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  1. i've used xplode a year ago to create a automatic install cd. (worked great, never had any problems) , and i did just today come here to see if there is a new version. Now i see there is, but it isn't possible to download it because there are some fools who don't seem to understand it. I would like to know when it will be possible to download xplode agian (since the old version i have doesn't seem to work under windows 2003)
  2. i've solved 2 of the installs: tag & rename: put the key in [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Softpointer\Tag&Rename\Config] (thanx to Fridge-RaideR) cdex: install it this way: start cdex_151.exe /S sleep 5 taskkill /F /IM cdex_151.exe 2 down, 2 to go
  3. I got 3 programs that I can't get totaly silent: sony soundforge 7.0 The installer is a msi, so I can install it with msiexec / i /qb- But the problem is the registring of it. The serial is asked at the first start of the program, and it looks like it is stored here: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sony Media Software\Sound Forge\7.0\License] "CurrentKey"="serial" "AppGrade"="0x0040" "InstFlags"=dword:00000000 "AppGradeDemo"="0x0000" but just importing the key doesn't do the trick anyone got an idea how to do this? tag&rename 3 just like the other program, rigistering is the problem, installing can be done with the /s switch. the serial is stored in this location: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-1365519477-699552729-335096271-1004\Software\Softpointer\Tag&Rename\Config] "Name"="jantje" "cbVQFFtoTagReplaseUnde"="serial" but that large number you see there is differend on every computer, is there any way to get there? dbpoweramp dbpoweramp uses a spoon installer, but it doesn't seem te have a silent switch, any ideas on how to get it silent? cdex cdex can be installed silent with the /S switch, but is askes a questing at the end about a readme file, how should i kill this?
  4. I'm Trying to make a silent install for mcafee 8, but I think I got the same problem as you did describe, I can't get it to hide the eula message. I've tried editing the ini file you mentioned, but that didn't seem to do anything. There was someone that did make a js script for adaware, maybe something like that is needed here too, all it should do is send this key sequence: "<u><tab><tab><enter>" unfortunatly I don't know anything about js
  5. I'm trying to install ffdshow silently, but i can't get it working. The installer looks like a installshield, but i'm not shure. any ideas?
  6. thanks for your answer. Unfortunatly I can't get wininstall le installed because it keeps complaining about my email (even if I try tu use other email adresses) I did just make a mst file with the ms office custom installatien wizard. This program is written to customize the office msi, but it seems to work with the paint shop pro msi too are there any other programs that are capable of creating mst files?
  7. I have a problems with a few programs that I do want to do a silent install of. these programs consist of multiple separate programs, like with paint shop pro you have paint shop pro and animation shop. During the installation you can choose what you want to install, but if you do a silent install everything is installed. To change this I tried to modify the msi file with MaSaI edito and microsft orca, but whenever I changed something I did get a corrupt msi file. I also tried to create a mst file, but that din't seem to do anything. Is there anyone who could give a little axplanation about modyfing msi files, or creating mst files? and wich software to use?
  8. I've been playing around with MaSaI, but I can't seem to get it working. If I set animation shop (I can see it in the editor) to "never install" it is still getting installed. Even if I remove all the files that should be copy to program files\animation shop it is still getting installed...
  9. Thnak you for your answer Is there any free program to modiefy .msi files? I've been searching the forum, but I couldn't find much.
  10. I am looking for a way to make a silent install for paint shop pro 8, without the animation shop in it. I know you can install the whole thing silent with some switches, but that's not waht I want. I tries to install it with setup.exe -R but there doesn't apear an setup.iss file anywhere. Anybody got an idea how to do this?
  11. echobrain

    Config Select 1.1.0

    This is really a great tool! I was looking for something like this. I only have a few requests. I am making a dvd that's alreaddy working quite well, the only thing I want to do is to select the applications it should install. Would it be possible to only show the things that you would normaly see if you press shift+enter ? at the moment it looks like this wit my config file: Since I only would like to choose weither to install an app or not, would it be possible to select the item name instead of the execute commands? and this does also bring me to my last quiestion when I now unslect an exectue item, the item name is still showed in xplode (it goes quick over it becouse it doesn't do anything) this is becouse the generated code looks like this: <item display='Windows media player 9'> <!-- <execute display='Installing Windows media player 9' program=MPSetupXP.exe' arguments='/Q:A /R:N' /> --> </item> would it be possible to make it so that it generates this code: <!-- <item display='Windows media player 9'> <execute display='Installing Windows media player 9' program=MPSetupXP.exe' arguments='/Q:A /R:N' /> </item> --> Sorry for asking so much, hope you can help me (and I think there are more people interested in this.
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