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  1. Holy cow.. that was one hell of ugly theme. It reminds me Linux GUI from 90s.
  2. Does anyone know if SIB works with Windows 8.1 I heard Tihiy saying they changed some code and it will not work there anymore.
  3. Very Good program.. the only reason I can withstand windows is due to this nice little program. I see that there is new version 2.1 RC2. I can't find any changelog so I don't know what is new in this version beside the option to show taskbar on start screen which in my opinion is kind of useless because as soon as you try to open something through taskbar we are back to desktop. Overall I really like this program specially the feature to put picture back on start menu. Anyone knows any good program to change windows 8 login page same as windows 7. I have seen couple of program which changes windows 7 login to windows 8 style login but not the other way around.
  4. I read all the comments about windows 8 impression and agree with everything said about it. I really like it to go down in drain specially MS ugly Fisher Price Metro crap. I bought it thought because it was only$15 for me. I did not do right thing by buying it because I am giving the MS encouragement that this crap is selling. Anyway I have read so many MS fanboy saying and praising this metro crap but I read this guy's comment about his liking win 8 and I think he takes the crown to be a most retarded MS fanboy of all time.. here he goes. " EinoAnttila avatar EinoAnttila 01/29/2013 04:41 PM PST I don't give a rats a** about Windows 7 - I think it's a bloated, over-chromed and ugly OS that sure, is a Windows but definitely not for me. I hate the Start Menu and thank god it's gone in Windows 8. Then again, I absolutely LOVE Windows 8. It's as if they completely read all my wishes an OS should be like - look like, act like and work like. I absolutely adore the Modern UI and the modern apps the UI enables. I love the Windows Store, and how easy and super quick it is to install AND uninstall apps. I love the fact that you can try out basically every single app for free and most of them are in fact, free. Almost every single app that's actually well made - yes, there are plenty of them, more than I've ever used in a Desktop Windows environment in my life - is more beautiful and enjoyable, more immersive experience to use than a single desktop application in any OS to date. The social and connectivity integration in Windows 8 is the best any OS has offered out of the box and works gloriously. The mail app, for a "normal person's use" such as me, it works great. I have all my three mails lined up and can see new mails in a glimpse. No more browsing Gmail, and horrible corporate mail-OSses, thank god. And no more horrible, almost impossible to setup UIs on Desktop-mail programs. I almost never use the Desktop on Windows 8, and I'm loving it just because I don't have to. I love the fact that everything is clean, clear, minimalistic, and most of all -- full screen. Full focus, full work-flow, full on fun. And, even if you absolutely hated the Modern UI and loved Windows 7, you can always completely hide the Start Screen by simple tweaks, get yourself a better Start Menu there ever was, get that horrible Aero-look back and just enjoy a faster, less of a resource-hog, more secure Windows 7. " LOL
  5. I am tech enthusiast and I am always at forefront to test new product. I installed win 8 so many times and then could not bear this metro crap for more than couple of hours and reverted back to win 7. I then tried startisback and absolutely loved it. I got hand on cracked version of this but liked it so much that i decided that developer deserve money for his product specially when it is priced so reasonably and purchased this program. Now I am using win8 the way I like it to be used. Excellent Job Tihiy. I just have a quick question. How do I backup my activation licence as I am very much in to reinstalling my OS and I don't want to always use online activation. I read it, Tihy said activation licence is in SOFTWARE/Startisback/licence I don't know any folder which has name software. So can anyone tell me where the activation licence is so I can back it up. Thanks.

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