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  1. I am such an id***! I switched the BIOS to IDE mode and tried the install. I got a missing file error which I was able to skip and got to the reboot screen. I then tried AHCI mode and got another missing file error. Now, here's the STUPID part. I pulled out the disk, blew off a couple of specks, and it worked in RAID mode! Sometimes you get so much knowledge that you forget to check the simple stuff. You don't think a brand new, freshly burned DVD would have that issue. FWIW, I don't have the .SP2 file: And as far as my choice for RAID, the BIOS reads "AHCI provides advanced features including Native command Queuing and Hot-plug but requires drivers. RAID requires drivers and includes AHCI support" which is why I went with the RAID option. I think this theoretically should give me backwards compatibility for IDE and/or AHCI. Thank you for your help. Feel free to delete any of my older posts.
  2. I will double check this tomorrow back at work. I haven't deleted any of them. I did read up on this in several other posts and since it was working in the Virtual Box and the same sessions files and XP source files were used for my 865GLC, I didn't think this was the issue. I usually know better than to put everything on the desktop. This was a semi-hurried project and everything worked on the 865GLC I did just before this OK. As far as the RAID/AHCI, something in the BIOS description made it seem like RAID was the best option. It said something like RAID has all the AHCI features, so I was hoping to create an image that would be capable of single for now, or multiple drives, should we ever implement it. I think I may give AHCI a shot, although I'm not sure if I would even see a performance increase since XP doesn't natively support AHCI from what I read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_ATA:
  3. OK, this is a two parter, but the first part might eliminate the need for part two. I have an Intel DQ45CB with a single drive. Can I set it in RAID mode in order to take advatage of the Native command Queuing? I'm eventually making a sysprepped ghost image, so I'm hoping to be able to bring this down on a system with either a single drive or multiple drives in RAID mode. With it set in RAID mode, I integrated the F6 drivers (STOR_all32_f6flpy32_8.9.0.1023_PV) from Intel's site via normal nlite methods. The DVD works fine in Virtualbox, but when I burn it and run it on the board, it asks me to "Please insert the disk labeled service pack 3" during the XP textmode setup. Again, it works fine in virtualbox, so I am guessing it is driver related. The way the BIOS reads it doesn't indicate you need multiple drives for RAID mode. Any idea if your integration method help me out? Session.ini attached LAST_SESSION.INI
  4. Hey all, I too use te MSFN@... email convention and have been receiving spam. I also started receiving it from Konfabulator at the same time, so for anyone investigating, you may want to get with Konfabulator forum people to see what they say. I am posting a reply to one of their announcement messages in regards to this issue. Thx Sean
  5. sflesch

    [Release] XPize 4.4.2

    Server still down. XPero, any word from your provider? I was able to download from Dynaletik...Thanx!!
  6. nuhi, I saw another article (something about Active Directory) you mentioned the c_20127.nls error would be fixed and we should look for 'sysprep fixed' in the changelog. I noticed it appears in the latest version (07?). My question though: Do I need to do everything from scratch, or can I just take my existing N-Lite prepped files and run the latest version. Thanx Sean
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