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  1. well if you go to ryanvm's website, he also gives you instruction on how to slipstream his pack manually
  2. Firewall: If I had the money, it would definately be a hardware one, no questions asked. But then again, being part of a network does slow down attacks abit. but i use norton internet security 2005 Anti-Virus: norton internet security 2005 Advanced Windows Tuning: just use the registry tweaks on my Ua install Download Utilities: Firefox E-Mail: Mozzila Thunderbird Webdesign: Dreamweaver MX 2004 Graphics Development: Paint Shop Pro 9 Hard-Drive optimization tools (defraggers for example): O&O Windows error Checking (Like Norton Utilities): none, but probably norton Aware/Spy removers: Giant. best ever! Browser: Firefox P2P: musicstation and mIRC Media Players: Real One Chatting and stuff: MSN CD-Burning: Nero
  3. I've actually found since trying to install norton ghost and registering it myself that it doesn't use registery entries to store the product key. It stores the product key in a file called symlcrst.dll in Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccpd-lc. If you look at this topic ----> http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=35418, it tells you how to install it. The only problem that may be encountered tho, is that it may be machine specific, like the internet security and the anti-virus. But thats something that I can't test because I've only got the one computer to play about with.
  4. try Ryanvm's post-sp2 update pack. intergrate it with nlite. get it from http://www.ryanvm.net/msfn/
  5. just look in the registery under norton ghost abd find the product key. export it then put it in a .reg file and make sure you execute it before installing norton ghost
  6. Looks like I may have actually managed to solve the problem. As totoymola said, firefox doesn't need flash, so i reinstalled it without having the plugin selected, then got the setup.iss. This seemed to fix the problem i was having
  7. theres virtually nothing in the ini file to change so i'm going to try and do a setup.iss but de-select the install to IE etc. its funny tho, when that is selected it still wants to install it to firefox
  8. I dont really want to just taskkill the application if i dont have to. the browser plug in that its trying to install is a useful thing to have
  9. Hey, hope someone can help me here because I'm having major problems when trying to silently install flash mx 2004. I created a setup.iss file using the -r switch so far, no problems. i go to test the silent install. i use "I:\XPCD\$OEM$\$1\Install\Apps\Flash MX 2004\Setup.exe" -s it installs flash mx fine, until it comes to the part about installing the player. it throws up a box asking me to select which language i want to use. thats where I get stuck. I've tried numerous switches to try and over come that problem but to no avail. so if anyone has had this problem and has managed to over come it, i would really appreciate it if you would help me. i just want to point out that i have looked around the forum but never managed to find another post that gave a solution to this problem. thanks, Skitty
  10. i managed to sort it. heres my autoit file if anyone wants it CoverXP_Pro_1_1_.65_au3.au3
  11. whats the link and i'll give it a try
  12. its quite easy really. you dont have to bother running an administrative installation point etc. just run it from your batch file like this ECHO. ECHO Installing Norton Ghost 2003 ECHO Please wait... start /wait "%systemdrive%\install\Applications\ghost\install\Norton Ghost.msi" /qb it worked for me. if you wanna try it, just use the run command on the start menu using the /qb switch
  13. having trouble silently installing cover xp. i got it to install silently using the /S switch but 2 pop ups come asking is i want to create an icon to the desktop and whether i want to launch cover xp now. is there anyway that anyone knows of to get around those?
  14. anyone know the application switches for windows xp plus and which file to use them on? i've searched the forum and had no luck. thanks
  15. i've just made an unattended windows xp prof cd and ran it on vmware. when in came to putting in the product key, instead of just carrying on, it stopped and asked for the key to be entered even tho its included in the winnt.sif file. any suggestions?
  16. i'm having trouble slipstreaming sp2 into windows xp. i tried to follow your guide but whenever i try to add sp2 it complains and wont let me do it. and do you just manually copy the xp cd onto the hard drive?

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