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  1. I posted it here. Also short translated English->Chinese manual attached too. wihu.rar
  2. This is the first time for me to do localizaion. I didn't change copyright info. I like wihu. If anybody need it I could provide here.
  3. dizzy with the profound discussions. I don't know German too. I hope to see the new version.
  4. I have tried. Reg file could be added to the registry throug the subcommand if it was selected to 1. Thanks to you two.
  5. if it is me, I will use installle to modify the msi file. I am sure that will be ok.
  6. I will try again and report the result here. Thank you BenjaminKalytta
  7. problem happened when adding reg file using "regedit /s " which belongs to a subcommand. example: description.1=AAA command.1=BBB description.1.0=CCC command.1.0=regedit /s file.reg (file.reg is a must-be file for AAA's registration) when I chose to install AAA and CCC, WIHU shows that every thing is ok. Howerver file.reg is not imported to registry at all (I cheked in registry). =========== If I do like this description.1=AAA command.1=BBB description.2=CCC command.2=regedit /s file.reg when I chose to install AAA and CCC (or CCC only), command2 does work, file.reg was added. =========== I tried for many ways i.e description.1=AAA command.1=BBB description.1.0=CCC command.1.0=regedit /s file.reg description.2.0=DDD command.2.0=other command also the result is file.reg is not added =========== I am confused why reg file can only by added in the first level command and can't be used in sublevel command? I have to chang running AAA and CCC by using a single cmd file. *************** btw, another question, wihu can't be run at T12. Though the interface is come out you cann't go on. Because the current user is SYSTEM. That is you can't call it in cmdlines.txt. You have to run it in [Guirunonce]. If so you don't need to creat new user at all because you have done it mannualy before wihu is called. Looking forward to hearing from the author. thanks.
  8. Use "WinINSTALL LE 2003" to modify sony soundforge. This software is specially designed to modify msi file. It could add username and serial, remove useless shorts, select which component to install, set visiable or not... After revising you will find that nothing switches to be used. The msi file will install silently. I have use it modified acdsee6.02.msi. Hope you could succeed.
  9. I think it is a good idea. But I still have questions. How would you make sure that the new packed file copied to I386 directory be installed if there is no identical one? Example there is a file named urlmon.dll in "C:\WINDOWS\system32\DllCache" which is a hotfix file. I packed it and name it "urlmon.dl_ " then copyed to "i386". But there is no urlmon.dl_ in i386 folder. Are you sure this hotfix file could be installed?
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