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  1. This installation was built with Inno Setup. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nMeinsALGufm7y9c2zsPucpICjqNrWrT i try with Inno Setup Unpacker v0.47 but not work! Please help me for unpacking.
  2. hi I want create custom setup with inno setup like this: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nMeinsALGufm7y9c2zsPucpICjqNrWrT Please help for iss code!
  3. How Add Vertical Scrollbar in begin prompt (7zsd_LZMA_Dialogs.sfx)?
  4. Thanks, gora 1) How Home Page?! 2) EN GUI for 7zSFX
  5. I'm Downloading Waik_4_1 Folder (8.1) How to Work This for Create WinPe!?
  6. Please Add This: [Copy, but keep both files]
  7. WINDOWS.8.1.ENTERPRISE.RTM.X64 Error: Your DWM is not compatible with aero glass.
  8. I'm having the same problem! Tihiy Please Fix...
  9. 1) Please Add Windows 8 Logo for Start Button 2) Change Shutdown to last Power Button 3) Enable Win+X Menu; Right Click in Left Corner! A: Right Click in Start Button; show (Properties and Open File Explorer) B: Right Click in Left Corner Start Button; show Win+X Menu Windows.8.Logo.bmp
  10. Add Only "Win" to hotkey Start Screen!

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