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  1. Hi, i had a Fujitsu siemens xp oem install cd, installs fine...my system with via sata contoller (VEN_1106&DEV_0571&SUBSYS_72931462) After i have integrated the bts nassstorage driver pack my hard disk was not found anymore... whats the problem ? Any Ideas ? soryy for my bad english !
  2. Hi, is there a solution to install unsigned driver under Vista 32bit (like the XP "DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore") Unattend istall runs fine, but i cant install some devices (ATI Mobility Cards), only Standard VGA will be installed.
  3. :thumbupHi, i had (partially???) success !!! But Im a little bit confused. There are so much files inside and outside of the Wim Files, and i made my work at home and at workplace, so i dont remember, which files i had patched. I believe they had all the text string "img" in the filename, so you should look in this files for Images. Some had bmp,some png files inside. Im still testing...
  4. Mhhh, i didnt found the setup wallpaper with resource tuner in this files.... Anyone knows more about the setup screens ? I changed the winpe.bmp, and the setp starts with my new wallpaper, but only a few seconds and "bam" ther was the old style on the screen...
  5. Thats very interesting.... Iwoudlso change my setup screens, but i didnt found the resources, So i play a little animation film during the first time of setup. Is it possible to have sound at the vista setup ? In the XP setup process it runs fine at T32...
  6. Hi, first of all, im sorry of my bad english, i hope you understand... Since Vista is coming out, Im look for a way to integrate it to a multiboot DVD. But i didnt found a solution. Now i had time to try out some things with vista, like unattended boot Cds and i thought, now i will try to use it on my multi boot DVD. Ok, Im only use Virtual PC 2007, no real system. But i think i have found a way. I add to my BCDW 2.0 Loader the line "\BOOT\etfsboot.com" and it runs !!! The next Problem...2 or 3 Versions (HomePremium,Ultimat...) on 1 DVD(should be a double layer DVD) Is it possible to patch some files like setupldr.bin in XP ???
  7. Can i use variables like %CDROM%, %Systemdrive%, %Windir% at the unattended intall process and in the autounattended.xml ?
  8. Try it with bootfix.bin in the root of your DVD and in the BCDW folder
  9. mediapla


    I repair and install some Pcs every day. This Pcs have SLP version, are preactivated, end user must not activate this XP versions. I use a unattended XP DVD, after install i run oobe/msoobe /a and it says: "The computer is allready activated". So i thought i can use sysprep, to use the minisetup for the user, to fill in username,computername, but no cdkey. I maked a sysprep.inf with cdkey, but after sysprep and reboot the system wanna hava a cdkey and wanna be activated !? Does sysprep change some files ? I thougt it is a problem with oobeinfo.ini, but i had the same cdkey in this file..it isnt Any Ideas ? Sorry for my bad english...
  10. in winnt.sif: [GuiUnattended] DetachedProgram=cmd.exe Arguments="/C START %systemdrive%\detached.cmd"
  11. look : http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=59510 This was my way. You need the radGame Toolkit to make a selfrunning exe file ( i had a wmv file, converted to bink and then make exe from it.) http://www.radgametools.com Also you need thew AutoIt Files and the exe2mp3 proggy. (search the net,some chinese sites have it)
  12. i had the same problem with asus soundmax and realtek drivers in unattended install. I remarked the ;VEN_1039&DEV_7012&SUBSYS_810D1043 line in the realtek inf file and installation was done without errors...
  13. I run my binked exe at T39 (runs without sound) and start at T32 (sound driver is activ at this point) a mp3-to-exe file. So i need no players ! I start with detachedprogram (winnt.sif) - an cmd file. This cmd starts some programs, like driverpacks, the binked exe and a autoit script, which starts at T32 the soundfile.
  14. you dont need the bink player. You must bink the wmv or avi and then convert to a self running exe-file. This file can you start direct in detachedprogram or with a cmd file in detachedprogram. ..but without sound at T39....sound starts at T33/32. I run such a "binked" - exe at t39 and after that, at T33 i play some mp3s during setup
  15. @nickishappy: you cant run a video with Media Player Classic at detached command (T39) It doesnt run. Maybe it runs at T33/32. But you can bink a video file to a self running exe. This will work at T39, but without sound. Look at here http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=59510. Hope you understand, what i mean.
  16. Nvidia doesnt support notebook graphics...you can use Bashrats graphic pack or goto laptopvideo2go.com and use a patched inf. file
  17. i have read something in the forums about slipstreaming the SATA/RAID drivers. At the moment i use the txtsetup.sif method, have added nforce (AMD/INTEL),Intel,SIL,ULI,SIS and VIA drivers. But its a lot of work, (espacially at a bootable DVD with many XP Versions) and i have read, its the easier way to add the [MassStoregeDrivers] Section to winnt.sif. What is the right, the better way ? And i dont understand, how i must use the txtsetup.oem file at the winnt.sif method ?
  18. Why not ? Im sure , something can be better, im just a beginner...read somthing here and there, tried many configurations...and my english is not the best, i hope you understand I use detached Programs in winnt.sif to start a cmd-File. @echo off %systemdrive%\cmdow @ /hid FOR %%d IN (c: d: e: f: g: h: i: j: k: l: m: n: o: p: q: r: s: t: u: v: w: x: y: z:) DO IF EXIST %%d\XPF2\$OEM$\$1\detached.cmd SET CDROM=%%d if exist %CDROM%\film.exe copy %CDROM%\film.exe %systemdrive%\ %systemdrive%\pssuspend.exe setup.exe (pause Windows setup) start /wait %CDROM%\d.exe -x -y -o%systemdrive% (extract packed drivers) %systemdrive%\SDP.exe %systemdrive%\D (systemdevicepath - i dont know if i need it really ) start %Systemdrive%\WDSP.exe (Driversigning - i dont know if i really need it) %systemdrive%\pssuspend.exe -r setup.exe (setup runs ) start %systemdrive%\film.exe ( starts the animation film - is a bink video wmv2exe converted file) md %systemdrive%\sysprep md %systemdrive%\sysprep\mp3 md %systemdrive%\sysprep\exe rem if exist %cdrom%\$OEM$\$$ xcopy %cdrom%\$OEM$\$$ %systemdrive%\windows /e/h/r/y/z/c >nul if exist %cdrom%\$OEM$\C xcopy %cdrom%\$OEM$\C\sysprep %systemdrive%\sysprep\ /e/h/r/y/z/c >nul if exist %cdrom%\$OEM$\TOOLS xcopy %cdrom%\$OEM$\tools %systemdrive%\windows\tools\ /e/h/r/y/z/c >nul if exist %cdrom%\$OEM$\ADDON xcopy %cdrom%\$OEM$\ADDON %systemdrive%\ADDON\ /e/h/r/y/z/c >nul if exist %cdrom%\$OEM$\C\sysprep\EXE xcopy %cdrom%\$OEM$\C\sysprep\EXE %systemdrive%\sysprep\EXE /e/h/r/y/z/c >nul if exist %cdrom%\$OEM$\C\sysprep\MP3 xcopy %cdrom%\$OEM$\C\sysprep\MP3 %systemdrive%\sysprep\MP3 /e/h/r/y/z/c >nul (the last lines copys some dirs/files to HDD. Normally i copied it at T12, but this slows down the mp3 sound, so i found the way to copy it at this point) SET MIN=1 (this is a batch file part to get a random mp3 file - a mp32exe converted file - 1.....9, should not play even the same sound at every installation) SET MAX=9 SET /a Zufall=MIN+(MAX-MIN+1)*%random%/32768 if "%zufall%" EQU "1" goto 1 if "%zufall%" EQU "2" goto 2 if "%zufall%" EQU "3" goto 3 if "%zufall%" EQU "4" goto 4 if "%zufall%" EQU "5" goto 5 if "%zufall%" EQU "6" goto 6 if "%zufall%" EQU "7" goto 7 if "%zufall%" EQU "8" goto 8 if "%zufall%" EQU "9" goto 9 goto end :1 copy %systemdrive%\sysprep\exe\1.exe %systemdrive%\a.exe /y goto end :2 copy %systemdrive%\sysprep\exe\2.exe %systemdrive%\a.exe /Y goto end :3 copy %systemdrive%\sysprep\exe\3.exe %systemdrive%\a.exe /y goto end :4 copy %systemdrive%\sysprep\exe\4.exe %systemdrive%\a.exe /Y goto end :5 copy %systemdrive%\sysprep\exe\5.exe %systemdrive%\a.exe /Y goto end :6 copy %systemdrive%\sysprep\exe\6.exe %systemdrive%\a.exe /Y goto end :7 copy %systemdrive%\sysprep\exe\7.exe %systemdrive%\a.exe /Y goto end :8 copy %systemdrive%\sysprep\exe\8.exe %systemdrive%\a.exe /Y goto end :9 copy %systemdrive%\sysprep\exe\9.exe %systemdrive%\a.exe /Y goto end :end start %systemdrive%\filmrun.exe (this line starts the AUTOIT Script, looks for T32) EXIT This is the AutoItScript (Special thanks to the German Windows-unattended Forum) $CD = DriveGetDrive("CDROM") (normally i need no CD dedection... For $I=1 to Number($CD[0]) $pa = $CD[$I] & "\d.exe" If FileExists($pa) Then $instDrv=$CD[$I] Endif Next AutoItSetOption("WinDetectHiddenText", 1) AutoItSetOption("MouseCoordMode", 0) AutoItSetOption("TrayIconHide", 1) Winwait("Windows XP Professional Setup", "Netzwerkkomponenten") (looks for T32,Driver Installation is ready) sleep(25000) SoundSetWaveVolume(70) Sleep(1000) FileDelete( & @ScriptDir"\film.exe") Run("a.exe") (-THIS STARTS THE MP3 File, is a MP32EXE converted file) ProcessSetPriority("a.exe", 4) WinWait("a.exe","Previous") ControlClick("a.exe","Previous","Button7") ControlClick("a.exe","Previous","Button9") if WinExists ("Windows XP Professional Setup", "Installation abgeschlossen in ungefähr 1 Minute") then ControlClick("a.exe", "Exit EXEmp3","Button10") WinKill("a.exe") EndIf exit The last 5 lines are not functional, i have not found a "Windows text" for this moment. Normally no problem, but if a SoundMax Soundchip is used, Setup try to reboot --- BSOD. So i Thougt, i can kill the playing file before windows setup reboots, because if no sound - no BSOD Then GUIRunOnce starts a vbs-Script for RANDOM MP3 File selection (Had this function earlier than the cmd-batch part above , i dont wanna change my BOOT DVD. First i would use the script at T39, but it doennt run at this time) Set fs = CreateObject( _ "Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set dict = CreateObject( _ "Scripting.Dictionary") mp3 = _ "c:\sysprep\mp3" desktop = "C:\sysprep\oem" extension = "mp3" default = "test.mp3" If Not fs.FolderExists(mp3) Then ' Ordner existiert nicht MsgBox "Ordner " & mp3 & _ " existiert nicht!", vbExclamation WScript.Quit End If ' alle Dateien im Ordner untersuchen cc = 0 Set MP3Sound = _ fs.GetFolder(mp3).files For Each file In MP3Sound ' Dateityp ermitteln ext = lcase(fs.GetExtensionName( _ file.name)) ' ist es ein MP3-File? If ext = extension Then ' ja, ins Dictionary einfügen dict.Add cc, file.path cc = cc + 1 End If Next If cc > 0 Then ' eins der gesammelten mp3s aussuchen: Randomize zufall = Fix(Rnd * dict.Count) ' MP3 aktivieren fs.copyfile dict(zufall), desktop & _ "\" & default Else MsgBox "Keine " & ucase(extension) & _ "-MP3s im Ordner " & mp3 & "." End If then the mediaPlayer Classic plays the selected files
  19. Problem solved, Sound is normally possible at T32, tested with Realtek/CMI-HDA, some AC97 soundchips like Soundmax,Via Vinyl and Realtek. .. Now i play a little animation film at T39 without sound(detachedprograms) and at T32 it starts playing random a mp3 File to the reboot. After the reboot of the GUI setup it also plays random mp3 soundfiles at GUIRunOnce... Multimedia Setup.... Thanks to all here and to the German Site www.windows-unattended.de for some good ideas !!!
  20. At which point of the Windows setup timeline can i start a vbs script ? Is there anywhere on the forum/net a exactly XP Setup timeline ? I need it for a autoit "Windows-text-find" funtion ...
  21. i dont know if you understand what i mean ( I know, my english isnt the best... ) The File plays music - it fine to have a good sound while the stupid XP Setup is running - and loops. So i cant make a command script. But i thougt, its possible to use AutioIT - that looks at the active windowtext and can call a external programm or a internal function. Like This: Winwait ("Windows XP Home Edition Setup", "Netzwerkkomponenten") <-this works fine sleep(50000) RunWait (@scriptDir & "\film.exe") SoundSetWaveVolume(70) Sleep(1000) Run("1.exe") ProcessSetPriority("1.exe", 4) WinWait("1.exe","Previous") ControlClick("1.exe","Previous","Button7") ControlClick("1.exe","Previous","Button9") if WinExists ( "Windows XP Home Edition Setup" , "1 Minute" ) then <- this line doesnt work ;ControlClick("1.exe", "Exit EXEmp3","Button10") <- this lines should close the application, doesnt work WinKill ( "1.exe") EndIf Thats my problem. I use this on varios Computers, some are slow, some are fast. So i dont know, how long the 1.exe(mp3) plays. On a faster computer, XP reboots at the playing time. And thats no problem,but if i use a configuration with Soundmax - BSOD.
  22. How does taskkill know, that XP timeline is < 1 Minute, that z´the setup wants to reboot ? Thats the problem. The program must/should run through the XP GUI setup. Is a multimedia application, a 2-exe converted mp3. Normally no problem, but if i had some series of mainboards with integrated sounmax soundchips, at the reboot i got a BSOD, the computer hang. Other souncards/chips work fine, XP setup kills the process at the reboot.
  23. I need help. I must close (without user input) a Programm, running silently under XP unattended Setup. It should cancel the programm just a moment befor the XP setup reboots. Have tried some things with AutoIT, but it doesnt work. The cancel-operation MUST run in unattend mode.... any idea ?
  24. Have you a MS HDAudio Device installed in Device Manager ? My problem was, that i must change this device to Realtek HD Audio Device manually(also at the unattended installation with KB888111 in svcpack.inf) But now i use devcon.exe at GUIRunOnce to delete this device and search for the right HDA device (Realtek or C-Media)
  25. ...but how will I (or the Task-killer Program) know, that the GUI Setup will reboot ? I would make a AutoIt Script like " if WinExists ( "Windows XP Home Edition Setup" , "ungefähr 1 Minute" ) then" (-its a german version), but i dont know, if the title and/or the windows text is the right one. I would use AutoIT to close the self playing MP3. The File i use is a MP3toEXE converted MP3 file, its 15min, starts at T32 and the program loops...so it plays and plays..and install time is various from machine to machine. It should close/kill this program just a moment befor the setup reboots the computer. I hope you can understand my problem....

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