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  1. hehe I have already doing that. Autoit is useful.
  2. Don't know how big it is. without seed too. == downloading, 3.87G. I hope cd version come out soon.
  3. @xlnt I see, thank you very much. Could you give more information about mdmssys.in_ file? os-related.
  4. the third line of sysoc.if of WIN 2K SP4 is: DriverVer=06/20/2003,5.00.2195.6717
  5. another question: Is it possible for two different languages version to compare? hehe, maybe it is difficult to recognize which file is a language-related.
  6. I think it is not a problem of txtsetup.sif itself.
  7. thanks to prathapml I think it is not easy to determin whether tow files are identical. Maybe beyound compare is a good selection. I know little about date-stamp, should I just compare files by their sizes? Is is possible to let cdimage to determine?(maybe impossible). any reply is appreciated.
  8. I try to optimize windows server 2003 r2 cd1 and sp1 by using cdimage, while the result is that the final size of the iso is the combination of the two versions. Anyway they are all sp1 versions in fact. Who can tell why they can't be optimized with a single version size? 3Q
  9. Ok, You may help me to add it: 1158 = 杨冬华 homepage:http://www.92yao.com 3q
  10. I can confirm too. This problem is difficult to resolve.
  11. I searched all of the forum, no answer for this question.
  12. I found WIHU does work without [EN] section. Why do I need "version = 1.0" ? Anyway I will do according to your direction.
  13. a little knowledge about iso 936: http://www.loc.gov/standards/iso639-2/langcodes.html
  14. It is me again. I totally translated languages.ini into Chinese. I attached it here. languages.ini
  15. Confused! I have tried on another computer, every things is ok. But, this time, wrong again.
  16. addition: I made a help RTF file declared in settings section. When I appoint helptext.x=** then above unrecognizable appear. However if I don't use a help RTF file, Chinese charactor still can't be read in helptext.
  17. I am very very glad to get your reply, I keep searching your foot print every day here. here is the pic.
  18. This is not a simple problem, I am seeking help from professional VC forum now.
  19. I am trying to edit rtf.c now though I don't know VC. I am sure I would succeedd. Certianly, authors help is appreciated.
  20. confused, it a bug? Do you have time to tell me how to solve this problem?
  21. I see, maybe I should change "codepage=1200" to "codepage=936" then recompile. I will try now.
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