-95 and see if the BOOTLOG.TXT for booting in Normal Mode still reports errors (if so post it here).

    I can still get into Safe Mode, and I tried to run DUN14-95, but even Safe Mode now gives an Explorer msg, and then the blue screen.

    Have attached BOOTLOG.TXT




  3. Since the older machine still works, you might try one last thing.

    Put the HDD back in the older machine.

    Boot into Safe Mode.

    Go into the Device Manager and remove anything and everything that is listed there.

    Then Shut Down and try the HDD in the new machine again.

    If any older drivers are causing problems, this should correct it. If it doesn't, then you should be able to reconnect the HDD to the older machine again and let it redetect devices.

    I have been able to boot into Windows 'Safe mode' on the newer computer, the one with 2 Gb ram. Have removed everything I could from the Device Manager, restarted and still get the same message.

    I can boot into Safe Mode though. But it hangs after about 10 mins, how do I uninstall " RLoew's RAM Limitation patch" ?


  4. I have now run FIX95CPU, all went okay, used the ISO on a CD and booted to that, restarted and got the usual "Windows protection error" message.

    In order to update your VCACHE.VXD, you will need to manually extract VCACHE.OSR (it contains two VCACHE files, one for 95/95A and one for 95B/95C) from the HotFix file I linked, rename it to VCACHE.VXD, and manually place it in your WINDOWS\SYSTEM\VMM32 folder.

    How do I do that ? Is it running EXTRACT.EXE on Q194827.EXE ?

    I wish you success in your endeavor, but in my personal experience, if you want to use more than 512MB of RAM, you will need RLoew's RAM Limitation Patch. Several users here report success using up to ~1.5GB with the tweaks you have been experimenting with, but those tweaks never worked on any of my systems. (Also, many of those users are using 98SE, which may handle the larger RAM amounts better than standard 95B/C can.) The patch has a DEMO version that runs for 10 minutes. You might try downloading it and see if it cures your problem. :thumbup

    Thanks, I might have to try the demo.


  5. Have logged to BOOTLOG.TXT, and the lines with 'fail' are ..

    [0014C7EE] Loading Vxd = ndis2sup.vxd

    [0014C7EF] LoadFailed = ndis2sup.vxd

    [0014C7F2] Loading Vxd = vserver.vxd

    [0014C7F3] LoadFailed = vserver.vxd

    [0014C804] Loading Vxd = vshare

    [0014C804] LoadFailed = vshare

    There aere 6 lines that refence VCACHE ..

    [0014C7E9] Loading Vxd = VCACHE

    [0014C7E9] LoadSuccess = VCACHE





    If I try to boot to Win safemode, it very quickly just goes to DOS. Hmm, I might try running SETUP.

    Ah, I can't run that in DOS either.

    Btw, the file FIXCPU.ISO only conatins one file - DUN14-95.EXE , is that okay ? Seems weird for an image of a boot disk.


  6. Probably a good idea to update VCACHE.VXD as well. Even 95B comes with VCACHE.VXD v4.00.950.

    The updated VCACHE.VXD v4.00.1111 for 95 B/C OSR2.x in Q194827 is 2x the size of the old 95/95A version. :o


    When I booted to DOS, and did a recursive 'dir' to search for VCACHE.VXD, it did not find the file, inside the c:\windows path.

    I downloaded the Q194827.EXE file, booted to DOS again, and got a "This program cannot be run in DOS mode".

    This mobo has a 3.0 GHz CPU also. :)


  7. Have moved Win95b HDD to another computer, and then got a message "Insufficient memory to initialize Windows" message.

    Then I changed the appropriate line in system.ini as

    Add the following line in the [386Enh] section of the file


    and that got rid of the error message. But now it has an error message "Windows protection error" when I try to boot to Win95b

    Here is CONFIG.SYS


    SHELL=C:\COMMAND.COM C:\ /E:4096 /P

    and here is AUTOEXEC.BAT

    set path=c:\windows;c:\windows\command

    The computer has 2 Gb RAM. What causes the "Windows protection error" message ?


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