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  1. Hi, I just wanna know how to load a desktop theme, but automatically ? If a clic on a .theme file, it doesn't load... So i just want to lauch a file o load my desktop theme ? There's a switch on .theme file ? It's for my unattended windows cd, tnx for your awnsers....
  2. There is no awnser file (if i wrong, where is this ?). Here : http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/48/ : From here, you can fill in the Organization Name and your Product Key (this is also the last time you will ever need to insert your Office 2003 Product key!). Also with the ork tools, the mst files doesn't have the serial inside. Tnx...
  3. Hi all, For my job, i need a office 2k3 cd with all update (sp2 and all others), create an office 2k3 slipstremed cd with all update isn't a proble for me, but the serial was insert a the beginning (when i start the Administrative Installation Point). My problem is simple : I wanna make this cd for the customer computer of my shop (i sell computer) and when the customer buy office 2003, it's easier for us to use a full slipstream office 2k3 CD. So, there is a solution to remove and reinstall the new key (the ley written on customer's box), or the solution is to create a silent pack with all update and install it after the normal installation of office 2k3 cd ? Tnx for your answer, and sorry for my poor english. tnx
  4. Ok, and wher's is the good place ? I'm lost in this huge forum, and english is not ma natural language, i'm bit lost here... I don"t create a new thraeds for this ?
  5. Hi, Too hard to search on the forum (too much thread with too many pages). I use the SFC_OS.DL_ files use in the "Hacked_Files_SP2_SlipStream" pack, french version for me. But since few months (due to some new hotfix i suppose) the wfp f*ck me up. When the first boot begin (with update of the windows desktop etc..) the wfp windows appear en request my windows CD. Same windows is coming when i install some soft etc... What is the solution to re-disable the WFP plz ? Tnx for all of your awnser...
  6. Hi all, I have a setup file to install, inno setup file exactly. I know the /silent and /verysilent swtiches, but this setup inno file lauch a boxe with yes/not question to reboot my computer, how it's possible to disable this box, a norebbot switch exist for inno file ? Tnx for your awnser
  7. Hi, It is very possible to do what you just asked. But currently, it is difficult to do on MULTIPLE machines. It is not advisable to use this for mass deployment without the use of an autoit script that runs a keygen. Don't expect any help past that point, though. Even suggesting that to you might be pushing the envelope. But if you're just going to use this on your own machine, it's very possible, and mildly easy (just time consuming). Yeah, i'm able to make a total silent install on one machine (with the dat file).i will jste know if its possible on multiple machien, because i don't have aces to internet when i install windows on multiple computer. But if it's impossible, i will made the classical online registration. Tnx for your help
  8. Hi, Just to be 100% sure : It's is not possible to completely install photoshop CS2 silently just with batch ? Without any kind of serial or registration windows, even int the first launch of the soft, or without the 30days expiration ? Scuse my poor english Tnx for the reply
  9. Hi, i put this topic up. This redist dec2005 pack is needed to run the 3dmark 2k6 benchmark. It's possible to integrate it into an unattended windows cd ?
  10. Tnx InTheWayBoy, the replacerscript give just the possibility to automatize the replacmeent when you drag and drop the file in the main replacer window. But drag the file in window is always required. Not a solution for a silent install, if i unterstood this page. In fact, i just want a .cmd file who able to replace my three file (UXTHEME.DLL, SFC_OS.DLL and TCPIP.SYS or the same on their uncompressed version) without human intervention. Just clic and the modify is ok. You think it's possible ? I know a executable who poatch the uxtheme.dll file, so, the same solution for three file will be possible.
  11. In fact i have a completely and extremely modified ans silent winxp CD, my own CD (all manual, not nlite product). But, i want extract all modifications for have my own silent "pack" and when i install my "NikPack" , all the modifications of my cd will apply on the system where it will be launched. The goal i want is after i install my pack, the clean winxp sp2 system (a maiden system, not install with my cd) have all the modifications is on my cd. I success all the modification in my pack that i've made on my CD, except for this 3 files. I just want a method to patch this 3 system files (1 global method, or 3methods, i dont care), silent method of course, for integrate it on my NikPack.
  12. The %windir%\subdirectories folder on the harddrive... My explication was not clear, my english is really bad. If somebody speak french, i'm glad if you awnser
  13. Hello all I want to silent install this files with a .cmd file only (or a silent executable file launched from my .cmd) on a clean winxpsp2 install. I don't want integrate those files in the i386 folder on my CD, but juste make a .cmd files who' able to install my files or modify the original file in the %windir%\i386 folder. MAybe, some .exe was existing to do this ? I try to search some awnsers for my questions, but the search results with my keywords were already huge. Tnx for your help !
  14. Tnx ryan, i introduce your AR7.01, the suinjava and the dotnetfx 1.1sp1 too. I also have this, but mine is louder.
  15. Hi all... When i use this for the 7.01 AR update : AdbeRdr70_enu_full.EXE /v"/qb EULA_ACCEPT=YES", i still have the cancel button. How disable the cancel button ? Tnx
  16. Yeah.. I've the same problem !! My solutions is to install AR7 on the last position in my installation soft's list. I don't try another solution, maybe it's work, tell me what do you think : Add a coutner for 30sec ou 120sec (in the AR7 installation batch), I don't know how many time is needed, but is it a possibly way ? tnx for your answers...
  17. Really tnx Astalavista, your switches (with the eula=yes) is the better and faster solution to install adobe reader 7.0 and is the easiest too. Tnx again !!
  18. Oh my god... You're right prathapml, my sfx work perfectly now !! Really tnx you for the tips !! My unattented cd is perfect now

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