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  1. Tihiy, How about WindowsUpdateSettingsIsBack++ or better yet FullControlPanelIsBack++ ?
  2. I wonder if there any 3rd party software that could force all apps to start docked to a side of a desktop instead of full screen ? So that if I work in Photoshop or Word and then use StartIsBack or any other start menu to launch Twitter app or Email app they launch docked to a side. If anyone know of such software please share.
  3. @Tihiy , you know I've been an early adopter, and supporter of this project. I try to promote it too at my University, however people feel reluctant to install Trial Software and prefer to opt for free alternative because they only need absolute basic out of start menu. I thought I might suggest a freeware version of StartIsBack Light with 98% configuration and functions removed or greyed out, just to get people on bored with SiB, those who want all the setting will want to pay, other will stick to Light version but wont go to alternative products. just an idea.
  4. @Tihiy what new goodies are waiting for us in SiB+ 1.6 or 2.0 (whatever is next) Docked Start Screen ? Start screen as background (Run start menu and programs on top of the start screen) ? windowed apps ? Thanks for your great work
  5. Here running Win8.1 in a VM at 402pixels wide Start Screen, the apps wont launch but that's because they try to launch full size, we would want them to launch resized to side..
  6. That's a rich idea which is floating in the air, however Start screen on side is will have big usability issues due to its huge margins and inability to scroll horizontally. What bout making Start Screen think its on a very Low Resolution display like 600px wide or even less 400px (This can be an option for HD screens only). So it only takes 400px from 1920px wide screen ?
  7. Tihiy do you think option to have StartScreen docked to a side can be made as an option in StartIsBack+ future version. So that Desktop remain Prime work environment, and Start Screen can be docked to the left or the right side (resizable) and all apps from it open in that Docked side without interfering (opening full screen) ? that way user can run booth Environments same time. E.g. Work in Word Document and have tiles on a side with News flipping, or have Twitter feed open etc. (Probably have tiles more centred then the mock pic)
  8. That depends how machine code is generated, it doesn't have to be generated using all components HDD/RAM/CPU/Motherboard. It could be just 2 elements. Eg like Motherboard+CPU .... if so u can swap HDD and RAM everyday . Big Muscle could clarify what Machine Code based on for that. Also once licence been activated on a copy of Windows it doesn't mean it checks it again of hardware is modified. again BigMuscle need to clarify this, dose it check machine code once when activation or every launch ? Anyway, it same as StartIsBack its just 3 Euros =~= 130 Rubles that's a price of a Burger in McDonald's,... I would understand if it was 15 Euros or 20 ... then yeah ...
  9. yes bit it doesn't have a frame that marks it as running, and it can't be closed from it either. it also leaves a gap between Quick Launch and Pinned Programs. But its good temporary solution thanks You can add Quick Launch to taskbar, then drop Metro apps shortcuts from Start Apps:
  10. Made my donation $ $, Bigmuscle Thank you for the release and hoping to see version for 8.1 soon, was a bit confused by wtf is machine code, I guess its generated by the AeroGlass app (im on Win7 machine at the moment so no need to download it) but will give it a try soon. thanks again. Maybe it would be a good idea to mention on the site donation page where to get the Machine code. Thanks again.
  11. Sure. But what purpose except "wow I can search from taskbar like Mac OS X"? No need for any Orb or start button... clean'ish Win8 look... and just an idea / option .... LOL, I thought the main purpose of StartIsBack was the Orb/Start button. Cheers and Regards No, main purpose is Start Menu not the button ...
  12. Sure. But what purpose except "wow I can search from taskbar like Mac OS X"? No need for any Orb or start button... clean'ish Win8 look... and just an idea / option ....
  13. Here some idea for UI Sorry for quick Photoshop, but this was fastest way to explain. Can this be done ?
  14. Not completely sure if this is due to SiB 2.1RC2 but after uninstalling rc1 and installing rc2 I cant create groups on Start screen... if I drag a tile to the left side and a bar appears indicating new group tile will move there for about a second then return back to the place it was... can someone confirm if it is or isn't SiB related ....
  15. @Tihiy I found a bug... 1) if an App is docked in to a side and then Start Screen is called the taskbar get stuck to what desktop size is. 2) If you open right click menu in EBay, Mail (maybe all apps) the Taskbar go on top of it and its hard to read labels. Screenshots attached... Thank you for you great work, hope to see it working in Win8.1 in future
  16. A) It shows that while a Windows 8.1 version of SiB is not ready there is something that can be used as a placeholder... or perhaps useful for in another way it is a way to *Start* Application from *Desktop* B.) Who died and made you Boss ? @bphlpt ? As far as I can see you are Just a Member, like any other member and your post is just as off topic if not more... C) I would not say I post many off-topic things, I don't post too much at all, which also mean I would not cry a river if I would have to make new account D) Eat my shorts !!!
  17. This is Microsoft Attempt on compromising and adding Unified Search in to Windows 8.1/Blue/SP1 (whatever you want to call it) Its Still very buggy, Does not search very well, need to press Tab 3 times to switch focus from Search Field to results list, to be able to pick items from the list of results. Support Right click with few options: pinning to Start Screen, taskbar, open file location, Run as Admin
  18. Sign Petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/microsoft-give-users-the-option-to-disable-metro-ui-and-keep-windows-an-open-platform
  19. From StartIsBack FAQ: I have faith in Tihy, that he will cure the cancer that is Metro UI... Tihy please have a look at the leaked build and let us know what u think ?
  20. One more interesting feature request. Metro Apps can be used in the 1/5 of the screen mini mode, is it possible to have WIn+Tab switching mini side apps and not covering desktop ?
  21. I wonder is this is possible at all to implement, Maybe for StartIsBack 3.0 or something
  22. In the start menu, without typing anything in the search bar, it works for me too. But if I type sth. and get results, it'll only cycle downwards. cycles upwards and downwards for me
  23. Could it be re-uploaded to different file host its a 936KB file it failed to download 4 times and had speed of 4.2 kb/s
  24. Little bug I noticed, after every update, Start Screen keep getting "Show Administrative tools" tiles option ON, probably because I have "System Administrative tools" option set to "Display on all programs and menu and the Start Menu" in StartIsBack Options... Sorry if this was reported before.

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