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  1. Hi all bit of an odd question here. I noticed the other day that someone I work with was launching Internet Explorer via task manager on one of the PCs in our learning room. He was in the guest account (XP Home) and it seemed a bit odd as the icon for IE is on the desktop along with firefox. He seemed to be opening and closing IE while keeping task manager open. Is he using some kind of exploit to get round the blocked website list built into the router? The learning room's internet connection is not linked to the company network, it is on a 4 port router with three other PCs and goes straight to a dedicated phone line. I'm not very good with networking stuff so I'm just wondering. Tried googling but can't find the right search terms. Thanks for any help anyone can offer!
  2. Am struggling trying to find a script to open a pop up box when a web page has been updated. What I'm trying to achieve is a pop up box that appears when content is updated, but I want the pop up to disappear and not re appear until content is updated again once, the ok, close (whatever) button is pressed. I'm thinking some kinf of timer and cookie based routine, perhaps with a refresh script so the page checks the docs/pages to see if updated since last visit or if it has changed in the last 5 minutes plus. Any way of doing this using javascript only, i.e. no perl, php etc? I must admit I know nothing about javascript bar what I'm currently picking up searching various javascript tute sites. Thanks to all who reply!
  3. Before I start stripping stuff out, any one know what is required to be kept or if I can proceed as if with a retail disk? It will be a clean install with my ancient (yet still working!) Win98SE CD providing the ok for upgrade.
  4. So could this method not be used? After all the boot.bin is located in the nlite folder (if you have nlite installed!) use mkbt to set the usb key up and copy the contents of the cd over? I may try this just to see what happens Edit: never mind. My USB key is not interested in working with this.
  5. Cheers for that. Still looks like the entertainment centre has to be installed though What I am really after is using it with my basic HTPC I made out of spares, it won't have the audigy 4 installed, just want to play *.avi of T.V. shows and my DVDs through it. Also can't install the entertainment centre without having the audigy installed. I might need to check out a linux distro something thats apparently easy to use like ubuntu, as LIRC looks like it might work, as WINLIRC hasn't been updated for 4 years.
  6. Is there absolutely no freeware stuff at all? I am stuck with the remote that ships with the audigy 4. Problem with girder 4 is its gonna cost just as much as buying the microsoft media centre remote at OEM if not more!
  7. What nonsense.If you made unattended installs of WinXP 32-bit, then its all still the same. This thread is a lot of hot-air on an irrelevant subject. From basic unattending to extreme advanced uA: http://unattended.msfn.org/ And the exact same thing can be extrapolated for RIS installs over the network - needs only Win2k or WS2k3. The bottom-line: If what you have been doing all along has never required WinPE, nor are you going to need it now with x64 either. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> **** straight, I practised with the XP64 beta and it was fine. Just had to put your stuff in the AMD64 folder rather than i386.
  8. isn't it setup.exe -R to record a setup.iss?
  9. here is a copy'n'paste from my runonceex REG ADD %KEY%\037 /VE /D "PowerDVD 5" REG ADD %KEY%\037 /V 1 /D "%CDROM%\install\PowerDVD\Setup.exe -s -f2\"%systemdrive%\powerdvd.log\"" /f
  10. the %CDROM% variable is ok, these are the only 2 progs I have trouble with. Never thought about quotes round Program Files My Runonceex for posterity I have just added the catalyst entry, dunno how its gonna go yet. have added it at the end so it installs before the reboot ordered in cleanup.cmd. just realised I missed the double quotes at the end of easyrecover, might be why it didn't work
  11. Have tried Azurues using this entry in runonceex Is there a correct syntax for copying files in runonceex? xcopy doesn't work as written here, but then I did not have my hopes up And easyrecover using Paths are all correct, easyrecover seems to blatently ignore the .iss file.
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