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  1. Have a problem that i've searched the net for for about a week now and still have no solutions. the system : 2003 SBS The problem : in event log......shows there is an error in source DCOM event ID 10009.........same thing pops up about every 45 sec. Description DCOM was unable to communicate with the computer <computername> using any of the configured protocols. For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp. If any one has a solution or a link to the solution please post Need to fix it ASAP. Much Thanks
  2. Problems with uxtheme.dll

    Glent....I have already tried that uxtheme.dll file and I get the same problem. Just for testing purposes I took the theme and msstyles from my unattend cd and have tried them on my running pc and it looks like its the msstyles that are screwed up........still testing those out.......I'll need to find the msstyles if it is them that is bad Will keep you posted
  3. Problems with uxtheme.dll

    I don't use Nlite........this is a 100% all me unattend cd. But thanks for the effort Skitty I just need to get uxtheme.dll to work and figure out why my theme and msstyles extentions get truncated
  4. Problems with uxtheme.dll

    I'm having trouble with SP2 uxtheme.dll.........My SP1 unattend cd works great and the way it should..........with SP2 I have troubles with the uxtheme.dll as well as all of my msstyles and themes getting truncated extentions when getting unzipped during installation.
  5. I've tried several times to patch uxtheme.dll to where I could get different themes running. I've tried dnloading several different ones from the forum but none work. I even tried using the one from my current load of XP in order to get it going. Anyone have a possible fix or idea on how to get it working?
  6. XPlode4 Teaser

    Dude why beat around the bush using the screenshots.......I'll help test it ............but next time just come out and ask for testers
  7. Whats with the Microsoft GDI+Detection KB873374 it says its a critical but I tried to dnload the file so I could integrate it and I can't pull it from the catalog page of windows update. http://v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.com/catalog/en/ Is this like a oversite or is it just something that isn't really needed? edit: I searched microsoft downloads and got it.
  8. Need help getting some drivers to work

    I've followed the guide but none get loaded.......of course upon looking at my winnt.sif file I don't have the oemdrivers path stuff ini it.............Will try again ..........But I would like to state last time I had them in it locked up on the 12 min position on load OOOPS ..........sorry Prath
  9. I need help getting Network, Sound card, raid and a few other drivers ........I'd like for them to get loaded during setup but haven't found out where or how just yet. I figured it would be the best and fastest way doing this topic.
  10. I understand that people are still using sp1 and the hotfixes I was just clarifying it for myself as I have moved on to sp2 and am updating my unattend cd..............its nice........a definate improvement from sp1a and the hotfixes
  11. With SP2 out doesn't that make all these hotfixes obsolete? B) Including MDAC?
  12. @Mrclasik You could probably solve you problem by adding check boxes for selecting which apps you want installed. Instead of the big graphic move your selections to that area and give them check boxes......Have a check box that will allow you to select all. have only one button that is install and it will install your selected apps. Might help you out there.
  13. Anyone have an idea on this one? The files are in the Update folder where they should be but its not looking in the right place. The D:\I386\KB826939.cat catalog file was not found and the user decided to skip this file. The system cannot find the file specified. I added my cmd and inf files as well as screen shot of my update folder configs.zip
  14. Sorry Aaron Thought because it was hanging at the t12 it could go in here as it may be a hotfix issue........I'll start a new thread a little later
  15. it was a no go on the files.......they aren't the culprits ............need to figure out whats going on