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  1. Okay thanks, that is good to know. Also, I have now been informed of some documentation on the Microsoft site concerning VM. From https://www.microsoft.com/OEM/en/Pages/support-faq.aspx Q. Can I install OEM software on a virtual machine (VMware)? A. You can install OEM software in a virtual environment as long as you have a separate license for each instance of the software. It is fine to use the OEM version as long as it is properly licensed. To be clear, a separate version of the software must be installed for both the “standard” and “virtual” installations. I'm only running one Windows 8.1, which is within the VM with Kubuntu as the host. Plus, I have since found some docs where in Jan 2015, after pursuing the purchase of a "full/retail" Windows 8.1 from Dell, I was informed that "OEM, FULL and RETAIL are the same product. " . That is the product I then purchased. Is that only when Windows 8.1 is used as the host in a VM environment ? I have heard that the Windows 8.1 OEM Product Key is embedded in the UEFI BIOS
  2. Purchased a Dell laptop over a year ago. It came with Windows 8.1, but as I use Linux/Kubuntu, I wiped the disk and did a fresh install of Kubuntu. Later on, I purchased, from Dell, the Windows 8.1 , and my understanding is that this OS is OEM. Now I need to use Windows for data logs. Am contemplating using Oracle VM Virtual Box ( see https://www.virtualbox.org/ ). Then Windows 8.1 can run from with the VM, with Kubuntu as the host. This would be the ONLY computer where Windows 8.1 is installed. Can I legally use the Windows 8.1 in a VM environment ?
  3. Looping in Status install ?

    It's a standard windows message dialogue, and the words are exactly as I have posted above.
  4. Looping in Status install ?

    Whenever I boot up XP Pro (SP3), it is stuck in a loop, trying to install 'Status'. The message is: Status An installation package for the product Status cannot be found. Try the installation again using a valid copy of the installation package 'status.msi'. By describing this as a loop, I cannot exit out of it. Cancel, close, tried every button and option. This stops me from installing other programs. I was trying to install Skype.
  5. XP Pro keeps rebooting

    I did as per your instructions, and the (XP) install went fine. I'm now able to boot into XP Pro. Thanks to everyone for your help with this problem, much appreciated.
  6. XP Pro keeps rebooting

    Just checked the BIOS again, and SATA is configured as IDE. I worked out how to (properly) get the CD to boot. The XP HDD had to be set as first. Booted to CD, and selected the "R" option for repair. It wanted the admin password, only alowed 3 attempts and tried what I thought was the admin pwd. Is there a method to reset the admin pwd externally ? Copy a file from Kubuntu ? The XP pro CD has SP2 on it. I have SP3 on a CD as well.
  7. XP Pro keeps rebooting

    The new motherboard is shown at http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P5QLD_PRO/ I have Kubuntu as primary drive (sata1) and XP as the secondary drive (sata2). I'm using grub to boot to XP, which simply swaps the drives and then windows "thinks" it is the first drive. Also I have tried in BIOS to set the win xp drive as the primary and it just hangs. The BIOS has been set to IDE mode (i.e. not AHCI) all along. My apologies about the old computer. I gave it away and have no info. It wasn't a P2-350, but it was also a P5 asus, that's all I remember. It had SATA, it was just when SATA started. I used the XP CD from Microsoft to boot from. It said press any key , which I did and then it just hung.
  8. XP Pro keeps rebooting

    Thanks for your replies. I do notice when it tries to boot in XP, that there is a (very quick) blue screen, but I can't pause it to see what is written there. I will try the F8 to disable auto reboot. I can actually view the entire drive from Kubuntu. Here is boot.ini Sorry for not giving more details. The PC that I used that HDD in for XP Pro was a asus p2-350. It had less ram and an old video card. The drive is a 250Gb sata seagate. I had used the same display/monitor through a KVM switch. The software was purchased probably about 10 years ago. I still have that CD with the COA on it. The new computer (well 6 yrs old) is an asus also. If I could stop the display at boot and record that info, it may help. If possible, I don't want to have to reinstall XP pro, as I also have some old win95B software on it that I use from time to time. I have managed to take a video of the startup and freeze that frame.
  9. XP Pro keeps rebooting

    I added a HDD containing Win XP pro (SP3). I can't boot to it, it keeps on rebooting. This hard drive was from another computer, an older computer, so possibly it is a drivers issue ?? Have read various articles about this, but seems they rely on being able to boot into safe mode. I can't boot into safe mode. I can select it, but it only goes so far and then reboots again. When I select safe mode, it displays the drivers, and seems to stop at aswRvrt.sys . A google search on that file, it is an Avast file I think. Could XP Pro also be unable to boot because this computer has a newer cpu, graphics card,etc ? That said, it is 6 years old. Please advise. Peter777
  10. Upgrading from Windows XP Pro SP3

    Thanks, there was also another post there that confirmed it works okay ..
  11. Upgrading from Windows XP Pro SP3

    I'm considering upgrading from an old computer that is running Windows XP Pro SP3 to a Dell Optiplex 9020 Desktop The Dell comes with Windows 7 Pro. On the XP Pro SP3, I have the following software installed: Microsoft Works Suite 2004 (version 7.0) Microsoft Money Version 12.0 Microsoft Word 2000 (9.0.6926 SP-3) Microsoft Excel 2000 (9.0.6926 SP-3) Microsoft Powerpoint 2000 SP-3 (9.0.6620) Microsoft Publisher 2000 SP-3 will all these products run okay on Windows 7 Pro ? Peter
  12. I have hundreds of Works (vers 4.5 I think) files to convert. The files are for spreadsheet, word processing and database. I have the software to do it, but opening each file and then saving it as a .DOC is rather painful and time consuming. I'm running this on Win XP pro (SP3), and the files are from Win95b. I can actually still use the Win95b software on Win XP Pro, it is not 'installed', just has all the files there. So, does anyone know if there is a batch update that will convert the WORKS files 'on mass' ? Peter
  13. Looking for Office 2000 SP1

    Thanks xpclient.
  14. Looking for Office 2000 SP1

    I have installed Office 2000 SP1 (topic of this thread), and also installed Office 2000 SP3. Have now downloaded the Office 2000 patches after SP3 from Dropbox, which was uploaded by xpclient, see post #15 I need to know what order to run the ".cmd" files, which seem to all be .. @echo off echo on time /t for %%U in (*.exe) DO %%U /Q for %%U in (*.msp) DO %%U /qb /passive /norestart time /t rundll32 user32.dll,MessageBeep Pause @echo off There are also various sub folders, which have no ".cmd" files, just .EXE's. Should it all be 'installed' as such, and in what order ? Peter
  15. Looking for Office 2000 SP1

    Yes, I did select everything and 'custom' during the Office 2000 install. I will keep an eye on those log files, thanks. Okay, although I have questions about the Office 2000 patches after SP3. Shouldn't I post to the thread for that now ?