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  1. Pardon the bumping of an old thread, but I just updated my ULs to download the last batch of updates - And thought I'd post them here for the benefit of everyone else to save them a lot of searching! Windows-XP-SP2+3-Complete-x86-En-GB.ulz is a complete (Or as close as I can get it) list of updates for Windows XP including service packs 2 and 3. This one'll update you right from XP SP1 RTM if you still have that lying around! Patch downloads on this UL are numbered in order of release for ease of management, so installing 0201_Windows_XP_KB9021021_Enu.exe before 0267_Windows_XP_KB9021067_Enu.exe should be as easy as anything. .Windows-XP-SP3-x86-En-GB_-_Complete_to_2011-02-17.ulz is a smaller list of updates from around the release of Service Pack 3 (And maybe a couple of bits from before that) for those who just need the stuff between SP3 and now. Although the latest additions do seem to be entered correctly, I can't guarentee that the older update URLs are still valid. It looks like Microsoft may have changed the structure of their download servers recently, so please note that patch URLs lower than 0243 might not work. YMMV... Farewell for now, and hope this helps! B) +++ DieselDragon +++ Windows-XP-SP2+3-Complete-x86-En-GB.ulz Windows-XP-SP3-x86-En-GB_-_Complete_to_2011-02-17.ulz
  2. Although I'm afraid that I can't offer my claws in this endeavour (Aside from being offline anyway, my project management and "staying" skills are non-existant! ) I thought I'd try and make use of my work from earlier to help ye along a little bit with the XP SP3 side of things. B) The attached UL is - As far as I can tell - Current and up to date* as far as the last XP SP3 general patch released on the 11th October 2010. It's been compiled in the same form as the patches already on the WUD site, and should be a suitable replacement for the 2010-03-08 list currently hosted there. * - However, this is based entirely on the patches that have been downloaded and catalogued by the SP3 machine that I'm using at the moment, so I can't say hand on heart that I havn't missed anything whilst compiling this UL. Incidentally...A Hotfix was released today in relation to XPS features (See KB 954550 - It's currently in beta, and download links are via e-mail only and password protected) but whilst I was taking a look at the Request Hotfix page Here, I noticed that the "Release" field on the XP entry showed a currently nonexistant service pack...Is it possible that Microsoft are taking Windows XP into Service Pack 4 soon? Farewell for now, and hope that the attached UL is of use to the project! B) +++ DieselDragon +++ windows-xp-sp3-x86-enu.ulz
  3. Edit - 17th Feb 2011CE: I've just updated the ULs to include current patches, and have attached them in a post further down thread. Please see Here for the latest update lists. Thanks! . Hi everyone! I discovered WUD for the first time last night, and I've already used it to download a very useful collection of patches for XP Pro/2000 Pro/2003 Server to use at home. (I don't have a home Internet connection - Not after the "service" I got from my last ISP!) Whilst inspecting and customising the update list today, it hit me that even the Windows XP lists havn't been updated in quite some time...So to rectify that problem, I spent a few hours looking up all of the later patches that my friend's PC had updated on and adding them to the update list that I was working on so that I would have as close to an up-to-date list as I could possibly get. Now, I doubt that I'm the only person who'd like to have a full archive of XP patch updates to hand for use on disconnected and bandwith-limited networks, so I thought I'd share my custom UL here to save anyone else having to go through the pain of keying KB numbers into the MS download site by hand for hours on end! A few notes about the attached UL: This UL points to 242 updates including two service packs for a total of ~1.05GB. If you have limited bandwidth or an ISP who caps usage, you might want to make a chron or overnight job of it. This update only addresses files for x86 installations. I apologise, but adding all of the x64/IA64 variants on top would've taken me only the Gods know how long...Given that this update alone took me at least 14 hours to put together by hand!This UL has four-digit numbers added to the front of filenames to assist with correct-order installation and quickly pinpointing any files that 401/404 during the download. Higher numbers equal more recent updates, and exact patch dates/KB numbers can be found via reference to the UL file.The more recent patches (Those after file 0203) have been found by referencing the "Add/Remove Programs" panel of the XP SP3 machine that I am using to make this post. Fingers crossed, everything's there...But it's possible that some security patches may have been overlooked by this UL if they were cancelled before this PC had a chance to download them.To avoid conflicting with the standard ULs that come from J's website, this UL identifies itself as Windows XP SP2+3 Complete (En-GB) - As a result, files'll download to a different location to the usual unless the UL headers are changed beforehand.Concerning File 0107: This originally pointed to the Windows Live Messenger installer, but when it 404'd during my HTTP-HEAD tests earlier entering the KB number into the MS download search seemed to return the MSN Messenger 7.0 installer insted. The version being served by Microsoft is digitally signed Sep 2007, so it should hopefully not be as old as the "Messenger 7" (Think Win98 era!) I thought it might be!Finally; The entire UL was used by myself earlier today to download and create my static patch repository, so - As at 15th Nov 2010 - All of the update URLs should be complete and accurate. Farewell for now, thanks again to JCarle for the very handy program, and hope that a few people find this UL useful to them! +++ DieselDragon +++ . Hey, Googler! Before downloading the attachment below, take a look Down here for a more up to date version of this file! Windows-XP-SP2+3-Complete-x86-En-GB.ulz
  4. Hi JCarle! I just popped in quickly to thank ye publicly for Windows Update Downloader! Although I had a home Internet connection until about a month ago, minor differences between myself and my ISP (They couldn't run a bath, let alone cable broadband!) and some personal decisions mean that's no longer the case...And although I enjoy the greater security of having no external connection to my home network, it does mean that I'm no longer able to rely on Windows patching itself automatically like I used to! Thanks to WUD, I've been able to download all of the XP and 2K/Server 2003 patches to a friends PC ready for copying and taking home on a pen drive, and I can finally get my machines patched and up to date again. Granted, I'll have to learn a little bit about QCHAINing patches together (I'm not rebooting 242 times for anyone!) but that won't be too hard with a little bit of VBScript on the side, I reckon! As a side note, I noticed that WUD can easily be used for downloading more than just Windows updates - And I'll be keeping it in my toolbox as a utility for future downloading applications. A brief test last night showed that it works quite well for grabbing World of Warcraft patch downloaders, and I've already thought of a couple of other potential uses that it could serve...Like batch-downloading files over the local network from a Linux client that just doesn't seem to like Samba one little bit! B) Anyhow...I did notice that the patch update list on the WUD site seemed a bit out of date when I got to it (Last update being in March) and of course I wanted all the latest updates that I could find on top...So I spent a few hours looking up all of the later patches/KB articles that my friend's PC had updated on since then, added them all to the custom patch list that I was creating to grab the patches that I needed (I was after both SP2 and SP3), and I now have a rolled-together update list - Known fully valid (I fixed the broken links) - that seems to be as up to date and current as possible. And I did everything by hand as I didn't feel like trying to script it. By the Gods, did that hurt! :-O I see there's a sub-forum for user submitted patch update lists in this forum, so - Assuming that new users like I have upload/attach rights - I'll upload my custom list there shortly, with a regular WUD style list for SP3 following soon afterwards. Edit: As promised, my custom UL (With every update from release of Service Pack 2 to 2010-10-11 inclusive) can be found Here. B) Farewell for now...And many thanks once again for creating/releasing such a valuable and adaptable utility! +++ DieselDragon +++
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