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  1. my current build specs are as follows, Case: Thermaltake Armor (with 250mm side fan) CPU: Intel 6800 Extreme @ 3.3ghz CPU Cooler: Vigor Gaming Monsoon II Memory: 4gig OCZ DDR2 PC8500 Plat. Video: 2 x EVGA 8800GTX in SLI HD: 4 x WD Caviar SE16 SATA2 (3 internal & 1 external) DVD 1: Plextor 755SA DVD 2: HP DVD 840E PS: Enermax Galaxy 1000 watt OS: XP Professional / Vista Ultimate Although my system could handle the 64bit version most of my software wouldn't. I was just wondering if indeed Vista had the same memory mapping issue as XP did, and if it did could I make the ram drive to speed up the system by placing the swap file there instead of on a hard drive. Thanks again.
  2. When I built my system I over did the memory and built it with 4gig of ram. Currently I am running XP pro but my Vista Ultimate will arrive today. Windows XP in control panel shows system memory as 2.5 gig. If Vista 32bit address the same way it should show the same. My question is it possible to create a ram drive before Vista loads and place the swap file on the 1.5gig that Windows can't address? Sorry if this was asked before. Thank in Advance!!!
  3. I don't have pictures yet but here are the specs: CPU: Intel x6800 core duo extreme Memory: 4 GB OCZ DDR2 800 Platinum Rev 2 Mobo: EVGA 122-ck-nf68-ar NVIDIA 680i chipset Video: EVGA 768MB e-GeForce 8800 GTX (2 in sli) PSU: Enermax Galaxy 1000 watt Cpu cooler: Vigor Gaming Monsoon 2 active tec Case: Black Thermaltake Armor with optional 25cm side fan Sound: Creativelabs XFI Platinum Storage: Four 500 gig SATA 2 3gig hard drives, 1 is external Plextor 755SA SATA Dual layer burner HP dvd/cdr&rw burner with lightscribe The Build has change a couple times it started out with 2 ASUS 7950gx2's in Quad Sli on a ASUS P5N32 sli Premium, now it will be the EVGA board and two 8800gtx's in sli, they are faster and DX10 compliant. When the first build was done the rig was some what quiet. The loudest thing was and still is the Vigor cooler, but it works so well, CPU temp 31c (idle) and 37c (under load), that I live with it. The only other thing I will add is a dedicated water cooling system for the video cards when the blocks are out. Pictures will follow this weekend.
  4. I am confused about somenthing, the total amount of phyiscal memory that Windows XP Pro. can address is supposed to be 4gb. Now the confusing part to me is, is that ram only? My system consists of 4gb of ram, 2gb video ram, 2 meg L2 cache, and what ever memory the Creativelabs XFI plat. has on it. Is there too much memory for windows to address correctly?
  5. Misha

    Vista DVD?

    No, I recieved Windows and Vista from newegg I didn't get scammed, Iwas just wondering if it was worth a try or not.
  6. Misha

    Vista DVD?

    I ordered a copy of Windows XP Pro x64 and recieved a copy of Vista beta 2 with it and a key for vista. Should I install it? How long are the keys they send with the DVD's good for? My system is as follows: Cpu=Conroe X6800e Mobo=Intel D975XBX sound=XF-I Platinum video=Asus 7950gx2 memmery=4gb OCZ DDR2 800 rev 2 Is it worth a shot? Please Help?
  7. I would stop looking here for answers to your problem, there won't be many.
  8. Ok the phyx card will sit on the shelf for now. All of the hardware was already purchased when I realized the shortae of PCI slots. My next question, does anyone know if they plan on making a motherboard with more than two PCI slots on it and/or PCI slots that aren't blocked when running a sli config?Speakers are Klipsch pro media 5.1. Thank you all for your input.
  9. Saw you post on another thread, I will use it to do work on both audio and video files. The multiple inputs on the SB will come in handy. But when ther is more support for physx in gaming that will come in handy to. Still Undecided...
  10. This weekend I finished ordering all of the hardware for my next computer and just realized I will have to leave out one card because of a lack of PCI slots. Build is as follows: Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 Retail Asus P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe Enermax 1000 watt ps 2- Asus 7950GX2 Video cards 4 gig OCZ Platinum DDR2 800 ? Soundblaster X-FI Platinum ? Asus 90 - C1CHFA-HUAY1 PhysX card The question marks are the problem cards. Please give me your opinions. Thank You.
  11. I recently purchased an HP Pavilion a1467c media center pc with am AMD 64x2 4200 and all the other misc crap they put in it and instal on it. When removing one of the sata connectors the plastic base came off of the mother board. I got it put back and it works. But that isn't the problem I have. The mobo mfg is MSI I was wondering if I replace it with another MSI micro atx mobo with an ATI chipset would I be able to use the rescue disks that I made for the old mobo. I don't know if HP is like Dell and does the bios check before they instal or repair. I also am unsure if it did instal would Windows MCE be forgiving enought to run until I got the correct chipset drivers installed. Please help if possible. Thank You.
  12. A PSU is the power supply. Also make sure that your CPU, Chipset fans are working (assuming it has a chipset fan). Use Maxblast to check the hard drive for errors you may have bad clusters or the drive may be not be spinning correctly. Goodluck
  13. Ok I know that this is a dumd question but let me explain myself. I have almost 160gig of music, complete cd's and when viewin them I am sick of switching the view to list. Is there a way that I can make the list view the default for all file on the computer? I looked in control panel, file and folder options already and could't find anything. Thanks in advance. Title Edited - Please follow new forum rules from now on -- Martin L
  14. The 2 files that you need to copy to a floppy or cd are "wpa.bak" and "wap.dbl" they are both in the system32 file. Reinstall windows after installation restart in safe mode and place these files into the system32 file, restart and you should be fine. This only works on the orignal computer the files were created on. Good Luck.
  15. I am creating a bootable disk for DSL techs that do installs for end users. I need a program tha will run on a ram drive and in DOS that will identify the hard drive maker so that they can use the correct format tool if it is needed. It is very rare that they would have to do this but they may. Fdisk is hard for some of the to understand and is not fast enough. Or can anyone tell me if there is a generic program that can be put on a bootable disk to format all drives no matter what maker. It would have to handle FAT32 and NTFS file systems. Any suggetions would help.
  16. While system is idle the power supply will put out steady voltage , but when you stress it during installation is when you need to check ie. Also no word on cooling. Too small of a heatsink or improperly applied thermal compound will also cause random problems during installation. The only time that I've ran into a memmory compatability issue was when working in Dell servers and some compaqs. also clear cmos when you start up after a major crash. you will have to reset your settings but you start from ground zero with every change that way. I hope you got some sleep, I have to go to work now. Will check later.
  17. Sounds like it could almost be bad memmory, try removing the dimm in slot 1 and replacing it with dimm in slot 2 and run with only one dimm if you get the same error try swapping them. I've seen random errors with bad memmory but this could be an odd case that you would get tthe same error every time or arre there random errors? Also be sure that you are pushing f6 in the begining of the install to instal the new sata driver off of the floppy drive. Also Forgot to ask size of power supply and have you made sure that all of your cooling fans are working (case,cpu and power supply)?
  18. Please keep in mind that a router may help your speeds but the root of your problem may be the way that a cable system works when providing internet service. A certian amount of bandwidth is sent down the main cable that runs through your neighborhood and everyone that has a cable modem on your cable run draws off of that bandwidth. Can you track your slow performance to a certian time of day? If so you need to tell your provider, your equipment isn't the problem theirs is. I have DSL and although my speed is 3.5 meg it it constant, my telephone line is optioned for eight meg can't waite. DSL doesn't share bandwidth, i cna except a slower speed if it is constant. Hope this helps. Good Luck.
  19. Most of the time you are stuck with the oem drivers that came with your laptop. If it were a normal Radeon card you would of course pick Radeon, but because it is the mobility chipset that driver doesn't work. I have a Dell Inspiron 9600 and have to also use oem drivers.
  20. A straight cable is for hooking up two components that aren't the same, a computer to a router,switchpr hub. A crossover cable connects two similar items, computers(nic to nic),router to router and so on. The difference in the two is pinout of the cable ends or plugs they are both made out of the same cable and use the same ends.
  21. First thing is to check in the bios to see if the cd-writer shows up in the ide device list. It shouldn't matter when booting if it is master or slave on the ide channel. Then go back to your boot sequence in the bios and set your first boot device as the cd-writer. Some cd-writers do have a problem being a slave drive you may have to set it as master on the ide channel that it is on. First things first see if you can find it when you change your boot sequence.
  22. Please bare with me I am new to this and am trying this for the first time. I want to create an unattended install cd for Windows XP pro SP2 and am having a problem. I use my adaptec array as my boot drive and in the begining of the install I need to press f6 and insert the floppy. How do I get around this problem? The drivers in the pre sp1 version of xp worked fine post sp1 there are problems, I haven't tried sp2 yet but am assuming that the problem is still there. Again I am sure this has already been discussed some where and apologize for asking again. Thanks.
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