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  1. I would like to test it what are the min. req? and how do i get beta emails?
  2. my windows 98 fe is black in the the bar where the quick launch icons are any way to fix that without formatting?
  3. yea me too my cus has 98fe although he has a se cd dont want to format his computer he dont want to lose all his files if you make a 98fe sp then i will download it on his computer.
  4. That would help some people that still have orginal like my cusion. Windows 98 first edition seems about the same as second edition to me besides the few patches,fixes. If you get the windows 98 se unoffical updates to work on orginal then that would be cool it would support all of 98 then. ok maybe se is better but.. still this would help people that has fe that wants updates.
  5. will this work with windows 98 first edition? i know someone that has it that wants this. I noticed windows 98 first and second edition are about the same besides a few new drivers.
  6. I ment to reprogram a game with better grafics not compatiblity.... thats ok though
  7. Hey gabe glad you got better well i had some pc problems had to format and i saw my win98se cd got cracked so.... upgraded to winxp sp2 i guess no more updates from gabe nice work though. You do programming right gabe? Maybe you could do me a favor and reprogram a old school game for me? I'll maybe pay you a bit to do so let me know if not then maybe you could start something for xp. I know its alot of work gabe but you do a excellent job.
  8. great work! just a suggestion doesnt windows 98 have a ram probably leaking and things like that windows xp dont really have ram problem can you add like a ram release program to make 98 se more stable? just a thought
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