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  1. For those wondering about the Mail app displaying the wrong mail count; that's an issue with the current version of the app, not SIB. Scratch that, seems to happen with the Facebook app as well and that isn't an issue with the app. Odd. Loving the new theme by the way. Thanks for the continued support Tihiy!
  2. Just wondering, is there any way to only blur the start menu/taskbar and keep the titlebars/borders opaque?
  3. Sweet update. Wasn't really keen on using ace2's little work arounds so this is perfect. Another small request, normally the explorer icon on the taskbar opens to This PC but when using "Use libraries, hide folders from This PC", it opens up in the Library view. Would it be possible to have an option to still open the explorer in This PC instead? In Windows 8 you could edit the explorer shortcut to make it do whatever you wanted but this isn't possible anymore in 8.1. :\
  4. Think it would be possible to hide the top left icon and the titlebar text like in W7?

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