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  1. huja

    StartIsBack++ 2.9

    Your app is great!! However... i'm just curious... where do you find these nice white icons (see attached picture)?
  2. Hi I was just wonering if there are any Intel HD 4000 Graphics Drivers for Windows Vista? On intels website, it says that vista is not supported. Are there any modded drivers out there that may work with Vista? Thanks
  3. Hi How can I disable the following warning messages in Internet Explorer. It is quite annoying when downloading files. I've tried disabling smartscreen filter, but it still wont work. Other suggestions? Thanks!
  4. I've fixed it . Thank you for your replies. This is the correct regkey: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Power\PowerSettings\a7066653-8d6c-40a8-910e-a1f54b84c7e5] "ACSettingIndex"=dword:00000002
  5. thats the problem, OS is already installed and system uses those reg key(s) which are locked with XP/serv2003 you could open registry hive and add things, then insert it back to install cd directory and shove it back to ISO dunno if Vista/7 can do the same, try google basicaly your goal is to already package modified registry hive with changes, instead applying changes after/or during install I see, well I have searched and searched and have not found anything useful yet. I'll guess I have to search even deeper . What about converting the reg file to cab (if it's possible)? Maybe it can get around the lock?
  6. Hi I'm trying to make a custom Vista DVD and wan't to integrate a reg file to it. I use Win-Toolkit to add registry keys. However, when Vista gets installed, not all tweaks gets applied. So, then I tried to import the regtweak within Vista, but it did not work either. I got the following message: "Not all data was successfully written to the registry. some keys are open by the system or other process" It seems that it's the following key that won't get imported: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Power\User\PowerSchemes\381b4222-f694-41f0-9685-ff5bb260df2e\4f971e89-eebd-4455-a8de-9e59040e7347\A7066653-8D6C-40A8-910E-A1F54B84C7E5]"ACSettingIndex"=dword:00000002I'm trying change Start Menu Power Button from "sleep" to "shut down" What's wrong? How do I integrate without getting these problems? Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone For as long as I can remember I've always liked IT and computer technology, especially software. I now use computers more like a hobby-thing, but I would love to work in the IT-world one day. I've been wondering whether I would like to work as a Sys-Admin or a programmer and came to the conclusion that programming would be my thing. Why? Because I want to CREATE. It's amazing that you can create something by writing code. However, the thing is. I have NO programming skills whatsoever. But I would love to learn. Where do I start? How did you start? Are you a self-learnd programmer or did you go to collage/university? Is it really neccesary to get a degree in programming if you want to work as a programmer? Again - where do I begin? I'm a complete beginner and wan't a soft start. Looking forward to here from you! Sorry for my english! Thanks //Huja
  8. Hello Msfn I have problem with the Libraries in Windows 7. It sometimes auto-includes folders without my permission. For example: In pictures library there are usually two folders: Users pictures and public pictures. However sometimes I can see two or three more folders inside that library. Places like desktop, the C drive or a custom folder gets sometimes auto-added to libraries. It's really annoying because I have to manually delete them every time they appear. My friend has the same issue, he has like six or seven folders in the Document library, which he did not include himself, but got auto-included. Is it supposed to do so? Is there a way to stop it from auto-including folders? Hope you understand what I mean! Thanks //Huja
  9. Hi Everyone I was just wondering if there is a way to remove the rectangle around desktop icons, whithin the aero theme? Take a look at this icon. You can see the box around the icon when it's highlighted: Now, take a look at the same icon with the classic theme enabled, no box around the icon: My question is basically if there is a way to remove the rectangle without changing to classic mode? Hope you understand. Sorry for my english! Thanks in advance //Huja
  10. How do you add your graphic card ID to the normal XP drivers? Is there a tutorial online? My hardware ID is: PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_68C1&SUBSYS_036E1025&REV_00
  11. It's an emachines e642g with ati mobility 5650. There are no XP drivers on the manufacturer's website either. I wonder if there is a website dedicated to mod drivers for XP for newer computers. It would be nice if someone could recommend a website. Would also be good in case I buy a new computer (in the future), so I can put XP on it.
  12. Hi everyone. I was just wondering where you go to find XP drivers for new hardware. For exampel, I have an ATI mobility graphic driver in my computer. However, when I go to ATI:s website, I can't find any XP drivers, only Vista and 7. So, do you reommend any websites or tools for finding XP drivers on new hardware? Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english!
  13. I agree with you on XP. Probably the best MS OS. It would be nice if we could keep XP alive even after 2014. I tried, for example to install XP on my AMD laptop... and I got bluescreen after bluescreen. Cant find any compatible AMD Mobility drivers. You said: "XP will live forever, at least in this house. Can't reveal secrets, but I've gone to great pains to guarantee that". My I ask you how? What about drivers and software that drop support for XP? How are you going to install XP on a new computer, lets say year 2017?
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