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  1. IT WORKED! =D Turns out the culprit was (as I suspected) disabling/removing NETBIOS over TCP/IP. That one was in the non-PnP though and I enabled it as you said, and now the internet works! I'm just glad that somehow it was still in the install and not removed. Thanks! In the future I'd advise anyone to NOT remove anything NETBIOS related and just disable it if you need to, AFTER you install your internet.
  2. Thank you for your speedy reply! You rock! =D As per your inquiry, I'm using: ASUS P4P800-VM motherboard, with latest chipset drivers and such. The newest BIOS doesn't work right so I stuck with what I have. The problem occurred even before the upgrade and subsequent 'downgrade' back to what was on the official motherboard driver cd. I had thought that updating the BIOS would solve the problem but it just f-ed things up instead so I had to downgrade back to what I had before. Yes, the drive is a primary master, and I have checked and rechecked the jumper settings, they're fine. I installed all the WD Diagnostic tools and unless I do the full scan for bad sectors, everything seems to check out just fine. As I've said, SMART checks out and everything. I might just do a bad-sectors scan overnight and see what pops up. I'm relegating this to a hardware issue, either BIOS or the drive itself, somehow maybe incompatible with my motherboard? Or perhaps its because its using Ultra-DMA 5 instead of Ultra-DMA 2 like my DVD-Rom drive is doing. Either way, this drive is getting ripped out and I'll just install a new one anyways, this old one is 40 GB and is overdue for a replacement anyways as I need more space. Thanks anyways, though. Thank you for your time.
  3. Hello to all, I have a slight problem with my computer. Nothing is damaged or really messed up and everything (performance-wise) seems to run smoothly, especially when gaming for extended periods of time. However its the really ridiculously long bootup time of my computer that's killing me, and I believe my hard drive is the culprit. This problem only occurred once I put a Western Digital HD into the computer (as a slave). Then when my master hard drive crapped out (old drive), I switched the WD Drive to a Master drive, switched the cables and the jumpers and everything. Its a WDC WD400BB-00DEA0 When I bootup my computer from a cold boot, my computer won't read the hard drive at all. I have to do a Ctrl-Alt-Del while its doing the first BIOS screen, THEN it finally will read the drive. But it takes ~20 seconds or so before it finally recognizes my hard drive, and my computer just sits there in the meantime. Then it goes through the rest of the BIOS and then the list of partitions comes up after another ~30 second wait. Its just ridiculous how long it sits at a black screen before the boot menu comes up (I'm dual-booting, 2 partitions, both with WinXP, one's a backup partition for when something goes sour). I used HDTune to check the SMART Info and the hard drive is reading just fine and perfectly healthy in everything, just about as close to brand-new as you can get in EVERY value. Then I even installed a Hard Drive cooler (2 fans) to the hard drive and though the temperature is a LOT cooler for it, its still doing the same thing, so heat isn't the issue either. I even replaced the hard drive cable and even the actual jumper (putting a new jumper in the same master slot as before). All to no avail. O_O I'm not sure what to do anymore, really. I'm probably going to replace this hard drive, but perhaps I can trace it to a recent event. There was a *very* powerful surge one time, and it completely burned through my surge protector, but it did set off the fuse and shut down my computer very quickly. Upon getting a new surge protector and checking things out, everything seemed operational, but perhaps the surge did something seriously bad to my hard drive that's not showing up in the SMART info. I'd appreciate any help/tips/advice. Thank you for your time.
  4. Hello everyone, I humbly request some help with my issue, and I will do my best to describe it herein. Stats: nLite v1.4 beta DSL Connection which required DHCP LastSession.ini will be copied and pasted below I created an install with nLite, and everything goes wonderfully, installed and ready to go, or so I thought. I go to modify my services and I notice that the "DHCP Client" service refuses to start, even when placed in Automatic and even after rebooting. If I try to manually start it, I get an error about 'dependencies' not being ready, something like that. To my knowledge, DHCP Client has the following 'dependencies' -AFD (no clue) -NetBios over TCP/IP -TCP/IP Protocol Driver -IPSEC Driver My LastSession.ini is pasted below, please if anyone can help me figure out what I removed that messed things up and prevents this service from loading, I can very quickly just modify my install and leave everything else as-is, saving me a bit of time at least. Any sections not listed in this .ini were blank/unused. Thank you for your time, everyone! Have a blessed New Years!
  5. Some guy created a guide, I had this in my bookmarks somewhere and decided nuhi might benefit from reading through it. It also has a list of "350 system32 files never to delete" which may come in handy. Perhaps nuhi could create some options in nLite to include those ideas, just a thought. Here's the link. http://www.bold-fortune.com/forums/index.php?showforum=13
  6. You know, that's an aesthetic problem, something superficial and graphical. If it FUNCTIONS correctly then I wouldn't worry about it. Removing Internet Explorer while keeping the IE Core is a wonderful solution for those who hate IE, but its still buggy and causes crazy problems with many programs that are dependent on one or more functions of IE like its HTML-rendering interface. Yet despite this you don't see people whining about fixes, we report the bugs and let others know of them. Thanks for the "bug" report, but if I were you I wouldn't clamor for a special fix for that issue. nuhi is busy enough as it is. I'm sure he has a life as well, and having nLite at all is quite an accomplishment. I'd personally love to see a way to remove the "Administrators" group after you create your username. I'd also like to have a way to completely rip out and remove the "Guest" account, rather then just "disabling" it. These would be two features that would really help with those who are a bit paranoid about security, but they aren't in nLite (to my knowledge) and they are "extra" features at best and frivolous at worst. Yet you won't see me harp and whine about patches or fixes or "add this and remove this" or other stuff. So, with all that said... Till then.
  7. w00t! I'm so happy to finally see some bugs squashed and a FINAL version released rather then some betas and RCs. They aren't bad, but when you wanna do a really good nLite install you want the best, and preferably as bug-free as you can make it. Thanks again for such a wonderful utility! I was moments from PMing you to casually ask whether we'd have v1.3 Final within the next 6 months. *laughs* But your speed and responsiveness is quite good! I do request that there be a focus on bug-fixing moreso then new features/tweaks, so that at least once the bugs are pretty much done, future bugs can be fairly isolated to the introduction of new features and will thus make things much better. I know you won't open-source nLite but perhaps its a thought for the future...maybe within 10 years? ^_^ I've been delaying a reinstall for months now. No more delays! Yes!
  8. Well, from my perspective, this looks like a conflict between Roxio and Norton Systemworks. I'd suggest you backup everything as best you can (this is why I use an external 120 GB usb hard drive for backups). Do a complete re-install (with nLite) and take care not to remove anything vital. Test it out and see if it works, then install norton and make sure it works, THEN install the roxio stuff and see if it works. Trial and error, but it seems obvious to me that there's just conflict. Norton does a lot of stuff that makes it incompatible with many programs that "do not want to behave themselves". Particularly Norton CrashGuard (not sure if its in the newer versions) causes lots of conflicts. If all else fails try disabling (not uninstall, disabling it via their preferences/options) norton stuff completely (make sure you are disconnected from the internet first). After this, reboot and try the drive again. Always keep track of what programs you install. The less, the better. Stick to the essentials and don't bother with uninstalling anything, just use Norton Ghost and restore to a previous state before the program was installed. If you don't have Norton Ghost then there's freeware/open source progs available also. Till then...
  9. I have Verizon Online DSL. $15 per month, in US dollars. 768 kbps download, 128 kbps upload. Translated to real usage, its: 90+ k/s downloading and 20+ k/s uploading. I think I have the best deal on this entire forum. ^_^

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